Shine-Shine Galaxy (Die, Die, Galaxy)

(Collaboration between Pixel and BA2)

In Shine-Shine Galaxy (Die, Die, Galaxy, or SGX for short) you must stop a hoard of invading cats. Problem is that each round gives you limited ammo to work with, and when you run out of ammo, it's game over. You are scored for each hit, bonus points for defeating multiple enemies with one hit, and for each missile you have left by the end of the stage.

Depending on how you do through all all three stages you will receive a different score achievement trophy from the following:

Drum SetNo ideaMilk BottleNot PG rated that's for sure.Mushroom

These items are trophies for score achievements in the game. Getting a score of 66 or greater will give you a chance against the final boss.


You can download the whole soundtrack in .pttune format here, in .mp3 format here, or download individual tracks from the list below.