Rockfish 2011

An unfinished iOS title. It was rebooted once and then was dropped in 2013.

The game tasks you, a fish, with recovering the pieces of a mermaid's pendant. The game features a buddy mechanic, plus all weapons have charge attacks.

A Windows build of Rockfish was released by Pixel on the 30th of July 2023; Said version of the game was a demo for IGF 2012.


Bubble Beam
It deals little damage but has a wide attack range.
It shoots two bubble beams simultaneously.
Wild Bubble
Deals three bubble beams simultaneously.
Laser Beam
It can reach enemies in distance, and destory fragile blocks.
Laser 2
It shoots two razor lines, which can destroy fragile blocks.
It explodes when reaching a target.
Canned Worms
It restores your health by 10.
Mermaid is sealed inside the pendant.

Links and Downloads

Warning: This game is unfinished and won't ever be finished. It is presented as-is.


You can download the whole soundtrack in .ptcop format here, in .mp3 format here, or download individual tracks from the list below.