In Ikachan you control a squid in an underwater cave system. This game uses what is assumed to be an early version of the Cave Story engine. The controls are built around the use of momentum.

The caverns are cut off from the sea, there are food shortages, and a fish named ironhead rules the tunnels with an iron, uhh.. head. You must set things right.

Swim, Ikachan!


The silent protagonist and a squid.
Ikachan's friend, a starfish. He can identify a ship even when it looks nothing like one.
The fish ruler of the realm. Strong, but cannot beat a single squid.
Ironhead's right fin man. Steals his master's food, but, sadly, isn't immune to globefish poison.
Ikachan's friend. He has no pearl, so he's hiding.
He had a pearl, but lost it, so he's not hiding.
The little girl with a bow on her head. Also, she's pink.
Pinky's father
He's the guard in Ironhead's food strorage. He's also lost his pearl (notice a pattern?).
Pinky's mother
Pinky's mother and Pinky's father's wife.
The guardian of Ironhead's code.
He knows Carry.
He's guarding the crack that is too small to get through. If he wasn't standing in it, it would be big enough.
Pinky's family's neighbour. He teaches you to fight.
Ironhead's sentry and a coward. Releases the attack stars when strangers come.


A spike hat
If you thrust with it on, you can break through sponge rock and wound enemies!
"Ironhead's code"
It reads:
Welcome to Ironhead's waters. Strangers cannot be trusted, and thus will be attacked. Those with pearls are citizens of Ironhead's realm, and are protected from the danger that strangers face. If you have a pearl, do not attack fellow citizens. What goes around comes around, and if you're ever caught without your pearl, you might be attacked yourself!
An herbal serum
It's a thick, smelly liquid. You're not sure what it will do. Drink it?
Suka bread
It's stale and unappetizing.
A pearl
This pearl shows you are one of Ironhead's followers. With it you will not be attacked.
Shrimp cocktail
It's very tasty (if you like shrimp...)
Crab soup
A very tasty and exclusive food.
The capacitor
If you hold down Z, You can dash with great speed.
Globefish platter
A very fancy dish, sought after by many. But be careful! If not cooked well it is poisonous.
If Ben finds a ship, he will let you know.
A ship
Everybody knows what a ship is...


Adds 1 energy and 1 experience point.
Remains of a fish
There are several of these. Every one holds an item.
Save Point
Lets you recover your health and save your game.


Level Exp. Energy
0 8 4
1 28 8
2 52 12
3 74 18
4 102 26
5 360 34
6 852 62

Note: It is impossible to exceed level 6. While the next level counter may exist at level 6 it simply resets itself upon reaching 852 exp.


Swims left and right. Not dangerous. 0 exp.
Swims around. Inflates when you get near it. 1 attack, 1 exp. You must be at least lvl 1 to be able to kill it.
Walks around and jumps. 2 attack, 3 exp. You must be at least lvl 2.


Attack stars

Zu releases them when you first approach him. They always swim towards you, but have trouble changing the direction they move. They are released one by one, always after you kill one. You must be at least level 2, or you won't be able to hurt them. Attack 2, exp 3.


Attacks you when you first talk to him. He swims around in circles and charges towards you when he gets to your height, hurting you for 3 energy points if he hits. You must attack him from below. You hurt him for 1 point if you just thrust into him, or for 3 points if you dash into him using your capacitor. He has 15 hit points. Tip: If you talk to him from left or right, he charges as soon as he finishes talking. Talk to him from below instead.


You can download the whole soundtrack in pmd, mp3, flac, or ogg formats or download individual tracks from the list below.

Note on Timings: PiyoPiyo and Ikachan actually have inaccurate and slow pmd playback, whilst PiyoPiyoPlayer has accurate playback. The "PiyoPiyo Timing" tracks are modified to be 8.1% slower to emulate Ikachan/PiyoPiyo playback rates.

Beta Music

These are older versions of the above tracks that came with Ikachan v1. You can download all of these tracks in pmd, mp3, flac, or ogg formats or download individual tracks from the list below.


Version History