Ikachan 3DS

A commercial port of Ikachan to the 3DS eShop with a new translation, multiple save slots, refurbished menus, new areas, and the Stereoscopic 3D most 3DS games come with. Sadly the 3DS eShop service was shut down, so this can no longer be purchased.

Changes and Additions

  • A brand new save select menu, with multiple save file slots! No longer do you have to worry about accidentally overwriting your save file while mashing through the continue text.
  • A complete graphical overhaul. The stage is significantly more detailed and colorful, items in the inventory are now in full color, and even certain characters and objects have received minor tweaks to their appearance.
  • Brand new sub-areas have been added to some sections of the map, providing a fresh experience for those familiar with the freeware version.
  • An official English translation has been created for this release. If you can't stomach fish-related puns, then you may flounder in your enjoyment of this game.
  • A mini-map on the bottom screen to get a better sense of your surroundings.
  • A total rebalancing of the player's health. Rather than being a numerical meter, it is divided into one half-heart per health point, with only one heart of health gained for each time you level up. As a result, the player has significantly less health overall, though spikes and Ironhead have had their damage lowered from 3 to 2 to compensate.

New Enemies

Located in the areas new to this port are a brand new set of critters. Savor your time with them, however, because they really only appear in one area each.

Hides on the seabed, waiting for its prey. Upon spotting the player, it will launch itself upwards, spinning back down to its hiding place upon hitting the ceiling. 2 attack, 1 exp. Must be at least level 1 to damage it.
Bounces around in its enclosed room without a care in the world. 2 attack, 1 exp. Similarly unable to take damage if the player is below level 1.
Swims straight forward, turning around when it hits a wall. 1 attack, 1 exp.