Non-Stop Boss Rush

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Cave Story+ has a hidden Non-Stop Boss Rush mode that was never used in the final game, but can be accessed with a few tweaks.

  1. Open up Booster's Lab.
  2. Click on File, then Load.
  3. Navigate to your Cave Story+ folder.
  4. Open the "data" folder, then "boss", and finally "mod".
  5. Click on stage.tbl and select "open".
  6. In the map listing double-click on "13 - ***Boss Rush*** - Start".
  7. Click on "script".
  8. Scroll until you see the words "THIS IS STARTING NEW GAME SCRIPT!".
  9. Underneath that line you will see "#0200". Change that to "#0199".
  10. Next you need to look for the text "#0201". In the line directly above that you should place the following:
  11. Click on File, then Save All.
  12. Start the game.
  13. Select "Challenges", then "Boss Attack", and then "Start Game" (the Boss Rush needs to be unlocked for this to work).
  14. Select "Yes" when the game asks you if you want to "play Non-Stop mode" .

The Non-Stop Boss Rush mode does not save times, however it does still record replays.