This is a list of the bosses from Cave Story. Due to spoiler content, it is advised to first play through the game before viewing this page.

Balrog (First Battle)
60 HP
300 HP
Balrog (Second Battle)
240 HP
300 HP
Curly Brace
320 HP
400 HP
Frenzied Toroko +
500 HP
Pooh Black (Puu Black)
300 HP
Monster X
700 HP
Balrog (Fourth Battle)
500 HP
The Core
650 HP
400 HP
The Sisters
500 HP
Ma Pignon
300 HP
The Red Demon (The Red Ogre)
300 HP
500 HP
The Doctor (First Form)
300 HP
The Doctor (Second Form)
300 HP
Sue (Transformed)
501 HP
Misery (Transformed)
601 HP
The Doctor (as Undead Core)
700 HP
Heavy Press
700 HP
Ballos (First Form)
1000 HP
Ballos - Second Form
800 HP
Ballos - Third Form
808 HP (101 HP per eye)
Ballos - Last Form
1200 HP