Non-Inventory Items


+2 HP

 Heart Bundle

+6 HP


+1 Missile

 Missile Bundle

+3 Missiles

 Small Energy Crystal

+1 Weapon Energy

 Medium Energy Crystal

+5 Weapon Energy

 Large Energy Crystal

+20 Weapon Energy

 Weapon Energy Capsule

+4 and over Weapon Energy

 Life Capsule

Increases max HP.

 Save Disk

Saves the game.

 Heart Refill Terminal

Fully recovers HP.

 Treasure Chest

What awaits inside?

 Missile Expansion

Increases missile capacity.

 Missile Expansion

Increases missile capacity (Super Missiles).

Inventory Items

 Map System

No description.

 Silver Locket

A silver locket in the shape of a fish. From the condition it's in, it looks like it's been treasured for years.

 Arthur's Key

The key to Arthur's house. It was hidden near Arthur's gravestone.

 ID Card

An ID card found in Egg No. 06.

 Santa's Key

The key to Santa's house.

 Rusty Key

A rusty key.

 Gum Key

A tag says "Gum".

 Jellyfish Juice

A fluid that can quench fireplaces.

 Chaco's Lipstick

Red lipstick. It has no use.


Taken from a fireplace.

 Gum Base

A clump of gum.


An explosive for blowing up doors and such.


Apparently this cures anything and everything.

 Life pot

This will restore your life, but only once.

 Clinic Key

It says "Labyrinth Clinic".

 Tow Rope

A tow rope for robots.

 Curly's Air Tank

You can breathe underwater with this. Curly used to use it.

 Curly's Underwear

Retrieved from behind the wall. Yellow-green panties with a cute little insignia. They have no use.

 Whimsical Star

A little trinket you got from Chaba in the labyrinth. A whimsical star.

 Arms Barrier

When you take damage, the amount of weapon energy lost will be halved.

 Alien Medal

Engraved with the silhouette of an alien. It has no use.

 Nikumaru Counter (290 Counter)

A fully automatic stopwatch. You can't see any buttons.

 Teleporter Room Key

A key fished out by a certain Mimiga.

 Sue's Letter

Will you read it? *Spoilers*


Increases the rate at which the machine gun replenishes ammo.

 Booster v.0.8

Remove or Equip. Push the jump button again in midair to fly even higher.

 Booster v2.0

Remove or Equip. Push the jump button in midair and you can move in any direction.

 Little Man

Hey! We there yet!

 Mushroom Badge

The mushroom badge you got from the mushroom. It has no real use. To be honest, you don't really need it.

 Ma Pignon

Allegedly, it has the power to restore memories.

 Iron Bond

Your tie to Curly Brace, the only warrior you would trust your back to. Surely you will meet again one day.

 Mimiga Mask

A Mimiga mask that Sue's mother made. It's a bit big.

 Broken Sprinkler

A busted water sprinkler.


It's brand new. Perhaps.


Necessary to make a rocket. Pride of Itoh, the cowardly man.

 Clay Figure Medal

Small and profoundly heavy. It has no use.

 Beast Fang

A sharp fang found at the Yamashita Farm. Is its owner still alive...?
This item can only be obtained by cheating. It exists in the block under the life capsule in Yamashita Farm.

 Prinny Cap

Something you found in a secret grave.
An item exclusive to Cave Story 3D.