Sue's Letter

Official Translation

Hey, it's me, Sue.

I don't remember telling you anything about us. We came to the island as a research group.

It was me, my Mom, Kazuma, Professor Booster and a few assistants.
...The Doctor was with us, too.

He was supposed to take care of our medical needs and did, I guess...

But that all changed when he found the Demon Crown...

That Crown used to belong to the master of this island-- and grants immense magical powers to the person who dons it.

The Doctor knew about it well before coming to the island. It's the reason he forced himself onto our group.

After he grabbed hold of the crown that was pretty much it, we couldn't do anything about it.

The only thing we could do was continue the research of the island under his command.

He seeks to rule the surface using the island as a flying fortress.

From what I can tell, he plans on attacking the surface with the enraged Mimiga army.

I was able to escape, however, the other researchers are probably...

Of course, he's using the innocent Mimiga to grow a large quantity of the red flowers.

And once he's ready to attack... He's gonna send the Mimiga into a state of insane rage by feeding them red flowers.

With his powers from the crown he'll control them and me, too.

If you can get out of the jail, please look for a hidden safe house somewhere within the Plantation.

If my Mom is still alive then she'll be there working on a plan of her own to beat the Doctor.

Please, help her as much as you can.

Before I forget, the password to get into the safe house is "yrotS evaC".

That's the end of the letter.

AGTP Translation

This is Sue.

I don't believe I ever told you much about all of us.

We came to this island from the surface on a research trip.

Prof. Booster was on our helicopter, and so was my mother, my brother, and various assistants…

The Doctor as well.

He was there to serve our medical needs, and did so…

At least, until he found the Demon Crown…

That crown, once the property of the master of this island, grants monstrous magical powers upon its wearer…

The Doctor knew this even before coming to the island, which is why he wormed his way into our group in the first place.

Once he had the Crown in his possession, no one could stand up to him.

We had no choice except to continue our research of the island under his orders.

The doctor seeks to rule the Earth's surface using this island as a base.

I think he plans to first attack the surface using the Mimigas as weapons.

Anyway, I was able to get away somehow, but I fear the other researchers are already…

Now, he's using the unsuspecting Mimigas to cultivate more and more red flowers.

Once he is ready to attack, he will drive the Mimigas into a murderous frenzy using the flowers.

Using his terrible powers, he will be able to control the raging Mimigas to do his bidding.

And that means I, too, will… If you can escape from this prison cell, look for the hideout hidden in the plantation.

If my mother is yet safe, she'll be there coming up with a counterplan.

Please help my mother.

The password is "Litgano Motscoud".

The letter ends here...