Cave Story Timeline

Note: This section is spoiler heavy. It is highly recommended that you finish the game before viewing this page

Once Upon A Time

  • Ballos is thrown into prison by the jealous king and tortured.
  • Ballos snaps and destroys the kingdom.
  • Jenka seals Ballos on the Island.
  • Misery has Ballos create the Demon Crown, is subsequently cursed by it.
  • Reigns of the first two crown bearers.

Ten Years Before Cave Story

  • Robot armies from the Surface attack the Island in order to get their hands on the Demon Crown. They kill countless Mimigas and Humans in the process.
  • Miakid finds the Demon Crown and starts a reign of terror. Curly and Quote fight him. He is later defeated (we don't know by whom).*
  • Mimigas eat the Red Flowers, defeat the robots and presumably descend upon the Surface.*

Present Time

  • The research team, consisting of Prof. Booster, the Sakamotos, Itoh and Dr. Fuyuhiko Date, arrives at the Island.
  • The Doctor finds the Crown and uses its powers to capture the team.
  • Sue and Itoh are turned into Mimigas by Misery and subsequently escape. Booster and Kazuma are thrown into prison. Momorin plays it safe by siding with the Doctor. Kazuma escapes, presumably by the teleporter in the Prison #2 room.
  • Balrog and Misery go into the Mimiga Village, kill Arthur and kidnap countless villagers. Sometime between this, Sue turns up at the Village.
  • Quote wakes up...

* These two "events" might've occurred in either succession.