High Score Challenges

Below are the current high scores and the names of the individuals of whom have accomplished the best score/time possible of various challenges in Cave Story and other games by Pixel.

Some examples of these challenges are speed runs, (completing the game in the fastest time possible), and low hp runs (getting through difficult areas with the minimum level of HP or items) and pretty much any other challenge categories that other Cave Story fans can think of. Feel free to suggest new categories.

In order for a time or score to be listed here a video of the run must be available.

*Note* This section is somewhat difficult to maintain since it is hard to tell who was able to accomplish what deeds with/without using cheats such as infinite life, time alterations, et cetera. However the information presented is to the best of my knowledge, which in turn equals the best of the knowledge that has been presented to me. : ) Please feel free to send me what information you have as to what the best times/scores are for these categories.

Cave Story Hell Speedruns

This section is devoted to a secret bonus stage known as either Sacred Grounds, Sanctuary, or Hell. You can record your times in this stage if you have the Nikumaru Counter or 290 Counter.

The original Cave Story runs at 50 frames per second, while Cave Story+, Cave Story WiiWare, Cave Story+ Switch and the like run at 60 frames per second, so the best times between the two are kept separate. In addition Cave Story 3D is different enough to warrant a separate category, the most obvious differences being the rebalancing of the game versus the original and the increase in health.

Best Cave Story Sacred Grounds (Hell) Speedrun (50fps):  
2'13"8 by ppu

Best Cave Story Minimal Items, 3HP Sacred Grounds (Hell) Speedrun (50fps):  
3'42"4 by 3DPlayer

Best Cave Story Sanctuary (Hell) Speedrun (60fps):  
1'56"6 by 이매실

Best Cave Story Minimal Items, 3HP Sanctuary (Hell) Speedrun (60fps):  
3'33"9 by Masterluigi452

Best Cave Story 3D Sanctuary (Hell) Speedrun:  
2'13"2 by MrLuckysan

Cave Story Full Game Speedruns

Full game runs of Cave Story are considered finished at the point in time where the final boss is defeated, and begin when a new game is started. So expect some difference between the times listed on this site and the times noted by the author.

Once again 50fps and 60fps runs are kept separate. Like with Hell speedruns Cave Story 3D is also kept separate due to major differences.

Best Cave Story Best Ending Speedrun (50fps):  
0:57:07 by PPU7144

Best Cave Story Best Ending Tool-Assisted Speedrun (50fps):  
0:48:51 by nitsuja

Best Cave Story Best Ending Speedrun (60fps):  
0:49:33 by Shadax1

Best Cave Story Easy Mode Best Ending Speedrun (60fps):  
0:58:30 by zawj39

Cave Story+ Switch Full Game Speedruns

Due to major differences such as puppy stacking, holding multiple jellyfish juice at once, cutscene skipping, and co-op amongst others, the switch port will also be treated as a separate category for full game runs, but not for Hell speedruns.

Best Cave Story Switch Easy Mode Bad Ending Speedrun:  
0:25:44 by magma peach

Best Cave Story Switch Easy Mode Best Ending Speedrun:  
0:40:23 by magma peach

Cave Story+ Challenge Mode Speedruns

These are speedrun records for the challenge modes in Cave Story+, including the switch port.

Best Sanctuary Time Attack Speedrun:  
2'24"2 by magma peach

Best Cave Story Wind Fortress Speedrun:  
1'37"2 by Paper

Best Cave Story Sand Pit Speedrun:  
2'40"5 by ニタカナ 3rd

Best Cave Story Nemesis Challenge Speedrun:  
1'32"5 by Melee Master

Best Cave Story Machine Gun Challenge Speedrun:  
1'30"6 by AntyMew

Best Cave Story Boss Rush Speedrun:  
6'24"3 by Paper

The Non-Stop Boss Rush is a mode in Cave Story+ that is only available using some rather specific TSC edits to the Boss Rush scripts. You can find more information on how to enable Non-Stop Boss Rush mode here.

While minor edits to one of the game scripts are necessary to enable this mode, it does not mean that anything goes. As with any run here, anything that affects the run itself will cause it to be disqualified.

Best Cave Story Non-Stop Boss Rush Speedrun:  
4'39"5 by zxin

Cave Story Mod Speedruns

Sometimes Cave Story mods (game modifications) incorporate timed challenges that are widely adopted.

Best "Boss Rush (SeriousFace)" Non-Stop Mode Speedrun:  
6'29"4 by Sigurd

SeriousFace submitted his mod to Nicalis, and it became the basis for the Boss Rush mode in CS+. Hence why this looks so similar to the Non-Stop Boss Rush mode in CS+.

Best "Fireball Challenge" Speedrun:  
1'39"1 by RareBeeph

Best "video game" Speedrun:  
1'21"9 by RareBeeph

Best "video game deluxe" Time Attack Speedrun:  
1'11"0 by RareBeeph

Best "video game deluxe" Hard Mode Speedrun:  
1'18"4 by RareBeeph

Best "video game deluxe" Shotgun Challenge Speedrun:  
1'20"0 by RareBeeph

Best "The Air Is Spikes" Time:  
2'36"2 by X-Calibar

Best "Task Force" Speedrun:  
3'39"1 by X-Calibar

Kero Blaster Boss Rush Speedruns

Boss Rush is a bonus mode that can be found in Kero Blaster after completing Omake Mode.

Best Kero Blaster Boss Rush Speedrun:  
1'12"30 by GIRakaCHEEZER

The Death Beam is a weapon that can only be obtained in Kero Blaster by upgrading the Laser Uzi through save hacking. It is extremely overpowered, and hacking your save to include it in your arsenal will void you for a normal boss rush time, as such this category now exists.

Best Kero Blaster Death Beam Boss Rush Speedrun:  
0'27"33 by GIRakaCHEEZER

Kero Blaster Full Game Speedruns

Full game runs of Kero Blaster are, like Cave Story, considered finished at the point in time where the final boss is defeated.

Best Kero Blaster Full Game Speedrun:  
0:24:32 by draculantern

Ikachan Full Game Speedruns

Full game runs of Ikachan are considered finished when the credit image kicks in.

Best Ikachan Full Game Speedrun:  
0:04:17 by lurkchan

Best Ikachan Full Game Tool-Assisted Speedrun:  
0:03:22 by TASVideosChannel


Best Guxt Score Attackrun:  
18180 by BadBeholder

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