Custom Engines

by Alula

A remake of Cave Story in rust designed as either a portable modding framework or vanilla cave story with enhancements.

A Doukutsu Demake
by The Doubtful Solution Brothers

The First Cave section of Cave Story remade for the Pico-8 fantasy console.

Geobox Engine
by Fluffball

An engine for games similar to Cave Story. Supports added features like dynamic lighting, ambient sound, and multiplayer.

by Anonymouse

An engine built for multiplayer Cave Story.

Cave Story (TI-Calc)
by Jack Eisenburgerham

More a game in its own right due to the medium's limitations.

by Clownacy and cucky

An engine built around near strict accuracy to the original game. Sadly, it was subject to a DMCA takedown.

by Noxid

An engine built for the once Cave Story mod "King: Strife and Sacrifice" when it fell into fangame territory.

by Caitlin Shaw

Built as an open source replacement for the Cave Story engine for the sake of portability.

by isage

A fork of NXEngine with various features such as widescreen support.