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Cave Story has a variety of interesting music (in org format) that was developed by Pixel through a program called OrgMaker. Pixel included a program called OrganyaView which allows you to play any of the tracks of the game. The OrgView program can be found towards the bottom of this page. A translation patch for the OrganyaView program can be found in Cave Story's English patch located in the downloads page. The program, OrgMaker, which was used to create the music of Cave Story is currently being translated into English as well. The translator has given permission to host the files here. Look below for the download links.

To download the songs in .ORG format either click here for the full soundtrack or download the songs individually from the list below.

Also, if you are interested in downloading the full soundtrack of the game in mp3 format, you can find a zip file of the entire soundtrack here. You can also download the full soundtrack in .ogg, .xm, .ptcop, and .flac formats.

There are also two versions of the .xm soundtrack. There is a version compatible with most trackers, of which individual downloads can be found below, or there is the original conversion from org to xm, which may have compatibility issues with some trackers such as Fastracker 2 and is kept for posterity. For the most part you will only need the former unless you have a specific technical application for the latter.

For the names of the org files/resources (like requiem, kodou, vivi, mura, etc.) as opposed to the name of the song this comparison guide should help.

Track Listing (Cave Story):

Additional Tracks (Cave Story+ and Cave Story WiiWare):

Unreleased Tracks:

Note: The track previously referred to as "Unknown" was confirmed to be a beta of Last Battle.

Internal Percussion Tracks:

This is where things get... complicated...
Cave Story hardcodes all percussion instruments (drums and whatnot) for all .org tracks played through the Cave Story engine. There are a select number of tracks that use a different percussion set to those hardcoded in Cave Story. The percussion information has been corrected in those few songs so that the .org tracks sound the same in both Cave Story and Orgmaker v1.3.4. The tracks listed below are the original .org files that sound different in Orgmaker v1.3.4 as to how they do in Cave Story.

Doukutsu BGM (OrgView)

These are programs that play the org files from Cave Story. The org files are embedded though.

Doukutsu BGM

Doukutsu BGM Old (Beta Music)

Doukutsu BGM Old Translation Patch by Jackalope

Doukutsu BGM Simplified Chinese Translation

Doukutsu BGM Old Simplified Chinese Translation


Below are download links to the OrgMaker program, which was used to create the music of Cave Story and the current translation patch developed by Radical R's Translations   .

Org Maker v134

Org Maker v134 Guide  

Org Maker v134 Translation Patch by Radical R

Org Maker v210

Org Maker v210 Translation by Bavi_H