Download Cave Story

Note: For Cave Story WiiWare, Cave Story+, Cave Story DSi, or Cave Story 3D please click here.



Main Download

Cave Story (Japanese)

To play this in English you will need this and the English translation patch listed below.


Deluxe Package

Cave Story Deluxe Package (Updated)
(contains Cave Story fully translated, guides, useful programs and much more!) Still no Mac installer though.

Old Cave Story Deluxe Package by Wadeizzle

Deluxe Package Contents

Keep in mind that Cave Story Deluxe adds nothing new to Cave Story that wasn't already present. It just houses a bunch of extra stuff under one installer. For Mac and Linux users that can't use the installer individual downloads of the package contents are listed below.

Cave Story English translation by Aeon Genesis (pre-patched)

Org Maker v1.3.4 English translation by Radical R (pre-patched)

Org Maker v1.3.4 guide by Moose  

Ikachan English translation by pheonixj

Cave Story Icon Set by platinumwade

Cave Story's credit illustrations

Balrog papercraft

Cave Story Midis by S. P. Gardebiter

Cave Editor v0.99d by Wistil

Booster's Lab v0.4.1.4 by Noxid

Booster's Lab v0.4.1.4 exe launcher


Cave Story WASD by voxl (Website Archive   )
(A Cave Story executable with keys remapped to a WASD config)

Various Cave Story Ports



Main Download

Cave Story for AmigaOS 4 by Johan Samuelsson

Note: There are reports of a bug that may make the game unwinnable.



Main Download

Cave Story X by Xport  
(Links to a page giving instructions on how to download this Cave Story port using mIRC, no direct link sorry)

Note: Some users report slower gameplay/lag.



Tech Demos

Cave Story GBA Map Demo by Ravenworks

Cave Story GBA Sound Demo by Ravenworks

Note: Ravenworks' GBA port was dropped back in 2006 in favour of the DS port. These tech demos are listed here only for the sake of completion and are unlikely to result in a complete port.


Nintendo DS

Tech Demos

Cave Story DS Demo 1 by Ravenworks

Cave Story DS Demo 2 by Ravenworks

Cave Story DS Demo 3 by Ravenworks

Note: Again, these tech demos are listed here only for the sake of completion and a complete port is unlikely seeing as the DS port is under an indefinite hiatus.