Game Releases

Cave Story (Freeware)

The original release of Cave Story. Downloads for the game can be found here.

Cave Story WiiWare

Ported to the Wii with a new translation, upgraded double resolution visuals, new modes, multiple save slots, and remixed music. Plus you can mix and match new visuals and music with the originals. Click here for Nintendo's listing for the game.  

Cave Story+

Cave Story WiiWare ported to PC, Linux and Mac with new modes, including Pixel's Wind Fortress. A limited Humble Indie Bundle release featured the music from Cave Story 3D as a bonus extra. Humble Store listing   Steam listing  

Cave Story DSi

Cave Story ported to DSiWare with the game modes and translation from Cave Story+. Click here for Nintendo's listing for the game.   Click here for Nintendo of Japan's listing for the game.  

Cave Story 3D

Cave Story on the Nintendo 3DS (physical release) with new 3D graphics, new or expanded areas, slightly increased difficulty, new item locations, new music remixes and a time attack mode.

Japanese release exclusively contains crossover content from Crazy Climber, Ikki, and Dragon Slayer.

Cave Story+ 3DS

Cave Story+ on the Nintendo 3DS eShop minus the double resolution graphics. Not to be confused with Cave Story 3D. Click here for Nintendo's listing for the game.