Save Games

Below is a massive collection of Save Games at your disposal for those interested in reloading a save to get to a point in the game with different items or weapons, or to perhaps see a different ending, to experiment with speed runs and other interesting feats, such as running through deadly corridors or places where enemies are all around you where your character only has a maximum health of 3 HP to do it with. There are all sorts of challenges and hidden secrets in Cave Story and that is one of the things that makes Cave Story so great. These saves here to help you accomplish whatever it is you are attempting to do as a means of a shortcut.

How to use a Cave Story save file after downloading:

After downloading the file, you simply need to locate the file called 'profile' that should be in the same directory as your Cave Story executable file and replace it with the one you have just downloaded. Just make sure that if it is not already done so, to change the file name so that it reads as 'profile.dat'. Upper or lower case does not matter.

Note: None of the save files below work with Cave Story + and are intended for the original Cave Story and , please use this tool to convert them to a CS+ compatible format. Alternatively if you wish to convert to a Mac-compatible save of the original Cave Story please use this tool.

Saves by SkyeWelse

Saves by Z

Saves by Niahak

Saves by Draconis

Saves by andwhyisit

Saves by Bad Beholder

Saves by Tom Samuel

Saves by Cyn

Saves by CT

Saves by Maitland Gill

Saves by Noam

Saves by GlitchMatthew


Cave Story Saved Games Manager

mappy has built a program that allows you to organise and backup save files from Cave Story as well as run any save file with Cave Story. This is incredibly useful if you ever wanted to use multiple save files in Cave Story.

Cave Story Saved Games Manager

Cave Story Alternate Title 290.rec Archive

After the completion of the Sacred Grounds stage using the Nikumaru counter, the time it took to complete the stage will be displayed on the title screen in the upper-lefthand corner. Depending on your time, you may replace the original title screen's music and character with that of something else. Refer to the Cave Story Secrets FAQ to see what times unlock which content. Below are the current replacement files that you can replace the file named 290.rec that will make changes to the title screen. Just make sure to rename the new downloaded file to 290.rec.

Cave Story Alternate Title Screen Files uploaded by Draconis