Cave Story 3D Health Upgrades

Cave Story 3D features a number of new health upgrades, so I've listed all that I can find here. Note that this list is incomplete as it is missing either a +2 upgrade or two +1 upgrades. Please notify me if you have found an upgrade that isn't on this list.

Inc. Location Instructions
+3 First Cave Far left-hand wall as on your way to the hermit's cave.
+3 Mimiga Village Can be found in the waterway in the bottom-right corner of Yamashita Farm.
+2 Mimiga Village Arthur's house basement, near the flowers on the bottom-right.
+3 Egg Corridor Left of egg 16 (near the teleporter).
+4 Egg Corridor Above the first save room entrance (Cthulhu's Abode).
+5 Bushlands Near the first section of the stage an alcove above next to where the shootable block and big jellyfish lie.
+1 Bushlands In a semi-hidden alcove left of the Power Room entrance.
+5 Bushlands Inside the room called the Execution Chamber.
+2 Sand Zone Answer no just after defeating Curly.
+5 Sand Zone At the top of the first tall shootable block column in the top half of the Sand Zone.
+5 Sand Zone In the end of a long paw print-marked secret passage corridor close to Jenka's house and just below the two moving blocks that were dispelled after the fight with Omega. Next to Mick's chest.
+1 Sand Zone Return second dog.
+1 Sand Zone Return third dog.
+1 Sand Zone Return fourth dog.
+5 Labyrinth Halfway up the first room of the labyrinth (the junk yard), just before the moving blocks.
+3 Labyrinth Labyrinth shop, next to the teleporter. If you don't have the Booster or a Machine Gun then you can access this from the teleporter past the Boulder Chamber.
+2 Labyrinth Next to the health restore point in the room where Booster falls. If you do not have the Booster or a Machine Gun then just return here when you do.
+1 Labyrinth Boulder Chamber to Core, mid-way through the fourth floor. Keep an eye upwards and you'll find it.
+2 Waterway The section before the jellies in the waterway on the left-hand corner. You can't see it initially but just let the current take you and you'll find it.
+3 Waterway Take Curly with you at the Waterway Cabin.
+4 First Cave Same location as the original provided that you have achieved the conditions for obtaining the Spur.
+2 Egg Corridor Second section of the Egg Corridor Detour (a new area in the post-Labyrinth Egg Corridor) on the upper-left ledge above the left wall.
+2 Outer Wall Near the top on what looks like a crate.
+4 Plantation In the top-left most quadrant of the Plantation.
+2 Inner Wall Below the stack of moving blocks.
+5 Plantation After gaining access to the Final Cave, jump off the rocket and make your way over to Jenka's dog, Hajime, sitting on the platform just before you enter. He will give you a life capsule, and a life pot as well if you don't have one.
+4 Balcony In the upper-right most corner.
+1 Balcony In the lower-rightmost corner of the escape route you take after beating Undead Core (Falling Tower). You need to drop in from the top through the vertical press gauntlet to get there and escape to your left. Check your map.
+5 Sacred Grounds In B1F (the first room) it can be found in an alcove just before the final set of spikes. Though it's difficult to nigh impossible to survive those spikes without entering that alcove anyway.
+5 Sacred Grounds In B3F (the third room) just before the giant spike pit this life capsule can be found on the topmost block.
+1 Sacred Grounds Inspect Quote's statue after destroying the crown bearer statues in the statue room.
+1 Sacred Grounds Inspect Toroko's statue after destroying the crown bearer statues in the statue room.
+1 Sacred Grounds Inspect King's statue after destroying the crown bearer statues in the statue room.
+1 Sacred Grounds Inspect Curly's statue after destroying the crown bearer statues in the statue room.