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22nd September 2013 01:22

> ピストンコラージュの音源に声(50音ちょい)を使ったらボーカロイドになりまーす!


> 洞窟物語ハマッて異星人のメダルをモチーフにしたコースター作っちゃいました~


> I sent another email. This one is in English,
> because there was a mess up because I don't speak Japanese.
> Thank you.

You are welcome. if I've never replied to it, I'm sorry.

> Hi Pixel,
> I'm one of the writers at a retro article site,
> We were wondering, would you be interested in doing a short interview for the site?

I'll take a rain check.

> It`s so hard to make fantastic music,
> how did you finishi such excellent music

With a bunch of creating and a bunch of erasing.

22nd September 2013 01:12

> 洞窟物語、凄く面白かったです!
> いかちゃんを思い出してたら同じ作者さんで驚きました。
> 真ENDルートは特に遣り甲斐が有りました(´д`;)。
> 一つ、エンディングのモンスター紹介の所で、
> スー&ミザリーの変身体が入ってないのは不自然?と思いました。


> why don't you want to release beta cave story?

I have not enough time for it.

> in the beta cave story what was people of the root used for, and by any chance,
> please can you at least release a picture of one of the maps in the beta cave story?
> because i just want to see one level,thank you!

I have many things that is not released. beta cs is also one of them.

> what is one of the most frequently asked questions you hear?

"do you have a plan of sequel of cave story?"

> 次の作品はPCでもできます?できたらいいな。

Gero Blaster は iPhone / PC で動くように開発中です。