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20th March 2013 16:22

> こんにちは
> ぼくは、今頃ですが、洞窟物語をプレイしました。
> とても、おもしろく、とても感動いたしました!
> そして、思ったのです、洞窟物語の続編は、つくらないんですか?
> こんなおもしろい、洞窟物語の続編をつくってください、お願いします。


> Does Cave Story have a 4th ending?
> Not the one with the mimiga mask. I want to clarify this.

Cave Story has a 3rd ending.

1 kazuma and dragon
2 kazuma and dragon and su
3 curly and balrog.

> Why would Booster die when Quote attend to him,
> but survive if he get ignored?

Booster's spirit needed development of booster.

> Do you think you might make Cave Story for Famicom or
> Super Famicom? (NES/SNES for other regions)?

I don't think that.

> Hello,
> when programming do you use japanese or english characters most often?
> I have always wondered this.

when coding?

> 久しぶりの更新ありがとうございます。
> 今いうことではないですが、iphone5を買いました。
> 画面が少し大きくなっていますので、後々そちらの対応をして頂けると嬉しいです。
> 今年度中に完成を期待...


20th March 2013 15:52

> {牢屋に入れられ}ボロスは激怒した。
> 3分後...
> 国壊滅。


> Is there any other old version of Cave Story you can release?
> Or is that the only record of the beta?

I don't have that I can release now.

> Why is CS beta being not finished a bad thing?

I would like to do other things.

> Is there ANY chance you will EVER release Cave Story beta sometime?

I don't know. Life is so short..

> When is Rockfish due to be released?
> Or is it not gonna come out?

I stopped making Rockfish.
But I'm maiking "Gero Blaster" now.

> To rephrase:
> Is a BETA of ?


> どうも、開発お疲れ様です。
> 現在開発中らしい RockFishは
> XpeliaやAndoroidに対応するつもりはありますか?
> あざらしがIphoneやIpottouchだけだったので
> もし暇があったら作るのを検討して欲しいです
> (Andoroidユーザーの心の声だったり)

今の考えでは、とりあえず iPhone。

14th March 2013 16:42

> I think that Ikachan could have a bigger story to tell...
> The way the game ended could be a prologue to something else...

You may be right.

> I loved your post.
> Much thanks again. Keep writing.

You are welcome.

> Hello Pixel,
> Thank you for making Cave Story.
> It reminds me of the games that I used to play when I was a kid.
> :D

I'm happy to hear that!

> 洞窟物語やりました!
> ドットかわいい!面白い!
> 質問なんですが、今作ってらっしゃるiphoneアプリはc++言語で作っるんですか?


> Do you have details on the new game as what type of game it will be (genre)?

"Gero Blaster" is a Retro Side-Scrolling Action Game for iPhone.

> Why can't you release more screenshots of the beta of Cave Story?
> What about a video?

I'm lowering the priority of them.
Because I don't have enought time.

> a lot of people are curious about cave story beta. it looks interesting.
> i dont think anyone cares if it's incomplete/buggy. that's my opinion.

You may be right.

14th March 2013 16:31

> I'd just like to say how much I enjoyed Cave Story!
> Thank you Pixel for making such a great game!
> I hope that people aren't pressuring you too much on making more games.
> However I'll always appreciate your work ^_^

Thank you for your playing.
And thank you for your kindness again!

> <3


> 空間部活法ではなく分割法ですよ~


> 洞窟物語、続編出ないかな~

(^ ^

> What game are you working on now?
> What language do you code in?

I'm making "Gero Blaster" in C++.

> How are you going to make a Cave Story cartoon?

I want to have more time for that.

> Is "rockfish" never gonna be finished or will it be finished later?

I can think only "Gero Blaster" as game. now.

> Finished Ikachan on 3DS! Great job on the new enemies!!!

Thank you!

> Nice I'm looking foward seeing it. (Cave Story Cartoon)

Me too!

14th March 2013 16:31

> Pixel, I love Cave Story.
> The gameplay is smooth and the music is great,
> even the storyline is excellent!
> My favorite character would have to be Quote because of his heroicness.

Thank you!

> ミミガーって沖縄のほうで、豚の耳の料理らしい。


> ...


> pixelさんは有名なゲームに関わったことがあったんですか?


> I was wondering, in Ikachan, when Ikachan, Ironhead and the clams board the ship,
> do they end up landing on the Island in Cave Story?
> That would explain why Ironhead was in the Artery.

Maybe.. It's parallel world.

> What species are jenka's dogs in cave story?

Maybe.. They are beagle.

> Do I have permission to make a YouTube video of your game CaveStory?

Please show below:

> Are you going to make a beta cave story release?

I don't have such a plan.