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15th September 2009 01:43


> 開発がんばってくださりませ

> do you have Old Cave Story Beta/alpha videos or more pictures?
I show them to the caprice.

> Cave Story P

> So you're really making that RPG?
Thank you. but Its progress is not satisfactory.

> What do you think of the Cave Story Remix Project?
They are wonderful.

> ゲームのグラフィックは何のソフトウェアに作ったの?
今は Edge2 を使っています。

> how was Cave Story brought to WiiWare?
by Tyrone-san.

> I very much enjoy your work.
Thank you.

> Pixel, is there any possibility to port doukutsu monogatari for GP2X Wiz?
I don't have idea.

Thank you.

3rd September 2009 01:46

> Cave Story is very impressive. Ikachan is impressive as well.
Thank you for your playing Ikachan too.

> we want Ikachan for DSiware!!!!
Thank you very much.

> Junashi-Online

> How many times can you level up in Ikachan?
I think it to be ..7.. 6.

> ジャンプや移動の時、画面がとてももたつくようになってしまいました。

3rd September 2009 01:40

> プレイ動画の公開

> Guxt の語源

> 当時の思い出がフラッシュバックして

> X3 is an emoticon
Oh sorry X) thanks.=)

> You are simply amazing.
Thank you very much.

> Thank you for inspiring me to program.
You are welcome.

> what was your main inpiration for Cave Story?
A lot of games that I played.
Metroido and Mario are maybe so.

> You are a very gifted artist

> May i know what is the programming tools.
Microsoft Visual C++ .NET

Thank you.

> I didn't understand what was all the fuss with Cave Story.
My effort was saved by a lot of players.

> Thank you very, very much for all your hard work
You are welcome!

> I hope the WiiWare version is very successful.
Me too. Thank you.

> do you plan making another one?
I plan making RPG.
However, The completion has a fair way to go.

> どもありがとうございます!

> I would love to see Cave Story on Xbox Live Arcade
I don't have plan about that.
Thank you.

> Here's a list of achievements I made:
>Untouchable: Defeat Balrog without taking any damage - 5 G
>Do you like the list?

Sorry, I could not understand.
Are they movies?