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12th August 2009 12:08

> 新作楽しみです。ぜひがんばってください。

> thank you! cave story was fun!!
You are welcomoe.

> リハビリに簡単なものをいくつか作ってみてはどうですか?

> Is there anyway I can download the Cave Story soundtrack on to PXTone?
I don't know.

> i really appareciate your game cave story X3 now,
What is X3?

> do you plan to make a sequel of cave story ?
I have no idea.

> 掲示板形式変わりましたね 前の形式のほうが良かったんですが

> 絵の具とか色鉛筆とかで絵は書かないのですか?

> Are you getting money from the WiiWare Cave Story sales?
If it sold.

> 洞窟物語ゲーム実況をUPしようと思っているのですが、URLを載せても良いでしょうか?

> 聖域はまだクリアしてませんが洞窟物語面白かったです

> 最大HP3でボロス倒してしまいました!

> it is maybe the best game i've ever played.
Thank you very much.

> you are awesome i admire you. ^__^
Thank you.

> is your rpg going to be a long one or short, in terms of playtime?
I have no idea yet.

> Will you ever be making a Cave Story 2?
I don't know.

> I wanted to point out the awesome music.
Thank you. When my music is praised, I am very glad.

> Have any changes been made to the storyline of the WiiWare version of Cave Story?
The storyline is the same as the PC version.