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29th July 2009 22:30

> When will Cave Story be released on WiiWare?
Maybe August.

> Why don't you release the source code of your programs?
They are not excellent source codes.

> Do you play Indie Games? If so, which do you like?

> What wasyour inpiration for Cave Story?
Various games that have been played by me.

> I can't wait for Cave Story on Wii!
Thank you.

> is your current rpg a new incarnation of this?
No. This art is a joke.

> ゲーム最初から作り直しすることになさったんでしょうか?

> I still can't pass the hell stage. Any tips?
This stage is too difficult.
I have no tips.

20th July 2009 21:58

> I just finished Cave Story.
Thank you very much.

> BGMに「ビー」とか「ピー」とか、おかしな音

> I'm loving it!
Thank you!

> 素敵なドット絵とセンスのいい音楽で楽しめました。

> 作曲、ドット絵作成はどのようにして上達しましたか?

> Vector Award 洞窟物語といかちゃんに票を入れました。

> What would you think of a Cave Story Anime? Maybe a manga?
I want to see.

> THE UNDERSIDE is this a cave story ripoff?

11th July 2009 02:59

> Maybe you don't want to talk about that?
I think that people who have not done CaveStory yet
will be confused if the story of an unpublished version
is told.

> Ikachan or Guxt on WiiWare?
I have no idea.

> Does pxtune.dll use DirectSound?
Yes. but there is a mode that doesn't use DirectSound either.

7th July 2009 23:39

> 海外ではもう発売されてるんですか?

> Thanks again.
You are welcome.

> I'm doing the music and I'm using PXTone!
Thank you very much!

> can you post more things about the BETA DOUKUTSU?