This is where it all started.

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Jul 9, 2018 at 5:46 PM
Creating A Legacy...
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Right, First off I don't think I can find the right place to put this post, I'm a member from a long long time ago (oooh the days of IRC xD ) So, Noxid if you're still running this place, lurking in the shadows, Will you put this in the right place? Much love.

Way back when I was active here I proposed the idea of a second Cave Story Remix Project, And to my supirse it took off wonderfully and the members who were here around that time (not just the musicians) , Made it thrive and stayed true to it until the end,

You see back then I was getting into composing music through digital means. Looking back on the tracks I actually made for the album, Ooohh the shame. I was only just starting out back then and it shows.
The point I'm here to make however is that music never left me and if it wasnt for that remix project, if it wasn't for the guys who were here back then (A few I have on facebook but most are lost to time) I wouldn't be still here today making music. period.

So its been a long journey to where I am now and athough there is always room for improement I like to thing I've gotten to a point where my work is sounding proffessional.

The name's StereoPixel now, If you hadn't of guessed. I started making video game remix's and now have started making my own compositions and swaying more to the dance/EDM genre of music, But I will always keep that 8-bit Retro sound in my work, That is my place where this all came from.

Anyway if you'd ike to check my channel out here is my most recent video.

Thank you to Daisuke theres no doubt he influenced my name, and infuenced my music.
Thank you to the people here who took me seriously back when I was so young, Thank you to those who believed.

There remains a very delicate balance in this world...
Between those who create and those who will experience the creations of others.
I can't say that I wasn't aware of this. However, I had never experienced it.
Now, thanks to you, I finally have.
As long as there is someone who will appreciate the work involved in creation, the effort is time well spent.
To this end, I will continue to create for as long as I can.'

Think I finnaly get that now.
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Jul 10, 2018 at 12:15 AM
Okay I give up... for now
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That song sounds amazing, JetHawk! You probably don't remember me very well, but I joined a little bit before you went completely inactive for a long period of time. I enjoyed reading your posts in my lurking days before I joined.

It's so great to see the impact that this community has had on your artistic talent and drive, and it's really cool seeing how this community has played a small part in shaping my career and how it's played a part in shaping the careers and hobbies of various other community members.