Special Thanks


Aeon Genesis Translation Staff
For translating this game into English for International fans to play!

For the commercial ports of Cave Story.

For making it possible for SkyeWelse to even continue development of the site and being extremely supportive of him even during hard times.

S. P. Gardebiter (ShInInG PhAnToM), GIRakaCHEEZER, Noxid and Doublethink
For managing the Cave Story Tribute Site Forums, both past and present.

For managing the Cave Story Discord Server.

For adding an incredible amount of detailed information regarding the weapon stats, upgrades, experience, damage values and a great deal of graphical content to the site. A great deal of effort was put forward in creating this new content, so thank you very much for doing all of that!

For giving me permission to host a well written Cave Story review on the site.

For giving us a large number of files that we thought were lost forever.

For locating versions 1 and 1.2 of Ikachan.

For pointing out that the squid that appears after the battle with ironhead (depending on condition of defeat) is supposed to be Ikachan from the game Ikachan, also developed by Pixel.

For all of his work towards the original tribute site.

For helping correct several inconsistancies on the site.

For helping provide easy to find Cave Story link information/news that greatly assisted with a long awaited update to the site!

Peter Sorenen
For helping spot some broken links and grammatical errors on the site.

For indicating who the "Unknown Man" on the character page was intended to be.

For pointing out that the skull sprite in the unused monster section belongs to Ballos' second form.

Roonil Wazlib and Schokobecher
For submitting screenshots during the original site redesign.

AtrusRand, Sonicadvance1, Pigtilly2000, F, Virus610, and Schokobecher
For hosting the Deluxe Package over the years. Especially when this site had alot less bandwidth than it does now.

For ALL of the informaton on the Ikachan page.

For all of the info on the Glasses (Megane) page.

For sending info on adding speed run information to the Speed Run section of the site.

For the Cave Story Screensaver XP to Vista conversion guide and for testing my site for problems.

For kicking me into gear on replacing the flash elements on the site.

For repeatedly helping out with the website.

Eltons Kūns and Michał Skrzyński
For pointing out a number of grammatical issues with the site.

For pointing out new speedrun records and for helping out in general.

For pointing out broken links and helping out in general.

Ewan Green
For pointing out outdated downloads and getting me to make it so that individual music downloads are downloaded in their native formats instead of .tar files.

For making organya-js, which allowed this site to have embedded players for Cave Story's entire soundtrack, and for helping out in general.

For figuring out the health values and some names for the Kero Blaster bosses, writing Kero Blaster character descriptions, writing most of the Ikchan 3DS page content, and for finding a typo that went unnoticed for 15 years.

LemmR and znsYC47Jl54LgW4
For holding onto pre-release versions of Cave Story for 19 years.

For holding onto old versions of Azarashi, Org Maker and JiL JiL for 25 years (or 24 in the case of Org Maker).

And to everyone else who has contributed in helping me proofread and correct errors on the site and to those who are thinking about submitting new content, suggestions or ideas.

Last of all I would like to thank everyone who has submitted content for the site.

If I forgot someone then don't hesitate to tell me.