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Mar 17, 2018 at 10:58 PM
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i don't know if this counts as a game

but you have to say something and type a date and then ill send that to you at that time
also the message has to be under these 4 rules
1.) it can't be super duper duper long
2.) it has to be appropriate for stuffs
3.) oh and ill put this in front of every message to make it cave story related
  • Quote says...
  • Curly Brace from the past says...
  • Kazuma sent a message from the computer saying...
  • Kanpachi sent a fish and a note which reads...
  • Santa asks to find his key and also told you that...
4.) It can't be more than 3 years away because i'll probably forget by then
5.) You can't be mad if i forget especially if you say something like "send in 5 minutes: hello" and its 2 in the morning or something
6.) it has to be reasonable or something so if you found a loophole in my rules then this rule rules out any rules that you tried to rule out

if i dont send your message to you in time then it's probably because of these reasons:
  • i forgot
  • i can no longer send messages
  • the date was really inconvenient
  • something else
    chinfish :chin:

That's all so an example of one these would be like:

Send at: 3/20/18
Hello this is a message from you in the past!!! How is it going CRITTER :critter:

and then on march 20th 2018 ill be like
"Quote says Hello this is a message from you in the past!!! How is it going CRITTER :critter:"

maybe ill do it so that you can send a message to someone else in which case i'd do something like "You got a message from (person) on this date: Curly Brace from the past says HELLO (person) HOW ARE YOU I SENT A FUTUUUURE MESSAGE"
but im not sure if i want to do that because someone will send a billion messages to someone else

anyways thats all i hope this wasn't against the forum rules or something
That is all that i have to say. I hope someone does this maybe this was just a bad idea i hopenot