Beta Music

On the 18th of November 2011 a zip file containing all 19 versions of orgview was added to the Doukutsu Uploader. Below are listed early versions of various used and unused tracks in Cave Story's development. Please keep in mind though that the below list is generated through file comparisons, so the differences between tracks can be anything from "inaudible" to "is this the same song?".

To download the beta songs in .ORG format either click here for all of the songs or download them individually from the list below.

Also, if you are interested in downloading all of the songs below in mp3 format you can do so here. You can also download the full beta soundtrack in .ogg, .xm, .ptcop, and .flac formats if you prefer.

There are also two versions of the .xm beta soundtrack. There is a version compatible with most trackers, which is the download you would generally need, or there is the original conversion from org to xm, which may have compatibility issues with certain trackers, but is listed in case it is needed for more technical reasons.

Note: For the most recent revisions of Wind Fortress, Pier Walk, Meltdown, Snoopy Cake (Rockorg), People of the Root, or any other track listed below you are better off looking at the music page. These are not beta tracks in the sense that they weren't used in the game, but rather that they were superseded by a newer version of the same song.

Beta Tracks:

Cave Story




Pier Walk


Eyes of Flame






Hero's End


Last Battle


Living Waterway




Mimiga Town


Mischievous Robot
















Wind Fortress


Internal Percussion Beta Tracks: