Name Version
Chrome ALL
Firefox ALL
Pale Moon ALL
Netscape 6+
Konqueror 3.5.5+*
Opera 7+
Safari 1.1+*
Internet Explorer 5+
NetSurf 3.6+*
Html Viewer 3 070702+
Amaya 11.3+
iCab 3.0.5+
IE for Mac 5+
Dillo NONE

* Earlier versions of Konqueror, Safari, or NetSurf may work, but I lack the means to test them at present.

Layout Engines

Name Version
Blink ALL
Gecko ALL
Goanna ALL
Presto ALL
Tasman ALL
KHTML 3.5.5+*
Webkit 100+*
Trident IE5+
iCab 3.0.5+

* Earlier versions of Webkit or KHTML may work, but I lack the means to test them at present.


  • Trident is listed under its IE version number solely because it didn't have publically released version numbers for IE versions 7 and under, and still doesn't.
  • IE 5 (both Windows and Mac) works fine except for an inability to display Japanese text properly. iCab 3 also shares this problem.
  • iCab 3 breaks on large pages or large images. So full size images may not load on the fanart page, and the news posts page will refuse to load entirely.
  • Netscape 6 can sometimes allow text to run off the page if the text is long enough to wrap only once, but short enough that it wouldn't wrap at all if the container element's padding was removed. However I've corrected this where I could find it, so it shouldn't be an issue. Html Viewer 3 also has this issue, but only with long uninterupted strings of Japanese text. Amaya has trouble breaking up Japanese text in general.
  • Opera 7 displays a big white box under the special thanks pane, but it hardly breaks anything.
  • Old versions of Konqueror refuse to display Japanese text.
  • The special thanks scroller falls back on a manual scrollable box if it is unsupported. Html Viewer 3 seemed to be an exception to this rule though, so it was made to show it at full height without scrollbars for those browsers. Amaya on the other hand seems to fall back to no scrollbars on its own.
  • The homepage animation will show as a static image if it is unsupported. However the vast majority of browsers listed here do run it without fail unless Javascript is turned off. Although it should be noted that a small amount of the browsers listed do not have javascript engines such as Amaya, or have javascript disabled by default like Netsurf. iCab 3 is an exception to this rule. The animation ran slowly in iCab 3 and added horizontal scrollbars to the page, same for IE5/Mac except the animation didn't run at all, so it has been specifically turned off for those browsers.
  • Netsurf has an experimental javascript engine, however it is only available in certain builds and is disabled by default. As such Netsurf has only ever been tested with Javascript disabled.
  • Amaya displays lines above and below the navigation bars for some reason.

Notes on SSL

  • Http redirects to https for newer browsers.
  • Older browsers discard the redirect and will allow you to browse the site using either http or https.

Notes on Testing

  • Safari 1.1 is tested using OSX Panther running on qemu.
  • iCab 3.0.5 and IE5 for Mac are tested through SheepShaver.
  • Konqueror 3.5.5 is tested on a Knoppix 5.1.1 live CD on an old Windows XP computer.
  • IE5 is tested using the Evolt IE standalones on a copy of Windows XP running through Oracle VM VirtualBox. Html Viewer 3 (070702) is tested using the same setup.
  • Opera 7, Netscape 6, Amaya 11.3 and NetSurf 3.6 all work natively in Windows 10.