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Cancelled production on Anomaly Tales and the JJBA mod: here's why

Although Cave Story's simplicity is its charm, it's extremely limiting if you want to make your own version.
Learning to ASM hack would take too long. I don't want to pester any professionals to do it for me.

Anomaly Tales was cancelled because I lost motivation to work on it, and I can't push myself to even open CE.

I'm making my own game, not a CS mod, but a game with Unreal Engine. Apologies to anyone that was hopeful
for the JJBA mod.

TL;DR Elecity lost motivation, and Cave Story is limiting without ASM hacks.
imagine the nintendo wii...but without the one could POSSIBLY love the wii!?!!??!?!?!?!?!? on its own...............
I'll probably continue to work on my old mod for Cave Story's 15th Anniversary.
I renamed it to Cave Story Multi-Challenge Mod.
It'll have more "challenges" with difficulty progression, and will have as many challenges as I can think of without feeling too samey.
I'd also like to avoid multiple mod folders unless its needed.
For some reason, my profile is playing music on some browsers and I have no idea why. Can you look into it?