Where have all the forums gone?

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Aug 6, 2004 at 8:59 PM
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How to see the website forum sections (MUST READ FOR ALL NEW POSTERS!!!!)

If you looked at the foums as an unregistered member and saw all the forums there; then looked at it again after registering you may be wondering why you can only see this general section.

That is because the website forums are hidden, although any registered member can easily view them by simply changing their user profile.

From the UserCP link choose Group Memberships in the sidebar (it should be the third from the bottom) and that will bring you a page detailing the usergroups you can join.

Joining a usergroup is automatic when you click on the link marked Join Group this will return you to the main page and will allow you to see, and participate in, the forums for the section you have just joined.
You can join any combination of such usergroups that you wish to, joining one does not prevent you from joining another.

Current usergroups are:
Dreams From Above - For access to the PenPenWorld and Pop'n Music Forums
Gameflaws - For access to the Gameflaws Forums
Palcorner - For access to the Palcorner Forums
Zen Gaming - For access to the Zen Gaming Forums

If you wish to leave a usergroup at any time then you just need to return to the Group Membership link in the UserCP and click on the Leave Group link.

Thus you can choose whether to post in all sections or concentrate on the one that brought you here; the administrators of each section would like you to at least visit each set of forums to see what they are like, but you are under no obligation to do so.