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What have you been listening to?

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Jun 21, 2017 at 4:05 AM
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Jul 16, 2017 at 7:19 AM
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Been listening to Japanese chiptune all day. This one is one of my favorites:

Also stumbled across a Japanese chiptune musician named Hige Driver. Makes some pretty good stuff:
Jul 19, 2017 at 5:56 AM
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Apr 4, 2018 at 10:46 PM
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I guess I'll re-post this here because some of you might like it.

Verbose version: ordered left to right, top to bottom

---===S TIER===---

Porter Robinson and Madeon - Shelter Live
(The best of both artist combined into one for their Live album... however I don't think there is a legal way to obtain this at the moment....)

Death Spells - Nothing above; Nothing Below
(Very dark Hellsound album, has elements of death metal but more electronic instrumentation.)

Flume - Skin
(Very IDM like, pop like album, Flume just makes great music imo.)

Neil Ciciregia - Mouth Moods
(Mashup Professional)

Savant - πρῶτος (Protos)
(really good alternate rock album with EDM elements, not the usual kin of music from Savant but very solid album.)

Glass animals - How to Be a Human Being
(Super consistent album, 45 minutes of the same idea but none of the songs borrow from eachotehr melodicly and that's amazing it can do that and have each song be destinct at the same time. I constantly have the music in my head, it's just good music.)

Milo - Who told you to think!?!?!?!?!
(lofi rap album, Very nostalgic for some reason and I'm not quite sure why since I never grew up listening to anything like this at all, let alone rap.)

Meteor - Parallel Lives
(great synthwave album, first Time I listened to it it was rather high C tier but it grew on me a lot. It's amazing how much music can tell us even without lyrics.)

Secede - Tryshasla
(very atmospheric album, Similar to Parallel lives it tells a story without any words outside of song titles. )

Porter Robinson - Virtual Self
(This EP I swear gets better each time I listen to it, and this is supposedly only half of the album that's suppose to come out sometime later this year.)

Savant - Ninur
(This is some Generic EDM album that somehow just got better over time and is kinda for no real reason in S tier just because of familiarity and great tunes.)

Porter Robinson - Worlds (studio and live versions)
(I could go on for a very long time as to why this album is great but just.... listen to it.)

---===A TIER===---
Scandroid - Scandroid
(Very very solid Synthwave alcum, better than Parallel Lives in some ways and should be S tier tbh.)

We're not French - Headphones Required
(great band you should check out sometime)

Glitch Mob - Drink the sea
(More atmospheric music with very strong tracks throughout the entire album. I love this album and it really should be in S tier as well...)

Prince Whatever - Reinvent
(we don't talk about this album.)

Scraton - Reel to Reel
(Another kinda good EDM album, might be better than ninur but idk depends on taste.)

Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
(Emo Metal literally is my breakfast fuel that gets my day going. Also if it means anything the first time I listened to this was like 3 weeks ago lol)

Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
(I like how desperate this album is, smiling and crying is ok and something I do a lot. )

S U R F I N G - Deep Fantasy
(Virtual Self but a lot more mellow and vaporwave and just not as good.)

Crystal Castles - I
(I have no idea why I thought this album was D tier at some point, It's pretty lofi in parts and energetic in others. )

She - Chiptune Memories (not in picture)
(VERY solid chiptune album, might even be S tier tbh.)

Hiroyuki Sawano - Kill la Kill Rearrange & Remix Soundtrack CD (not in picture)
(Got I live the KLK soundtrack, and this EP of just the vocal tracks remixed is super amazing.)

Clarence Clarity - No Now (not in picture)
(God this album.... It's so disgusting and grimy electro and I love it.)

Internal Errors - PVNK (not in picture)
Great EP with super dark hellsound tones, If it was longer than just 20 minutes and slightly better I would have this in my top 5 in a heartbeat.

I guess my tastes are rather.... modern, alternate, and dark.
Kind of like me haha.
May 17, 2018 at 8:42 AM
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Felt compelled to buy this game (Aaero) after seeing a trailer with this music playing.
Jun 1, 2018 at 3:47 AM
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I did some LSD by the sea and this dude named Carl (who didn't do LSD, only weed) played Jon Hopkins songs on a portable speaker. Great songs, even when sober.

Jun 1, 2018 at 1:27 PM
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I have no explanation as to how i found this
And then these were just from one of my favorite games