What did you dream about last night?

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    I was nodding off as the final round went on, despite my initial determination to be a good competitor who learned from his most skilled opponents. When I left, eyelids falling implacably like heavy snow piling on, I scattered my things, sat down out of sight in the dark, deserted classroom and fell asleep after getting comfortable and hunkering down, head in arms.

    Free from muddled descent into unconsciousness via some huge intake of Internet Garbage, my dreams were beautiful. They intertwined, one into and out from the other, unless the relevant Muse saw fit to remove others from my grasp. In one I was among a trio (or a quartet?) of rather young, black female singers (was I a sister?), in the other, one of a group with two white or Asian brothers (was I a brother?).

    With the sisters, as I assume we were, beauty was easy. Our voices flowed like honey, and we were attending a carnival + concert show of some sort. (I specifically remember seeing a friend from school among our ranks.) As we ate and made merry, perhaps engaging in other activity with the other stars at that long, long table under the big screen and stage and seeming moonlight, someone - perhaps my sister - got it into her head to make some mischievous fun. I couldn’t help but agree. We got up, stirred our table mates into frenzy, then took our place in the conga line that ensued among and around the surprisingly small big tops and performers. Quickly my section realized that we hadn’t a chance, the line broken for reasons unknown until an elephant ridden by a carnie broke amiably into the scene. We broke to a left path, some ahead went right then changed course, things were scattered and we stepped on top of a loose piece of tent in our getaway. It was a ruckus, a catastrophe - everyone crying out, laughing, shouting and whooping as we wove around the patient elephant and the cursing carnie.

    There may have been more, I may remember singing or being onstage with a crowd, but that was enough. It was a wonderful night, scented with a good sweat and lots of mirth.

    The other dream was closer to a game, a modern variant of the figurine/enemy collecting sort. I and my brothers visited some sort of waterpark in our quest, and took a ride on the single attraction. I realize now as I realized then that it was very expensive, something like $14.95 per ride per person, and I was treating all three of us. Worse, I went on the ride three times. But I didn’t care, because my usual, irritating hormonal impulses didn’t trigger and yet such a clean ebullience - so visceral, vivid and desired - went through my body as I went down the various sections that I didn’t want to do anything else. Near the bottom, in a connected two rooms styled after an undersea cave and surrounded by exits of darkness, I saw my youngest brother floating underwater in the next room (or were we both underwater?). In my second trip, or was it the third, I saw to my right as I headed towards him a mossy green, ogre or hippo like creature - straight out of Dark Souls yet only one or two feet tall - stumble-swimming towards me from out of a hole in the wall under the water. I recognized it as a figurine design, but hurried along out of its reach and to the main event.

    It surrounded me like an FMV. My brother floating unconscious underwater, space suddenly no longer completely bound to the cramped cave walls of the previous room. I notice a little eel, or a snake, wrapped around his arm, and softly uncoiling and removing it I push it off into the water. The serpentine being, or beings, are speaking words I don’t believe I cared to hear and can’t remember. There were many, and I threw them all into the void, fearing that they’d consume him. I don’t recall whether they helped with the quest or threatened, but when my work was done I was left there with him, he who logically should have drowned then and I with him. It was only on my third ride that I realized the events, the fear I felt when seeing that serpent, and their words were all repeated. I vowed not to go on the ride any further. After being abandoned to floating we cut to surfacing above a trash-infested sea?lake?facility?pond?, the end of the road. We were left there awhile, reflecting, my two living brothers and I. Dream or vision within a dream? The waters were almost white, it felt, and I don’t know whether we were surrounded by a background of pool, endless ocean below a wooden structure supporting a home, or clearing with a pond. I only know that the second was the site of another dream, once in the misty past, of our family taking vacation in a small home above the ocean. The site, my own dreaming sight, was beautiful despite or because of the multicolored trash in the ocean/pond/pool, especially thanks to the unique music playing. At once familiar of Stickerbush Symphony, Aquatic Ambiance especially, and its ilk, yet full of mysterious power and charm, the song was playing in my head as I woke and stayed playing for some time, though like many dreamed things it was not mine to keep entirely and I made no effort to record it. I only have its memory now, at least for the moment.

    Somehow, we dried off and headed back to the inside of the hotel or waterpark. We were rewarded with figurines for taking the ride, on my third trip one was an upgrade version of one I’d received for the first or second trip and as far as I remembered we always received an oyster figurine that looked like a geode. I was afraid that the oyster would close around my fingers with its sharp bristles, though it never did, and carefully carried it and the others to a vague brown structure where we deposited them.

    That’s as far as I remember, but even as one was winding down the other was cycling in with fresh enjoyment, over and over they repeated, a whirlwind of dreams. As I woke, bundled up in my too-large warm jacket, mouth dry and clammy, feet unused to the sudden rising, item-gathering, exiting I performed, and jangling from my many backpack parts like a sleigh bell, I had a very real and powerful fear that I was completely alone in an abandoned school at night. (I also felt weirdly relieved, in that amusing just-woke-up way, that I hadn’t spent $161.55 on waterpark rides.) Yet I had specifically (and at the very least) unsilenced my phone prior to that wondrous siesta, and saw nothing but the late hour of 5:03. Somehow, something (an angel or fairy, my relieved coach said) had woken me up at just such a time that award ceremonies, the longest and most agonizing part of the day, had just ended, and I found my way back to society just as my team emerged for the buses. A rare blessing, on top of an uncommonly good tournament, that I won’t forget for some time to come.
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    Sounds like a cool ride.
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    I woke up in my dream as a pancake and got eaten....death must really be an experience.
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    Last night:
    I went to physics or math class, sat at my desk and realized I had been absent a lot this semester. I had been getting A's but, my classmates were dubious if I could pass suddenly showing up this late in the game...
    A project was due tomorrow I had yet to check it out or start it, and there was an exam right around the corner D: Was wracking my brain on how to deal with doing everything overnight, not to mention extended family was staying over at home.

    Was HAPPY to wake up and realize it was just a dream lol
    ... It is just a dream right???

    Other notable dreams, 2 days ago?:
    I was part of some kind of attack on a complex city sized labyrinthine structure... I don't remember the details, except I do recall seeing two enemies at an upper platform and sent out a blast of lightning to annihilate them. Spotting the direction of one of their staging points, I warped over to the distant platform, leaving the others and followed the path... Eventually finding the enemy. I boldly walked through their army during their preparations, suddenly demanding their surrender to their surprise. When the likely overpowered, cool and collected general stepped out he probably told the army to dispose of me. ...Fortunately, I was my favorite overpowered sorcerer and the following involved a grim scene... Many simply exploded, others literally blown to dust... When they got close, the black blade of disaster appeared in my hand which further cut the incoming down in a wave. Slowing down time to avoid attacks you could see their morale turn 360. ...I don't remember what happened with the general, but I imagine there was a noteworthy battle against him...
    The last thing I remember was sprouting blazing red fallen angel/phoenix wings and being satisfied with the routing; flying and returning to see how the others fared since I had left them alone.

    There was at least one other dream that night which involved cars and shootouts I think. D:
    Quite a contrast to last night's dreams D:
    Just woke up half way through the night... here's the tail end of the dream (last minute of it)...
    Don't remember much of it now, tried to start a sketch of the thing...
    Basically I was walking around my "house" that was actually a giant Cthulhu tree thing that expanded overhead, covered in countless "eyeball" seeds. While the picture has a little more organic random feel, it was more like pipe works in its layout which I didn't convey too much. Anyway, was walking around it, and those eye things would fall when I walked around causing the "thing" to spread throughout the yard quickly. I was hopping over that stuff and avoiding getting hit by the "eyeball" seeds which had a spike on them, making them dangerous as they fell all around.

    Was making my way to the backside of the "house" while singing some kind of creepy tune which would cause a Troll or another critter to come out of the muddy ground and attempt to pull you into that nasty looking grave-like muddy pit. I was singing or saying something that would cause the right Troll or creature to attack me, because there was another monster or something nearby that I wanted to avoid meeting. And I had to say the right thing to the Troll to avoid being pulled in by him.

    All I know is I woke up shortly after this scene. I don't think I wanted to know what happened next, since I was kinda just trying to stay alive lol. Though it took me a while after waking up to actually classify it as a nightmare, (despite the insane imagery which I am not properly conveying), since it wasn't too scary, just stressful.
    There was a space battle commander like game in full 3d, obviously based on a phone game I play, Galaxy Legend. Don't remember enough about the dream, but it was pretty cool.
    Was in my old messy room... When I noticed Dad had brought in Lego creations with a lot of surface area. Some buildings and a space ship. Went to the room he was in to jokingly say, nice lego skills. But, apparently he actually DID build one of them and I was impressed!
    Checking the Cave Story Forums...
    Andwhyisit made a post about each member's contribution to the forum. I liked what he said. I think some of my contributions to the theory section (once upon a time) were mentioned for me. Didn't get to read more than that... I woke up!
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    Last night I dreamt a very strange dream. I was sent by my mother to find something, but got swept up in a jetski(?) race. I was on the jetski with 3 middle-aged guys. 2 were in white shirts and 1 was in a black shirt with yellow sides. The other competitors used a lot of dirty tactics, and at some point punched one of the white shirt guys off. We were coming in fourth place just as we were aproaching the finish line. I thought that fourth place wasn't so bad, but my two companions jumped off backwards just before we passed the line and didn't resurface. The referee disqualified me because i needed at least 2 team members to cross the finish line, and took away my jetski. People in my dreams are pricks.
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    I had a dream AGES ago, that I still remember vividly
    I was walking through a forest, the air seemed green. I heard an old man say *Hey!* I looked up and saw an old guy in a tree, he had 3 teeth left and had small amounts of hair. He then fell from the tree and the resounding thud of a fridge door woke me up.
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    I write down interesting dreams of mine sometimes.

    I wrote down Thai one a while ago, but I was waiting to post it here after I mentioned it in another thread.
    Polaris came to my house (for some reason it was a penthouse) but didn't tell me who he was, hand lunch with me, tried to get me to go out to the park with him, and then he tried to beat me up (although maybe it was more like sexual assault?) while I was changing because I didn't think he was funny enough?? (That sounds like something a really salty comedian would do.) And also because I didn't like him enough. So I guess he came to try and convince me otherwise, but the problem is the whole time he was just really boring and a bit annoying, so I told him he was completely boring.
    So the moral of the story is: Do not not get a penthouse with bathroom locks that you need to turn, use ones that work like a button, or some others that are easier to lock in an emergency.
    The thing is, I don't even dislike Polaris, I've hardly ever talked to him. It would've made the most sense for it to have been [REDACTED].
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    i don't fucking dream
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    Chad Kroeger got arrested for molesting kids and that's why no one likes Nickelback anymore
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    I dreamed I was playing Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, only to wake up and find out I WAS playing it, but fell asleep. Waking up was very confusing because I forgot where I was in the game because I was confusing it with my dream because my dream was about me playing the game.
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    I dreamt that I was waking up and having breakfast, packing my bag, and rushing to college. After I woke up I realised the only thing that was weird in my dream was that I was eating a lunch-associated food for breakfast.
    The one time I remember a dream, and it has to be something boring like this.
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    A couple nights ago, I dreamt that I was married to this girl that I don't think I've met before. It was weird. I think I became lucid in that dream too, as I questioned why I'm married to a stranger. I just sorta rolled with it, though.
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    I forgot to respond to this, but yeah, that was a wild time. :D

    Less wild but much stupider: today I dreamt that my cousin had gotten a Switch and that it somehow had Super Mario Odyssey for a launch title. While Mario was presumably helping [forgotten game series one heroes] fend off Frieza's minions (?) and [forgotten game series two monsters] in some Roman Coliseum, among other nonsensical exploits I’ve forgotten, Luigi was helping Peach defend the royal MacGuffin (a slim blue crystal, not a star) through quicktime events: either playing Extreme Keepaway with the rather scary, fast and strong dimensional representative-turned-invader or stuffing it down his wife's throat (because that apparently protected it?) and being destroyed so hard in retaliation that he literally had to return to the land of the living as a skellyghost in some vague Luigi's Mansion reference.

    Good, dumb nonsense!