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Update: Site is about 10% Completed

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May 22, 2006 at 7:25 AM
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Since I'm focusing mainly on the Xak section first, I wanted to write an update as to what has already been completed.


XyZ - Main Index/Update Page - Status - Complete
Xyz- About the Site Page - Status - 90% Complete (Going to add small images at some point)
Xak Main Page - Status - Complete
About the Xak Series Page - Status - Complete
Xak Story Page - Status - Prologue Complete 10%
Xak Games and Translation Page - Status - 90% Complete.

I'll be working on the Xak Characters section and the Game Guides section next.

At least now visitors can get a grasp as to what the site is about and start venturing into the Xak series if it they want as well as being able to find and download the roms. In my opinion, searching for the roms used to be the most difficult part about getting into the Xak series. I wanted to play the games, but it took some time to track them down. Now they are all available for the sake of convenience.

If any of you all have any questions or feedback related to this site, please feel free to post your ideas, thoughts, comments, et cetera here in this thread or start a new topic all together.