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Undertale Stepmania Pack by Fatih [2% Complete]

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Nov 16, 2015 at 11:18 PM
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By request, I have decided to make a new thread for my project...

The Undertale Stepmania Pack
You most likely should know what Undertale is, but you most likely don't know what Stepmania is. Well, here's what Wikipedia says to be quick...

StepMania is a cross-platform rhythm video game and engine. It was originally developed as a simulator of Konami's arcade game series Dance Dance Revolution, and has since evolved into an extensible rhythm game engine capable of supporting a variety of rhythm-based game types. Released under the MIT License, StepMania is open source free software.
In fact, if you've heard of In The Groove, that uses Stepmania (I'll use SM for short) as its engine! (Imo DDR is better)

I won't dwell on it, so let's get to the point - I'm charting most of the Undertale OST to SM, on most difficulties. The pack may have a few collabs from others, but it will be playtested by a few guys I know who are pro charters. I'll be doing most songs other than
  • Short loops
  • Songs that can't be possibly played on Stepmania
For example, just think about Chase scenes. Those would be useless to chart as there's no substance.

Please note that the thread will have spoilers, even if you are just waiting for the Demo pack - It's not coming out soon unless I decide to do those songs first.

Also, note that I am not doing Novice/Beginner.
Seriously. Some may dislike this option, but I honestly don't know how to chart a noob version of the songs, and really, it's just too easy when most of you will be playing on keyboard.


Progress - I will list songs that I have started on, with their difficulties.
=Easy (1-3),
=Medium (4-6),
=Hard (6-9),
=Expert (9+). The difficulty number is just a rough placeholder of how hard a song will be.

14. Heartache
(10) *Needs tuning*
98. Battle Against a True Hero

Now working on 68. Death by Glamour


If you have any questions, feel free to ask them and I'll use this space as a FAQ.

Q: What version of Stepmania is this for?

A: 5. If you don't know, just install the latest version.

Q: Can I help out in any way?

A: Sure! I could sure use help for Banners (~418x164) or just finding wallpapers that I can use as backgrounds. I won't really need help on this, but if you're that bored, letting me have the BPM of every song would help me save many minutes of timing. PM me if you need more specifics.

http://strawpoll.me/6137315/ - Part 1
http://strawpoll.me/6137376/ - Part 2
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Nov 17, 2015 at 7:30 PM
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but will your stepmania charts be able to compare to this? ;)


no but really, good luck with the project even tho I will literally never use it
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Nov 17, 2015 at 7:35 PM
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I'll use it once I computer.
Nov 22, 2015 at 3:09 AM
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Should I make update videos for every 10 songs or something? Or would it be better to wait to post the full release as a hype present explosion "here it's done"?