trouble with Gum cutscene

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Dec 23, 2019 at 6:59 PM
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Ok, so this also kinda works with the technical issue section under Cave Story, due to it being untouched by me in the vanilla game, but this copy of cave story is also in the middle of a modded remake i'm making (basically, all I've touched is sprites, as I haven't even started to learn this engine's programing, so it couldn't be me who did this, right?)

well, so here's the story:

(I would say spoilers ahead but I mean...)

As basically everyone knows, in Grasstown you have the balfrog fight, well, in the room where you go to fight him (named Gum) the chest I interact with simply just turns the screen dark, plays the speech sound, and then plops me back into the gum room, no item, no boss, no cutscene, i dug around, and here is the code for the whole room (courtesy of Booster's lab):



<SOU0011<CNP 100:0018:0002<F@O0004<TRA0026:0094:0273:000
<PRI<MSGIt won't open!<NOD<END

<KEY<FL:0=01:0001<FL)0501<SOU0022<CNP02 0:0021:00p0
<MSGOpmned the treasure chest.<NOD<GIT101q<IT+0011<CLR
<CMU0010Got the =Gum Base=!<WAI0160<NOD<CMU0000<GIT0000<CLO
<CNP0500:0067:0003<WAI0010<MYD0000�WrAAr�뢙��Դ��� 000<FAC,015O(?<�����&Mr�锐�������$Ml�锐��002<WAI1050<ANP1000:0008:0000
<MSG<FAC0015We meet again.<NOD
Do you remember me?<NOD<CLRIndeed, in the Mimiga
village...<NOD<CLRI hadn't noticed before,
but...<NOD<CLRAren't you a soldier
from the surface?<NOD<CLRI wasn+t aware there
were any left.<NOD<FAC0000<CLO
<MSG<FAC0005Misery!<NOD<CLRWatch outL that one's
a fighter!<NOD<CLRStronger than a MirAAr�뢙��Դ���<CLR<FAC0015You �����&Mr�锐�������$Ml�锐��0020<ANP0500:0025:000�<WAI0050<AN�0201:0040:0002<MSG�
<FAC0023!!!<NOD4CLR<FAC0 15Soldiers are YOUR duty.<NOD
<A>P0500:002�:0000<WAI0030Come back`when this
one+s in pieces.<NOD<FAC0000<CLO



Fought off Balrog!<WAI0140<NOD


Now, I have no idea what this stuff means, but if someone could make sense of what i need to change that would be nice. To me, it just looks like corrupted garbadge, and if it is, could some one send the fixed code over?
Dec 23, 2019 at 8:45 PM
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no i haven't, trying now to see if works

yes, after trying a new fresh copy (download straight from the main website here) it only happens when it is converted to B'sL, it also seems to specifically be only in Gum, so idk if that changes it, maybe someone could give me the fresh code?
Dec 23, 2019 at 10:24 PM
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Dec 24, 2019 at 2:18 AM
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Thank you so much!