"The balcony of gloom" - ???

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Aug 2, 2018 at 4:48 PM
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A friend wrote me this poem a while ago.
Thought I might as well share it.

You opened a door
But you did not expect anything
You only awaited more sorrow
So sorrow rushed to greet you
You stood at the edge of a balcony
You wanted to feel nothing
It's what you always know
And it is your normal
You look so dogged at the ground many stories below
And at the crimson guilt at your wrists
When you did not look to the sky
The sky holds dragons
Paintbrushes of the Gods
You may jump off the balcony
But looking at the sky
You will not hit the ground

Maybe people think you've changed
Breaking news: people are idiots
We are all unpredictable
Those who think that is a new trait are fools
Those who have not put together your puzzle
Have no interest to
And who can blame them?
They carry the weight of their own world

I implore you
Please know
It is not that no one cares
It is that everyone is dying
One step at a time
And trying to figure out
How to make the best of it
While pepping for a race that they think
They have no choice to race
But a pasture blooms beside the track
And there is more than one way to be a victor

Your brain
In particular
Is a tide lulled by a fracturing moon
And you think the lacuna beyond it is
But it is colder than cold
It is empty
You think you are as empty as it
But in truth
You are so full
Of soil and saltwater and stardust
You are cosmic
It is overwhelming

Everyone is a brain
And they can only ever focus
On their own self preservation
Some brains need crutches
And you do not walk on a broken leg
So slow down
Take the time to heal

To respond to your final stanza
How can you expect anyone to deeply
Love you
When you cannot learn to love yourself?

Turn that pistol at your temple
To a flare gun
Send a spark into an ancient sky
Because it is not selfish to call for crutches
A dragon will kiss your crying eyes
I promise

Ehh, long story short, this poem really helped me get through hard times, and I just thought I might as well let others read it.