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Shadow Hearts III Discussion: Spoilers!

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Mar 20, 2005 at 8:31 PM
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I'll resurrect this tread instead of starting a new one, as I've just finished Covenant, the Romanov history has been continued elsewhere so I've curtailed that discussion in this thread.

Firstly the facts: the third installment of the Shadow hearts series has been announced and will be entitled Shadow Hearts: From the New World now for the known content:
The game is set in 1929 America and so far only two characters have been confirmed: a young boy and a Native American woman; neither has red eyes so it is unlikely for either to be a harmonixer.
The video showed the Émigré manuscript will play a part in proceedings; in fact this trend suggests the series is based on that cursed object.
Oh and from the video and screenshot then the high hit and combo system from Covenant has returned.

As for returning characters well it would be forced if they tried to place Zhuzhen, Gepetto, or Lucia in, especially given the first two's age and the latter's reason for being in the game in the first place.
Karin ends up as Anne and has a definite death so is unlikely to be back, except in flashbacks perhaps; and the tendancy of using the bad ending does not bode well for Alice.
Technically both Margarete and Anastasia are based on real people, neither of which survived the First World War period. However Margarete's Shadow Hearts: Covenant entry says she was off to America next, and Anastasia was with Kurando so both have a chance of coming back again; and if Anastasia does then Kurando will not be far behind.
With the Émigré Manuscript being part of events then Roger Bacon is likely to make an appearance.
And if we're going off the bad ending then a soul-less Yuri could appear that way.
Blanca is possible given the timeframe, but will be fairly old by this point; offspring are more likely, but he could make an appearance if tied in with Yoshiko Kawashima.
Keith and Joachim are unlikely to appear as playable characters, but if the Peach Bat does appear in that regard then both of them could turn up in one form or another; especially regarding the lottery for Keith.
Of the set the most likely to return as a playable character is Halley as he was headed to America at the end of Shadow Hearts, if he does he's likely to have traded his slingshot for something more adult, in the same vein Koudelka could appear as she's likely to be a mage type anyway. Edward from Koudelka could but would be a bit old to suffice as a physical fighter type character.

However as it stands I don't think we've seen the main character for the game yet; the tradition of a following homosexual shop effect would be crossing the boundaries of taste if it was the young boy we're looking at as being the lead.

Anyway onto the timeframe, well other than 1929 being the Great Depression in America and there being a possibility of gangster types such as Al Capone, or their law equivalents like Elliot Ness turning up then I don't know what to expect from this game. My only other thought would be what they could use from the silent movie era of Hollywood so maybe contemporary movie stars will turn up.

So, I'm asking those of you more familiar with American history, what did happen at this time and which famous faces might they try and bring in to this game?
And if you have a different take on returning characters then please feel free to share.
Mar 21, 2005 at 7:14 PM
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I looked it up since I had no clue.


Maybe I should re-do limiting it to just AMERICAN history. X_X

I remember that the article containing some info about this new game that someone had posted up (which I can't relocate for some reason) stated the setting of Chelsea (in NYC) and Chicago. Chelsea would be in the mid-lower west area of NYC that quite trendy right now, but I have no idea how it was back then. The biggest landmark that's close by would be the Flatiron Building which should be a few blocks away and the Empire State Building is 10+ blocks away.

Chicago = Al Capone for me.
Mar 21, 2005 at 7:23 PM
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I thought it was 1929 and not 1927 that we were supposed to be looking at.

From that list the standout event is the St Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago.
Mar 21, 2005 at 7:40 PM
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"Wow! The more I drink of this magical beverage, the more games I can play! Wheee!"
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I'm beyond careless.


I'm having a bit of dejavu with all of this and finally realized right now that it's because I remember reading the Koudelka interview where they talk about the setting in America for its sequel.

That Valentine's Day thing will definitely be in the game, IMO.

October 24 - Great Depression begins: Black Thursday and then Black Tuesday (October 29) - The New York Stock Exchange crashes, ushering in what will be a world-wide economic crisis.

Sounds big enough to effect the game.

1929 looks more fun than 1927. X_X Here, I was thinking they were going to have a story about the Holland Tunnel that connects Jersey City to Manhattan and was getting all excited. Great Depression and Al Capone are definitely more interesting than that piece of tid bit.