(Release 1.0.1) Viantastic Story: Return of the Secrets

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Sep 7, 2017 at 1:44 AM
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After working my booty off this summer, I wanted to make something for Viantastic when he'd hit 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. Here's to say I got it done! A good bit of jokes and background characters are from Viantastic's Discord Server as it was kinda made as a thing for the server but branched off for the most part to have it's own story mostly revolving around Viantastic as a person. I know some people on this Discord server have gotten pretty hyped over it along with Viantastic himself planning on doing a play through of it on his channel.

Note that Viantastic is not a Cave Story YouTuber, he makes Splatoon and content like that so take that with a grain of salt.

Because I was pretty lazy I used a bit of maps already in Cave Story and making edits to them, but only really at the start of the game the rest is pretty much all original level design. I did a few custom music tracks for the game and I hope that I'll add more in some future updates of the game but I wanted to get this out in time for his 10k subscriber super slam!

Trailer for the Mod:

Quick spoiler less blurb: You join the place known as Viantastic's Cool Squid Server and you head to the event that's going to start any moment now, everything seems to go wrong...

After the event starts, Vian's computer goes haywire and him from that past appears "Secretsolosoul" <- That was his edgy online username at the time, but Secret sends Vian somewhere with his edgy powers and sends the player to a place called #Squidpost and you navigate your way out to find a moderator named Sui-Shark, you fight her and you both proceed to get banned from the server. Both of you head to Jaymojin Jungle (Jaymoji's Server) and you the player try to find a way back into Vian's server to go fight and banish to the past Secretsolosoul.

The mod is intended to last around 30 minutes, I'd say it's a little short but whatever.

Download the Mod Here!!!
Version 1.0.1
(Google Drive)

Old Versions
Version 1.0.0
(Google Drive)

Designed by me, for the most part. Full credits in the game itself.
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