pxeve/ptx command documentation (+ extras)

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Aug 1, 2017 at 3:36 AM
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I've been documenting some command related stuff to the pxeve format that Kero Blaster uses and the ptx format that ikachan uses, so here are my findings so far
I'll probably update this when I find more information
all of these are incomplete, obviously

Kero Blaster stuff:

command list:
<home | go to load game screen
<exit | ends current script
<nodB | wait for player input
<nodc | all textboxes DIRECTLY AFTER (no other commands aside from <nodc and textbox commands as far as I've found) the player inputs with print much faster. doesnt disappear until a new textbox comes up.
<nodE | after the player inputs, fades out and jumps to *[expElevator06] in episode00.pxeve when run in *[expElevator01]?? not sure how this works
<bllR | displays text in the lower middle of the screen. no textbox.
<nxtl | displays text in the upper middle of the the screen. no textbox. doesn't disappear until another textbox appears.
<cler | displays text at the top of the screen. no textbox.
<blln[*n;v] | speech bubble textbox. *n = npc v = type of textbox (1 is normal, 2 is spiky)
<dely[v] | delays for v frames
<dl20 | delays for 20 frames
<dl60 | delays for 60 frames
<muLd[f] | loads f.ptcop
<muLp | plays music loaded by muLd
<swtN[*n;v] | npc animation. *n = npc v = animation
<jmpS[a;b;l;v] | Gives a choice between option a and option b. if v is set to 0, the second option will jump to *[label] l and if it's set 1 the first option will jump.
<jump[l] | jumps to *[label] l.
<jmpF[n;l] | jumps to *[label] l if flag n is set.
<save | saves the game
<govr | gameover
<fadO | fades the screen out.
<fadI | fades the screen in.
<remD | nothing?
npc list:
*s - Sasuke
Sasuke (same as *s) - Sasuke
*i - Comomo
Kajiya1 - Kajiya
Phone - Phone
npc animation list
*s (alternatively can be "Sasuke")
0 | standing with open book
1 | normal standing
2 | walking left
3 | pulling switch (top)
4 | pulling switch (bottom)
5 | laying on the floor
6 | shakes, stands back up
7 | nothing?
8 | gets covered in black stuff
9 | standing with open book
10 | sitting down and reading
11 | sitting down and reading, then falls over
12 | slides sideways while fallen down and plays a two frame animation of trying to get up
13 | reading book
14 | looks up from book, question mark
15 | starts reading book, exclamation point


0 | standing
1 | standing
2 | jumps once
3 | running right
4 | freezes mid animation
5 | blinks
6 | lays down
7 | walking right
8 | gets coverened in black stuff
9 | nothing?
10 | nothing?
11 | teleported away
12 | back turned to screen
13 | jumping with back turned
14 | standing, question mark
15 | standing, exclamation point
16 | shaking
Ikachan stuff:
(all of the information here is complete [i think], the "???"s in the ptx command list just mean I haven't figured out what the command's name means.)
ptx syntax list:
#eXXXX---------------------------- = event designation. event number is XXXX. you can write small notes in place of the hyphens, excluding the first one.
text = unlike cave story's <MSG, typing plaintext into an event brings up a textbox
+ = used after plaintext. indicates a newline.
\ = used after plaintext. indicates a new textbox.

(a note: numbers do not count as text and if entered into a textbox they will be nonexistent in-game)
ptx command list:
<ynXXXX = yes/no jump. saying yes jumps to event XXXX.
<waXXXX = wait XXXX frames
<end = End event.
<ce = Create Enemies. Restores all killed enemies.
<e+ = Restores all health.
<f+XXXX = add flag. turns on flag XXXX.
<i+XXXX = add item. adds item XXXX to inventory.
<i-XXXX = remove item. removes item XXXX from inventory.
<fjXXXX-YYYY = flag jump. if flag XXXX is active, jump to event YYYY.
<ijXXXX-YYYY = item jump. if item XXXX is in inventory, jump to event YYYY.
<ejXXXX-YYYY = ??? jump. event jump maybe?
<seXXXX = sound effect. plays sound effect XXXX.
<bo = ???. possibly initiates boss battle.
<ftXXXX-YYYY = ???. Something to do with focusing the screen.
<pn = ???. Does nothing?
<pcXXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ = ???.
<pdXXXX = PMD. Plays song XXXX.
<ek = Earthquake. Causes a large amount of shaking and bubbles.
<le = ???. Causes a small amount of shaking and bubbles, continuous.
<fo = Fade Out. Hides the screen via a fadeout.
<fi = Fade In. Shows the screen via a fadein.
<nm = ???. To be used after <fi.
<ma = ???. To be used after <fo and a wait.
<pf = Pmd Fade. Fades out music.
<pp = Play Pmd. Plays currently playing song from the beginning.
<cmXXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ = ???. probably companion. has something to do with ben.
<ec = ???. Plays sound effect "ITEM". Not sure if it does anything else.
<dl = ???. Initializes game and moves Ikachan to the start position.
<ex = Exit. Closes the game.
<ge = Game end. Causes the Sally rocketship animation and runs event 4000.
<* = Rolls the credits.
sfx list for <se:
(All SFX are in the exe under "WAVE")
1 = BASS1
2 = BASS2
5 = DASH
6 = DEAD
7 = GO
8 = HAT1
9 = HAT2
11 = ITEM
15 = NODMG
16 = OUCH
17 = QUAKE
18 = READY
19 = SAVE
20 = SNARE1
21 = SYMBAL1
22 = WIN
23 = YESNO
list of songs for <pd:
0000 = Buriki
0001 = Ikachan
0002 = Magirete
0003 = Mizuno
0004 = Quake
0005 = Tidepool
that should be everything