Project My House Alpha

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May 30, 2017 at 7:14 AM
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I finally did it! My first mod in progress! It's gonna be a fun little mod I plan on continuing while I look for a job, so here's the link to the download:

Edit 6/2/17:
Since I haven't gotten much of anyone that wants to cameo in my mod, I'm gonna make a new plot and throw in some callbacks and in-jokes or something.
Edit 6/4/17:
Thanks for DoubleThink to notify me of a glaringly dumb script error at the start.
Alpha 0.3 released!
What's added:
New edited sprites :heart:
(Slightly) better scripting
New plot(?)

Stuff to add:
Scripts where entities disappear/change after being checked
Labyrinth script in progress...
Better map layouts... :droll:
Even BETTER scripting :muscledoc:
More covfefe memes :debug:
More sprite edits
More resumes for job applications

Fun Facts:
  • I added cameos
  • It took me three or four days to release Alpha 0.1
  • I'll add roles to the mod if you guys want in on this
Old links:
Have fun guys!
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May 30, 2017 at 7:57 AM
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GunbladeMaster34 said:
If I can figure out how to make a CS hack or mod by myself, I'd be damned. I can test everyone else's at least! :mrgreen:
Guess you're damned then!
-You probably shouldn't distribute the game with useless files like the manual, window.rect, OrgView.exe, and Readme.txt.

-Okay... so far it's just Cave Story...?

-Oh, never-mind! I take it all back!

-There should probably be a <KEY used in the event when you first enter this map. Otherwise you can move while the fade is still going. Maybe a <WAS too?

-Oh sweet, free blade!?


-Too late, already raided your stupid chest. ;) Hey why not have a flag jump there or something?

-Okay so if one line on a textbox reaches 35 characters it'll automatically insert a line-break. In Booster's Lab this is about the time the text goes red.

-Er... line breaks everybody! (???) Also usually computer screen text is <TUR'd.

-Unmodified mimiga village? ... no just that dialogue. Eh?

-So ... I can just play Cave Story normally?

"He'll explain why I look like this."
-Fuck'n hope so.

-Okay, there are about 3 issues with the teleporter dialogue. Might wanna have a look for yourself and work it out. But it does the 35 character auto-line-break thing. Also the teleporter dialogue makes... no sense!

-Well there's a lot of issues with the 35 character auto-line-break thing in this room. Again, best have a look at that, eh?

-I mean if you want really rudimentary assembly help or assistance with modding in general feel free to hit me up. *shrug*

-Oh, right. Well I'm not the best with sprites, but if you need help with that then, y'know.

In conclusion, there's not much to speak of here just yet. I think that if you replace all the Cave Story maps with original maps then this mod could add up to something a lot more than another of the 'not cave story' mods that plague the modding world.
May 30, 2017 at 4:57 PM
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I would suggest learning how to make interesting maps.

The House you had is a box and very uninteresting, I took the liberty to redesign it and make it look better.

Notice all the stairs, and how no place in the house is dull or without some purpose, also using more than the given 2X2 tile background just repeated over and over again. The Save disk and refill are very close to the exit to take into account that the player might want to stop by later to get a refill. this way they won't have to wast time running around the house.

You're off to a good start, but learn level design, it's the most important part of any mod by far. Yeah, learn TSC, yeah learn how to make sprites, but if you can't do this then you're doomed before you start; Too many mods released now have uninteresting levels that all fell like cardboard boxes anymore that took a while 30 seconds to make.
Jun 16, 2017 at 1:10 PM
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good mod
I like it