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Feb 2, 2018 at 1:45 AM
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How do I manage to lose my intro.... oh well.

OrgReader is a Python program designed to suck in Orgs and spit out text files, and vice-versa. The utility is endless. You can combine two Orgs (of small tracks) easily, even out volume and panning, and other great stuff I mention in the readme.

PiPo is the same, but with PMDs.

Grab them here:
Feb 2, 2018 at 1:47 AM
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Having done this, I compared the various beta Orgs discovered in those old OrgViewers.

OV 15:
-Cave Story: The difference between this and the final is that track 2 is inst. 46 instead of 66. That's it.

-Eyes of Flame
Track 5: Many notes panned differently in the final instead of being uniformly six in the beta.
Track 4: Same as 5, with many notes omitted in the final.

OV 14:
-Quiet: It looks like some 1/G notes were extended in the final to replace a supporting 1/D note, where the G and D were each 8 steps and the final G is 16 steps.

OV 13:
-Jenka 2: The Wait was 116, as opposed to 110 in the final. That's it.

-Pulse: Only Track Q is changed, but all of this track is different. In particular, the notes are lower in this beta and the volumes are changed.

OV 12:
-Oh boy, Mimiga Town is very different. I almost want to cop out. Well, it's half the final length + one Measure, so anything at 16 Meas+ is "cropped".
Track T only had the first note.
Track W is lacking the "last" note at 15M-14s.
Track Q is lacking the note at 7M-14s.
Track 5's instrument is 7 instead of 92.
Track 4 is totally unused, although its instrument is 27 instead of 66.
Track 3 is missing the ghost note at 13M-1s, and all entries from 13M-0s to -11s are louder in volume. (Probably changed because it was too piercing with track 2.)
In my assessment, it's just an incomplete version (yes, I know that's a Duh) that doesn't really have an interesting sound in itself.

Track 2 uses 58 instead of 78, and track 6 was not used at all.
Track 4 is an octave lower.
I honestly rather like the way this one sounds, maybe a bit better than the final. But the final is a bit more suitable for where it's played.

OV 11:
-Cemetery: Interesting.
Track 1 was completely swapped to Track 6 in the final. That's the only change to either of them.
Track 3 had its inst. changed from 0 to 60, was moved down an octave, and was generally made louder. It lost three ghost notes at the end. (12M: 4s, 7s, 9s.)
Track 5 also lost a ghost note at the end (20M). The note before that was shortened and quieted.
Despite these facts, I have a really hard time hearing the difference.

OV 10:
-Eyes of Flame: My ancestors' land, changes - too - extensive! I'm sure most of them are uniform in some way, but I can't. In particular, track 8 was unused. It sounds... different yet very similar.

-Safety: Same thing. It's closer, of course, to the beta track, but there are all kinds of changes. It sounds a bit jauntier.

-Wind Fortress: Comparing this to the one called 62 Unknown on the site... The only difference is that that has a Track 1. Seriously.

OV 9:
-Gravity: Track Q's notes were changed from 2/F# to 2/C. That's it.

-Wind Fortress: Same as 10, plus instrument 2 is set to 50 here.

OV 81:
-Wind Fortress: 9 against 81: this one's 3 is set to 45, and notes in track 5 before Measure 8 are louder.

OV 8:
-Wind Fortress: Here, between this and 81, a speckling of note changes in Track 3.

OV 7:
-Mischievous Robot: Okay, it looks like the only real difference, aside from Q using Bass02, is... That all 1/E and 0/E notes in Track W became 1/B and 0/B notes, and the note at 13M-2s became truant. That's it. I would say it sounds maybe a bit better before the loop start, but not after at all.

-Safety: Sssss, that is still a lot of changes. I really don't want to, but comparing this to OV 10's, it seems like there were several notes removed in the transition, and some panning changes and whathave you. You know.... I actually like how this one sounds better.
Oh, this is even closer to the one marked Safety Beta. Okay, I can work with this.
Track E was HiClose instead of HiOpen, and R and T weren't used at all. Track was an octave lower in this one. In Track E, there are some... extensive changes mostly involving notes starting as note notes, having volume lowered when they were changed to ghost notes, and one or maybe a few note notes not making the cut, starting at 32M. I still prefer this one a bit more.

OV 6: You have got to be frickin' kidding me. Grmbl grmbl.
-Mischievous Robot: This one is slower by two (96), and has more notes, but that doesn't really make it sound better. It's very easy to hear the differences between this and 7.

-Safety: This one *is* Safety Beta, except for Track Q being an octave lower and Track T not being used. That's it.

OV 3:
-White Stone Wall (King's Theme): Well, it's clear to hear how different this one is. It's a much simple but interesting variation.

OV 2:
-Living Waterway: My goodness, can it really all be panning (and instruments)? It certainly can. The only differences between this and Living Waterway Beta are that Tracks 2, 3, 6, 7, and E are all totally center-panned, and Tracks 2, 3, 5, and 6 are respectively 94, 92, 63, and 95. Never doubt the power of panning to make things sound less chaotic.

-Meltdown: You can totally hear it, a whole track was extended. My quest here is really to ferret out the ones with minimal or no differences, so these kinds of differences are really out of my scope anyway.

-Moonsong: Tracks 2 to 4 had their instruments set to 2 rather than 11, and 6's was 0 instead of 2. Track 2 didn't have any ghost notes. Track 3... doesn't wanna line up! There are quite a few differences in notes, but they're pretty easy to hear, really.

-Scar [Kizuato]/Requiem: Well, les'see... Track 1's notes and instrument were swapped to 4 in the one called Requiem Beta, and... that's kind of the only change that matters, because even if other tracks have different instruments they certainly don't have any notes. And that means that "both versions" are actually identical.

OV 1:
-Cave Story: Track 8: Remove one note before the beginning. Tracks Q, E and R: raise by one octave. Now that you've (I've) accounted for these differences, we can get to the meat of the matter.
The Wait is 96; Track 1 uses instrument 47, 2, 85, 3, 7, Q, Bass02, and 8, 7. 8's frequency is 1000.
Track 8 was quieter.
Track W was very different, but only in keys. The differences are probably uniform.

-Gestation: In Tracks 3 and 6, there are a number of ghost notes added in the final. You can hear the note differences in track 6 in measure 23.
Tracks Q and E was down an octave, louder in the first 7 (8) notes.
Tracks W and T's first two (three) notes were louder.
Track R was also an octave lower.
And Track T's 4/C notes were 1/F#.

-Gravity: Extensive differences.

-Hero's End: Sounds plenty different. (This song made me cry when I went with Kazuma, so I had to go back and climb the wall, and I was nothing but sad the whole time, and I didn't cheer up until I reached the plantation and the theme song made the sun come out. In my defense, Curly was dead and Booster died and the baby dragons were dead so I was really pre-saddened.)

-Living Waterway: FINAL BOSS INCOMING. Or not. Okay, it looks like, between this and 2's version... This version had no Track 7, but 2's Track 7 was inside Track 3. Tracks Q, E and R are in octave 2 instead of 3, and Track W's notes are 2/A instead of 4/F. And this leaves the instruments; Q is Bass02, 2 is 78, 3 is 89, and 6 is 66. (7 is neutral.)

-Pier Walk (Plantation Beta): I lvoe it when my job is easy. Track W is two octaves down here, track Q is one, and that's all she wrote. Amazing how the drums can make the rest of the song sound completely different when it's not.

-Safety: Strangely enough, it's somehow closer to Safety Beta than 6's Safety. (in a minute)
T, R, E, Q, up one octave. W, up *two* octaves. Track, 3, pan two to the left. That accounts for *most* of the changes in the final.
W's volume was reduced; 45M-6s of track 3 was changed from 1/G to 1/E, and track 2's 5M-9s had volume lowered and a ghost note 2 ahead removed.
Track 6 used to be neutral (default), and Track W used Bass02.

For my next trick, I will compare the beta tracks that were listed on the site before these other OrgViewers were found, and mention those that are roughly about similar to the finals, or another already-listed beta.

-Oppression (track 57): In Track 5, some notes in the beginning were extended by 1 each (and ghost notes added) in the final, and track 8 had many notes added, both before Measure 4. In the beta, the frequency of track 5 is 900 instead of 800. And that's it.

-Plant Alpha (54) and Beta (60): Lop off (Remove) the first 8 Measures in Beta, and remove the extra drums extending past the loop end in Alpha, and they are exactly the same track. In other words, Alpha is just Beta without the intro.

-White Stone Wall (King's Theme): The Beta is not that much different. Track 2 has a small handful of note changes before 15M, and in 3, 6 and 7 some 4/Cs were 4/C#s. In Track 3 it's in 4-Meas intervals, starting with 1M-0s; in 7, same intervals, but starting with 1M-6s. In 6 only 9M-0s is changed.

-Moonsong: Changes are surprisingly minimal outside of ghost notes, Track 6, and some instrument changes but I really, really don't feel like describing them.

-Gravity: Only instrument changes and Tracks Q and W. W was only up two octaves, while the differences in Q are somewhat more extensive.

...Is that really it? OK.
Jul 31, 2019 at 7:04 AM
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Got a live one for ya.... Here's a sister program that turns Ptcops into text. All it does right now, though. Keys and key corrects are still arcane to me....

Btw, the other two have received big recent updates.