Let's Play Dangan Ronpa!

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Mar 22, 2013 at 10:19 PM
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So I am going to be doing a Let's Play of this game. This will be my first LP (and possibly the only one). It will be a screenshot Let’s Play of Dangan Ronpa, a mystery adventure game for the PSP. This will be a mostly blind LP (I read the first chapter or so already). Also the let's play will also be hosted here: http://letsdoletsplay.tumblr.com/

I will be doing my best to translate all of the text encountered in this run. But only my best. If you see any translation errors (or any english/grammatical errors), please tell me about them.

I will be running the game on an emulator so there will most likely be no videos or anything since the emulator runs a bit slowly as it is.

Master List of LP parts:
There is no longer a master list, the thread is easy enough to navigate anyways as most of the posts are just LP parts.

Chapter 0 Part 01 is in the spoiler tags:

So here we have the Title Screen of the game. The character that’s on the right is different every time you load the game up I think, so they’re not particularly important. The one on the left, whose name we don’t know yet, is our main protagonist. We’ll be learning more about him shortly.

Here we have 2 settings to set before starting the game: “Reasoning difficulty level” and “Action difficulty level”. We can set them to either “kind”, “easy”, or “malicious”. I’ll be setting it to kind, since I haven’t played this before, and the emulator is a bit slow sometimes, so I don’t want it to get too hard.

And now we can actually begin the game.

The game actually starts out first by showing you this clip: link. It's a bit random but maybe it will make sense later...

That huge academy, in the middle of the city it stood on first class ground.

In fact… It was almost like it was the center of the world…

[Privatized School, Hope Peak Academy]

Collecting the super-first-class high school students of every field, with the purpose of educating them, it was an academy with super privileges granted by the government.

If a student graduated from that academy, it was the same as already being successful… that much was said about it.

Holding a history said to be some hundreds of years, it seems to be an academy with an ongoing tradition of releasing talented individuals with great prospects into various fields.

With the goal of educating this “Hope” that is bearing the country’s future, it is naturally appropriate to call it the “Academy of Hope”.

There were 2 requirements for entering that academy…

“You must have taken the entrance exam”
“You must be super-first-class in every field”

There was no recruiting for new students, the academy only permitted students it had scouted from the surrounding area to enroll.

With all that “super” attached to it, in front of that Super amazing academy’s gate…

…I stood.

Naegi Makoto:

First I think I’ll start with an orthodox introduction… My name is “Naegi Makoto”.

My looks, as you can see, are that of an average normal high school student; There’s no helping that.

My friends are the same…

My personality, skills, grades, there’s nothing special about them.

If you don’t have any special hobbies or plans, or you aren’t a mutant, you can’t stand out.

If you want to know my favorite idol, manga, music or movie…

Just look at the ranking numbers once. The one at the top is probably my favorite.

Even if you’d call it taking the easy road, the normal of the normal…

…that’s me.

Even from the start, I did an orthodox introduction. I think that’s a good example of how normal I am…

Well, if I were to say I had a strong point, the only one would be…

That I’m a bit more optimistic than most other people… I think.

The normal me, right now…

Is standing in front of the abnormal Hope Peak Academy.

I really have come to an amazing place… Someone like me… Can they really make it at this academy?

As you would expect, I took in this academy’s overwhelming presence.

But, it wasn’t impossible for me to come here. To help you understand that…

First I should explain last night’s “preparations”.

The students selected by Hope Peak Academy are really all super first class high school students in every field…

There’s even a thread on an online bulletin board solely about those selected members…

While doing my preparations, I took a peek at this…

There, all the normal threads had fallen way to the “Super High School Level” threads.

For example, the “Super High School Level Idol” student that was going to enroll in Hope Academy…

The national idol group’s lead singer, the high school idol was the topic of one thread.

The “Super High School Level Baseball Player” student that was going to enroll…

He was on the high school tournament’s championship winning team, and their ace player, batter #4. Even the professional league noticed his outstanding talent..

The “Super High School Level Gal” student that was going to enroll…

This popular model appeared on the covers of Gal Fashion magazines, and as a high school girl had a charismatic presence…

What’s more, there’s even a student with the title of “Super High School Level Biker Gang Leader”.

He is the leader of Japan’s largest motorcycle gang, and seems to have gathered the respect and fear of fellow delinquents nationwide for his dreadful acts.

The other students include a Super High School Level Martial Artist, a Super High School Level Heir, a Super High School Level Swimmer, a Super High School Level Doujin author…

A Super High School Level Programmer, a Super High School Level Gambler, a Super High School Level Morals Committee Member, a Super High School Level Fortune Teller, etc etc.

With that, I realized how incompetent I felt, being among these prominent students…

For example, it felt like I was a Calico cat that had slipped into a pride of lions…

..but, there was something stuck in the back of my mind.

It looked like there were some students who, no matter how much I searched, I couldn’t find any information on.

Those students… I was one of them, since I had no real talents…

But there were other students with no information on the boards?

Someone like me, with no talents to speak of exists?

…thinking that filled me with courage, even though I have a pitiable existence.

Well, be as it may, that still left the problem…

…of how a normal high school student like me ended up being chosen along with these “Super High School Level” students.

The reason for that…

It’s obvious after looking at the enrollment notice sent from Hope Peak Academy.

“This time, from a random lottery of average high school students, a name has been drawn.”

“The result of this draw is that you have been elected to have the title of ‘Super High School Level Good Luck’, and thus I have invited you to attend the academy.”

In other words, the reason I was chosen was simply “luck”. That is clearly specified in this notice…

Really, I wonder if it’d be best to decline, but…

“Graduating was the same as already getting a successful career”, hearing those words made it nearly impossible to turn them down…

Saying that, in front of this school’s eyes…

I’m definitely out of place, and a bit intimidated…

…but, I can’t just stand around here forever.

Complaining and mumbling to myself, my gaze fell to the enrollment notice in my hand.

There it said “The new students will gather at the entrance hall at 8:00 am”.

Until the entrance ceremony, I still had time…

Alright, let’s get going now.

Yes… let’s go!

I couldn’t think that “it’s just the first day of school”, so a grandiose determination solidified within me.

I turned my legs towards the entrance hall, and walked.

The place where we were supposed to gather, the entrance hall… this was it. It looks like nobody’s here yet…

Looking at the hall’s elegant clock, the time was 7:10 am.

The entrance ceremony was at 8:00am, it was still 50 minutes until then.

Of course nobody was here…

Being too nervous, I came here too early…

There was plenty of time until the ceremony, but to wait here until it started…

Right, I should go on and explore the academy a bit. To ease my nerves.

I’m already a student here, so I don’t expect that it will be a problem, right?

Killing some time…

With a bit of lightness in my heart, I made 1 step in Hope Peak Academy.

With my new academy life beginning, that step was full of hope…

…or so I thought.


But at the moment I made that step…

My field of vision began to spin and distort.

Soon the world dissolved like melting candy, all of it mixing together….

Spinning and spinning, becoming very muddled…

And the next moment…

Nothing but darkness.

That’s when it started…

The end of my normal everyday life…

Maybe it would have been good if I noticed it at that moment…

That coming to Hope Peak Academy wasn’t “Super High School Level Good Luck”…

But “Super High School Level Bad Luck”.

Welcome to Despair Academy: Prologue

- At this point the game will let me save, so this is where we’ll end today.
Mar 24, 2013 at 7:34 AM
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I believe the fan translation project for this game will be finished soon, possibly sometime this year.

The fan translators finished translating the demo a few months back, and I loved every second of it. I was genuinely surprised to see someone else mention this game, especially on these forums.

Good stuff, and good luck with your LP.
Mar 24, 2013 at 9:27 AM
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Yeah I saw that, looks like it will be a good fan translation from what I saw. Unfortunately I'm not patient enough to wait for it's release.

Anyways the next part will be posted shortly.
Mar 24, 2013 at 9:43 AM
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I’m not sure how long I’m going to make these parts, but I’ll do my best to make sure they’re of a good length. Deciding where to end the first part was easy, since it was the beginning of the prologue, but now things will get more difficult…

Chapter 0 Part 02:
I’ll be using this box to express my thoughts from now on when we play the game.
This is the screen you see when you load a save. You can view extra content and
select a chapter to play from from here, but since we just began the game,
everything’s locked, so we don’t have much of a choice but to continue the game.

Naegi Makoto:





Where am…?

I awaken on top of a hard desk.

My body feels awfully sluggish..

Certainly, in the middle of a boring lecture, I have nodded off before…

But why was I sleeping on top of this desk?

Also, I don’t even recognize this classroom…

How did this happen?

Welcome to Hope Peak Academy… First, let me give a simple explanation of the controls.

Using the Analogue pad, you can move around your on-screen “target”.

When your target reacts to an object, if you press the O button, you will be able to investigate the object.

Also, with the directional pad, the L button and the R button you can move your point of view.

First, please investigate inside this classroom.
As the game said, we can now look around the room and investigate some objects.
Also pressing the Triangle button seems to highlight what objects we’re allowed
to investigate without hovering our target over them, which is a very useful
feature. But let’s take a look around now.

Is this… a surveillance camera?

Recently it’s been dangerous… maybe it was installed so that suspicious people can’t get in.

Wh, What is… this…?

This is a classroom, so naturally this is where the windows should be, but…

Something like an iron-plate has been nailed on here.

I'll try knocking it with my fist….


Indeed, it’s an iron-plate… furthermore, it’s very bulky and solid.

But more importantly… why is there an iron-plate here?

The time… somehow it’s already past 8 o’clock.

When I entered the entrance hall, it was around 7:10 am so…

I guess an hour’s already past since then…

There’s a TV…

This is a government recognized school, so having a TV in the classroom isn’t that strange but…

For some reason… I get a strange feeling from it…

The desk I was lying on from before… There’s clearly a mark left by my drool.

I should wipe that up later…

And, on top of this desk is…

New student… Information…?

A cheap looking pamphlet… hand-drawn too…

“A new school term has started!”

“Turning a new leaf, from now on the inside of this academy is your world” ?…

What the… is this someone’s idea of a prank?

Anyways, going from the current situation…

I collapsed from nervousness in the entrance hall, and someone must have carried me to this classroom…?

Which would mean…

This classroom is inside Hope Peak Academy.

But, even with that…

…this is weird. This is very weird.

The windows are boarded up with iron plates… This sense of oppression is like a prison almost…

This ambiguity, it’s impossible to understand…

Anyways… I guess I should try to go back to the entrance hall once more.

It’s already past the assembly’s time, so other new students might be gathered there…

It is now possible to leave the room by pressing the X button.
There are 2 ways to leave this room, you can either examine the door to the
hallway, or you can use the X button. Both bring up the same dialogue so it
doesn’t matter which you choose.

Go outside? (yes)/(no)

Somehow… Even the hallway feels ominous…

This is making less and less sense…

And I really can’t get my head around it…

Anyways… Let’s go to the entrance hall…

With the Analogue Pad, you can move around the hallway.

And if you press the X button while moving, you will be able to run.

Also, by pressing the △ button in the hallway, you can view your map.

Press it once more, and the map will be put away. Isn’t that convenient?
So as the game said, we can now move around in the hallway. There’s a bunch of
doors in here that lead to various places, but the game won’t let us go through
any of them at the moment (at least not the ones I tried). There’s also a
staircase, but it’s blocked off by a shutter. The only place to go at the
moment, I think, is to the entrance hall, so we might as well as just go
there.Also this might be the re-release of the game, since I think
running in the hallways used to be a skill you needed to unlock.

Once again, I returned to the entrance hall, and there…

..they all were.


Are you also… a new student…?

Naegi Makoto:

Then… you guys are also… ?


Yes. Today, we were supposed to enroll here at Hope Peak Academy… we’re new students.

Note: The screen is panning back and forth during this scene, letting us take
our first look at all the other students. Also it’s not clear who’s talking, but
the ???’s come from different voices, so it’s not always the same person talking
to us.

With this we have 15… That’s a good number, with us all gathered here.

These guys… these are the “Super High School Level” students chosen by Hope Peak Academy…

I should take a good look at all of the faces gathered here…

Somehow, if you said you felt an odd aura, that would be saying too much, right?

Naegi Makoto:

Uh… Nice to meet you guys… I’m Naegi Makoto.

A lot happened, and somehow I fell asleep, so that’s why I’m late…


Eh? You too?


If that’s true, this is getting more and more weird…


This is strange… Without a doubt this is an official declaration of a strange situation!

Naegi Makoto:

Ah, uh… what are you saying? I’m not quite grasping the situation…


Wait just a second! Before we get to that!


Naegi! Are you not horribly late?!! You must have known that the assembly was at 8 am!

Being late on the first day is inexcusable!! I’m reporting this to the school administration, and a strict punishment…


Man, what are you saying…? There was no helping it, given this situation…


More importantly, shouldn’t we introduce ourselves? For our late classmate’s sake!


…introduce? This ain’t the time to be doing that!!


However, before we discuss the problem at hand, wouldn’t it be better if we learn a bit about each other’s backgrounds?

If we don’t even know each other’s names, we won’t be able to discuss anything…


That’s also true…


Well then, shall we start with self introductions? The discussion can come afterwards…

Again, I don’t understand the situation, but for the time being introducing ourselves would be good, right?

In that case… this is also a good opportunity.

I briefly looked up everyone on the “Super High School Level New Students Thread” on the bulletin board but…

What kind of people are these students, really? Let’s figure that out.

First off, let’s try talking to these 5…

If you move your target onto one the students, it is possible to converse with them using the O button.

Conversations are the key to advancing the story, so be sure not to forget it…
Looks like we’re finally going to learn more about these “Super High School
Level” students. But that will have to wait until next time, since this part is
getting pretty long as it is.
Mar 27, 2013 at 11:42 PM
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Sorry that this took so long. Been a bit busy with school recently, but hopefully I’ll be able to get parts out faster over the long weekend.

Chapter 0 Part 03:
When we last left off the game said we should introduce ourselves to these 5 students. But before we do that, there’s a few other objects in the room that we can investigate, so let’s take a look at those. There’s also a TV but it has the same description as the one in the classroom I think, so nothing new there.

A letter box has been placed here… There’s nothing inside it.

A security camera… with something that looks like a gun attached to it…

That can’t possible be a real gun… can it?

Wh, what is this… This giant mass of iron…

It’s just like a military installed door…

Is this really the entrance hall I came into early? I don’t think this door was here…
And now we’ll talk to the students. I have no preference for any of them yet, so we’ll just talk to them one-by-one, from left to right.

Ishimaru Kiyotaka:

My name is Ishimaru Kiyotaka! My motto is “With fortitude and vigor”! Let’s build character by striving to do our best in our studies!!

Super High School Level Morals Committee member: Ishimaru Kiyotaka

Ishimaru Kiyotaka… according to the information from the “Hope Peak Academy New Students” thread…

At a famous prep school he always had top grades, and he never had any faults in his behavior. He was a Super Excellent Student.

His achievements as a Morals Committee member were also well known…

Respecting the rules more than anything else, he is called the “Super High School Level Morals Committee member”…

Ishimaru Kiyotaka:

Your name, it’s Naegi Makoto?

Naegi Makoto, that really is a great name! You should be grateful to your parents for giving you such a splendid name!
Note: The kanji for Makoto means “Sincerity, honesty, or integrity”, which are qualities that Ishimaru probably likes.

And, you should live up to that name, and be diligent every day!!

In life there is merit even in just spending great effort! Isn’t that right? Of course it is!

He seems sort of annoying.
That’s Ishimaru. If we talk to him again we just get to hear his last line again, so let’s talk to the girl standing next to him now.

Fukawa Touko:

Even if I tell you my name… afterwards, you’re just going to forget it, but…

…it’s Fukawa… Touko…

Super High School Level Literature Girl: Fukawa Touko

Fukawa Touko… at the age of 10 she wrote a novel that became popular, and with that she made her debut into the literary world…

The novel she wrote 2 years ago, [When the Seashore’s Fragrance wouldn’t fade…], it was a romance novel that you could call her masterpiece…

Fishermen became popular for a while with the young girls that were influenced by it, which brought forth a social phenomenon, making it a big hit.

When she was younger she won numerous literary awards, and as a high school student she was continuously publishing best sellers…

It certainly was appropriate to call her a “Super High School Level Literature Girl”, this genius high school female author…

…it was.

From her masterpiece, you’d imagine she were a romantic young lady, but…

Fukawa Touko:


What? Staring at someone’s face… Don’t… stare so much…

Don’t look at me as if I’m some dirty thing!!

You see I understand… What you want to say…

“This is the first time… I’ve seen such an ugly girl….” That’s what you’re thinking and smiling at, right…?

Naegi Makoto:

No, I wouldn’t think…

Fukawa Touko:

Y, You can’t fool me!!

That’s the truth. You can’t stand to look at a face like mine!

Not… that I mind… I’m used to it after all…

What a persecution complex she has… as an author her abundant imagination must be working against her.
Well isn’t she just a lovely fine woman? If we talk to her again she just regurgitates her last line again, so let’s talk to another student.

Maizono Sayaka:

My name is Maizono Sayaka. Let’s do our best to get along from now on.

Super High School Level Idol: Maizono Sayaka

Unintentionally I stared at her when she was bowing… She had a great scent unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before.

Maizono Sayaka…

When I saw that name in the “Hope Peak Academy New Students” thread, I was quite surprised.

She was actively the lead singer of a national idol group…

As a “Super High School Level Idol”, she’s a popular celebrity in magazines and on television.

However, her enrolling here isn’t what surprised me.

To begin with… she probably wouldn’t remember…

At any rate, the more I look at her the more pretty she looks… her skin is almost like a doll’s…

Maizono Sayaka:

I’m not a doll. I’m alive you see.

Naegi Makoto:

Eh? You heard my thoughts?

Maizono Sayaka:

Because I’m an esper.

Naegi Makoto:


Maizono Sayaka:

Just kidding. It’s just my intuition.

Seems too accurate to be just that…

Maizono Sayaka:

Hey? Is it possible that…

Naegi Makoto:

What is it this time…

Maizono Sayaka:

…it is. It definitely… is…

Uh… Naegi…

Ishimaru Kiyotaka:

Hey, you two!! Just how long are you going to talk! Do you intend to spend this precious first day just introducing yourselves?

Maizono Sayaka:

S, Sorry… I didn’t mean…

Ishimaru Kiyotaka:

A self introduction is where you introduce yourself, not where you have idle chit-chat!!

Maizono Sayaka:

R, right…

…sorry, Naegi.

I’ll… see you later…

Maizono…. it seemed like she had something she wanted to say.

But it’s not like this is over. She even said “see you later”…
That could’ve gone better. So far she seems like the nicest, so hopefully we’ll be seeing more of her. Next is…

Kuwata Leon:

Yo, my name is Kuwata Leon! Nice t’ meet’cha!!

Super High School Level Baseball Player: Kuwata Leon

If you say Kuwata Leon…

He’s the high school’s baseball tournament championship team’s ace, batter #4. The “Super High School Level Baseball Player” that even the Pro-league has taken notice of.

That super first class athlete is…

Naegi Makoto:

Eh? You’re Kuwata Leon!?

Kuwata Leon:

Ah? What’s wrong?

Naegi Makoto:

No it’s… just a bit surprising… when you think of a “Super High School Level Baseball Player”, surely…

Kuwata Leon:

You imagine Marukome…?
Naegi Makoto:

If you say Marukome…

You imagine a sportsman high school kid, certainly.

Before, I saw your photo in an article, and I got that kind of feeling…

Kuwata Leon:

Oh man!! You saw the picture where I was playing baseball!? Really? You saw that horrible thing?

Shit… that’s bad… really… That’s insanely embarrassing…

That’s so annoying… it was at the final match of the tournament, so I had to have my hair cut that short, but…

I’m never cutting it that short again. And never letting it go back to its natural color!

Anyways, speaking your mind is good, right!?

Me, I really don’t like baseball at all. Even up till now, I haven’t gone to practice once…

Not even practicing once, and yet he’s the championship team's ace… This guy might really be a natural born genius.

Kuwata Leon:

So with that, I decided that I’m going to quit baseball after entering this school!! I even have a dream for my future!

Naegi Makoto:

A…. dream?

Kuwata Leon:

I’m going to become a musician! Don’t you understand this aura of stardom I have?

I’m going to be a singer, so if I have some performers and song writers I’ll be the best!

Running towards my dreams, I’m seriously cool to the max!

He doesn’t seem like the man who stands at the top of the high school baseball league. The world’s baseball playing boys, he isn’t listening to them at all…
Now, finally, for the last of the 5…

Yamada Hifumi:

Yamada Hifumi… “The person who will become the beginning and the end of everything”, I don’t mind if you call me by my second name.

Super High School Level Doujin Author: Yamada Hifumi

By the way, wouldn’t you say that a 2D relationship is a strong relationship?

Naegi Makoto:


Yamada Hifumi:

In this industry, I also carry the name of “Super High School Level Doujin Author”, hehehe.

As a legend, even now I’m still very well known. At the culture festival I sold out after selling 10000 copies of my doujinshi.
Note: Doujinshi literally means “self published work”, and normally refers to manga or comics made by an individual not associated with a publisher. The english equivalent might be “amateur work” or “indie work”.

My stupid classmates who can’t understand my art, they told me “You ruined the culture festival!” and other nonsense.

I feel sorry for his classmates but… selling 10000 doujinshi at a culture festival, that certainly isn’t normal…

Yamada Hifumi:

But let’s forget my stupid classmates’ words. Like this generations Gogh, you can’t assign a value to my talents.

I, to break the preconceptions against such doujins, am fighting day and night as a soldier.

I expect that you too, if you read my work, would be able to understand…

My work takes root in some profound themes….

Naegi Makoto:

What… kind of themes…?

Yamada Hifumi:

The opposite sex… those kind of themes.

Even if I could, I wouldn’t want to understand it…

Next, let’s try to talk to these 5 students.
Next time we’ll get to meet even more students. This game sure has a lot of characters, but keeping them straight shouldn’t be too hard.
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Now back to our feature presentation.

Chapter 0 Part 04:
Alright, let’s meet some more students.

Asahina Aoi:

Hello! I’m Asahina Aoi! Nice to meet ya!

Super High School Level Swimmer: Asahina Aoi

Asahina Aoi… In elementary school, middle school, high school, in all of the competitions she’s participated in the past she’s set new records.

Even now she’s been selected to be an Olympic cadet, this “Super High School Level Swimmer”.

With athletics, looks, and all around exceptional talent, she’s even caused a stir on the internet…

Asahina Aoi:

Uhh… what was your name again? Sorry, I forgot.

Naegi Makoto:

It’s Naegi Makoto.

Asahina Aoi:

Right right, a name like that.

Naegi Makoto:

“A name like that”, that’s true but…

Asahina Aoi:

Yeah yeah. It’s all right! I’ll remember it right away!

Naegi… Makoto…

Naegi… Makoto…

As she was muttering my name, on her palm, she began writing something with her index finger…

Naegi Makoto:

What are you doing?

Asahina Aoi:

Ah, this? Don’t you know? When you’re remembering someone’s name, you should write it on your palm 3 times!

Naegi Makoto:

I’ve never heard of that before.

Asahina Aoi:

Hey uh… how do you write “Naegi”?

Naegi Makoto:

Just like it sounds, you start with “seedling”…
Note: The first kanji for Naegi’s name is 苗, which means seedling, and is pronounced “Nae”, even when written by itself.
Asahina Aoi:



Hahaha, I don’t know how. Later I’ll look it up in a dictionary and write it…

Anyways! Let’s get along from now on!!

In any case… I get that she has an endless supply of energy at least…
She seems like your average popular-athletic type. But we don’t have time to dilly dally, so let’s move on to the next student.

Fujisaki Chihiro:

It’s, nice to meet you… I’m Fujisaki Chihiro…

Super High School Level Programmer: Fujisaki Chihiro

Fujisaki Chihiro:

Somehow… during introductions I get a bit embarassed…

Let’s get along… from now on…

Naegi Makoto:

…yeah. Nice to meet you. I also think we should get along.

Fujisaki Chihiro:


Somehow… it might just be my imagination… but have we met somewhere before?

Naegi Makoto:

No. I just said “nice to meet you”, so…

Fujisaki Chihiro:

Ah, is that so… sorry…

Naegi Makoto:

N, no… you… you don’t need to apologize for that…

Fujisaki Chihiro:

R, right…

Fujisaki Chihiro… Having made numerous innovative programs, she is called the “Super High School Level Programmer”.

In addition to that, she also has this feeling that makes you think of a small animal, and because of that she seems to have some crazy fans…

Fujisaki Chihiro:

Hey… umm…

I’m, I’m sorry…

Naegi Makoto:

…huh? W, Why are you apologizing?

Fujisaki Chihiro:

Because… you seemed somewhat sullen… so you’re mad… right?

Naegi Makoto:

No, no! I was just thinking about something, that’s all.

Fujisaki Chihiro:

Huh? Thinking about something…?

Naegi Makoto:

…right, right. I wasn’t really sullen at all!

Fujisaki Chihiro:

That’s great… so it was that… I thought maybe you hated me.

Ehehe…! I feel better now.

Her crazy fan’s feelings… I think I might just understand them a little bit…
Chihiro seems nice enough, if a bit sensitive.

Kirigiri Kyouko:


Naegi Makoto:


Kirigiri Kyouko:


Naegi Makoto:

Uh… It’d be nice if you told me your name?

Kirigiri Kyouko:


My name… is Kirigiri Kyouko…

Super High School Level ???: Kirigiri Kyouko

Kirigiri Kyouko:


She, she’s a very untalkative girl it seems…

Moreover, her name…

Kirigiri Kyouko…. that name… I didn’t see a name like that in the “Hope Peak Academy New Students” thread.

Speaking of that, in that thread, other than me…

There were other students who’s backgrounds weren’t listed…

Is she one of those students…?

Naegi Makoto:

Hey, uh… why did you come to this academy?

Kirigiri Kyouko:

Why, you say?

Naegi Makoto:

No, uh… if you were picked by this school, that means you have to be a “Super High School Level” something, right?

So… what’s your special talent?

Kirigiri Kyouko:


Why… do I have to tell you?

Naegi Makoto:


No… I didn’t say you had to….

Kirigiri Kyouko:

If I don’t have to tell you… then not telling you should be fine…

Since I couldn’t find anything about her on the internet, I thought maybe she was chosen by “luck” like me, but…

Kirigiri Kyouko:


It’s almost as if she’s wearing an iron mask… she won’t talk to me and she won’t tell me anything…
Not much to say about her at the moment. But we have more interesting people to talk to, like…

Enoshima Junko:

Heey, I’m Enoshima Junko. Nice to meet you.

Super High School Level Gal: Enoshima Junko

Enoshima Junko… if I’m not mistaken…

She has a charismatic presence among all the high school girls of the entire nation… the “Super High School Level Gal”…

But, somehow… when I saw her in the magazine…

Naegi Makoto:

I feel like you look different…

Enoshima Junko:


Ah, maybe you’re talking about the magazine’s cover shot?

Ahaha, well it’s no wonder! That was for the magazine after all!

Naegi Makoto:

…for the magazine?

Enoshima Kyouko:

You see… it was processed! You know of image editing software, right?

Naegi Makoto:

Ah… processed… that’s how it was…

Enoshima Kyouko:

Hey, don’t be that surprised. It makes me feel a bit down….

Even now, when it’s for the magazine, it’s so obvious!

I mean, when you’re that surprised, isn’t a certain singer going to be worse?

They make your eyes bigger, and make your skin look like it’s ceramic!

Naegi Makoto:

R, right…

Somehow… I feel like my dreams have been shattered…
Poor, naive Naegi. Just one more student remains now, and his name is…

Oowada Mondo:

I’m oowada Mondo… nice to meet ya…

Super High School Level Biker Gang Leader: Oowada Mondo

If you say Oowada Mondo…

He’s the second leader of what’s called Japan’s biggest baddest biker gang…

He has gathered the respect and fear of delinquents nationwide, earning him the title of “Super High School Level Biker Gang Leader”.

Naegi Makoto:



It’s also… nice to meet you…

Oowada Mondo:


When talking to this guy, I should be careful. If I say something wrong, I might end up sleeping with the fishes…

Lastly, let’s try talking to these 4 students.
We’re almost done meeting all of the main characters! We’ll meet the remaining ones next time.
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Time for some more Dangan Ronpa!

Chapter 0 Part 05:
And now the last 4 students we’ll meet. We’ve been having to meet a lot of characters right now, but after this there will mostly be no more introductions, excluding one character (I think).

Oogami Sakura:

I’m Oogami Sakura…

Super High School Level Martial Artist: Oogami Sakura

…she’s a man? It’s probably dangerous to say that out loud.

The day I say those words, in an instant I’ll be dead meat.

Anyways, in the American Mixed Martial Arts Tournament, she became the champion in the women’s division…

Having fought in more than 400 matches and not losing once, she is the “Super High School Level Martial Artist”.

This much was written about her in the “Hope Peak Academy New Students” thread.

Oogami Sakura… with the nickname “Ogre”, this high school girl is more like the strongest of the great apes.

Also, when I was looking at the “Hope Peak Academy New Students” thread, there was a word of advice.

“If you value your life, don’t ever approach this girl”.

That’s not an exaggeration, since now that I’m in front of her, I can’t help but think that.

Oogami Sakura:

Hey, you…

Naegi Makoto:

Huh!? Y, yes… !

Without thinking I stood up straight.

Upon doing so, she started to touch my body all over.

Naegi Makoto:

Uh… what are you…

Oogami Sakura:

Your tone and strength, they’re very much at a normal high school level…

Hmmm, that’s too bad. At that level you aren’t fit to be my training partner…

No… rather, I’m glad that I’m not…
Naegi seems to be pretty afraid of her. But next on our list is…

Togami Byakuya:

I’m Togami Byakuya.

Super High School Level Heir: Togami Byakuya

Naegi Makoto:

It’s nice to meet you…

Togami Byakuya:


As one would guess, this is the first time in my life I’ve ever had a self introduction given to me this unwillingly.

But, maybe even this can’t be helped…

This man… even among us “Super High School Level” students… he’s particularly special…

Togami Byakuya… the heir of the gigantic plutocratic Togami family… ever since he was very young, the study of how to be an emperor was driven into him.

He already has been involved in the management of many companies, and has built up a vast personal fortune for himself…

It certainly is appropriate to call him the “Super High School Level Heir”, this incredible high school student…

…that’s what was written on the “Hope Peak Academy New Students” thread.

Togami Byakuya:

Hey, the introduction should be over now. How long are you going to stand there…?

You’re an eyesore. Go away…

This “I don’t want to make friends with someone like you” aura, is this because of his studies to be an emperor…?
I don’t think the “studies to be an emperor” is supposed to be too literal here. It’s just supposed to be like studies for becoming a good leader or whatnot, which is something he’d probably need as a heir. Next we have…

Hagakure Yasuhiro.

I’m Hagakure Yasuhiro. Well, feel free to rely on me somewhat, yeah.

Super High School Level Fortune Teller: Hagakure Yasuhiro

Hagakure… called the “new star” in the fortune telling world, he’s created a new style, this “Super High School Level Fortune Teller”…

Honestly, I don’t really get the fortune telling world or anything but…

How accurate is he… I might be just a little bit interested.

Hagakure Yasuhiro:

Ah, this is annoying. Really…

Naegi Makoto:

…huh, what is it?

Hagakure Yasuhiro:

It appeared… I accidentally saw it, yeah… it really did appear.

Naegi Makoto:

…what did?

Hagakure Yasuhiro:

A perm head guardian spirit that was running after a bigfoot with a skyfish in its mouth…

Your guardian spirit!

What a joke!
Note: He made a joke here is what he’s saying, I wish I could make this sound less awkward, but that’s literally what he said, and making it sound more natural in english would require too much embellishing.
Anyways, next time when we’re drinking together, we can talk together about the continent and culture of Lemuria.
Note: Lemuria is referring to this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemuria_(continent)

A “lost land”, so to speak, like Atlantis maybe.
Naegi Makoto:

No, we can’t drink! We’re high school students!

Hagakure Yasuhiro:

I’m 20, yeah. Actually, a lot happened and I was held back 3 years.

Held back 3 years… seems like too much happened…
Even if he’s 20, I don’t think it’s legal for Naegi to drink with him. Seems like a nice enough fellow though. And finally we have…


This is our first time meeting, isn’t it. I’m Celestia Ludenberg.

Super High School Level Gambler: Celestia Ludenberg

Naegi Makoto:

Celestia… Lude… what?


That’s my name. You can call me “Celes” if you want.

Naegi Makoto:

…uh, you’re japanese, right?


What of it?

Naegi Makoto:

Well… if you could tell me your real name…


Ehehe, nope. My real name is Celestia Ludenberg.

You can call me “Celes” if you want…!

She’s using polite language, but on the contrary her tone is rather forceful… she’s saying “don’t ask anymore”, huh…

In the “Hope Peak Academy New Students thread”, I noticed that she seemed to have a lot of rumors about her…

She calls herself “Celestia Ludenberg”… the “Super High School Level Gambler” that doesn’t know losing…

Other than the fact that she loves Gothic Lolita clothing, the rest of this high school girl’s past is like an enigma shrouded with lies…

With the ultimate dark gamble of scrambling for all of her opponents’ fortunes, she wins as the “King of Liars”…

There’s a terrible rumor about her ruining the other participants lives by plundering their fortunes, which is fitting for a High School Gambler…


Let’s get along from now on.


That conversely frightening smile… she doesn’t seem like a straightforward person…

..with that, the self introductions were over.
Thank god. Now we know who everyone is, so we can get back to the game/main story. See you next time!
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Sorry for the wait, school’s been a bit busy recently, with a lot of projects due recently.

Chapter 0 Part 06:

...with that, the self introductions were over.

Even though they were all called "Super High School Level" students, they were all pretty individual... or something...

Togami Byakuya:

...Hey, it's about time we address the main issue.

Now is not the time for us to just say "Nice to meet you" and get along with each other.

Naegi Makoto:

Ah, speaking of that... you were saying something earlier?

What to do about this situation, and about this problem... what did you mean?

Maizono Sayaka:

Uh, well that's...

Naegi, you said it earlier? "A lot happened and somehow I fell asleep"...

That also... happened to us...

Naegi Makoto:

Wha?! You guys too...?

Kuwata Leon:

Right after entering this entrance hall, we suddenly lost consciousness...

And when we came to, we were sleeping somewhere in this school! That also happened to you?

Naegi Makoto:

But, but, that's weird! For everyone here to have lost consciousness together...

Oowada Mondo:

That's why we're troubled!!

Ishimaru Kiyotaka:

This is strange, and not just us all losing consciousness. Did you guys also see the windows in the classrooms and hallways?

...everywhere, iron-plates have been bolted on. What in the world are they?

Enoshima Junko:

Besides that, where are my bags? My cellphone is missing too...

Fujisaki Chihiro:

Now that you mention it... my PDA is also gone...

Ishimaru Kiyotaka:

Moreover, it's strange, this entrance hall!

The entrance in the middle, isn't blocked off by some strange hunk of metal?

When I came in here... that thing wasn't there.

Why! Why in the world is it there!!

Enoshima Junko:

Maybe... we've been dragged into something criminal?

Kuwata Leon:

Like... a kidnapping...?

I... we've... been taken away from Hope Peak Academy... something like that?

Hagakure Yasuhiro:

Hey, don't look so down...

Anyways, this is the orientation planned by the school, yeah?

And with that, I'm going to have a little nap, yeah...

Fujisaki Chihiro:

...so that's what it was. A shocking event made to surprise everyone?

Kuwata Leon:

What, that's what it was...? If so then I'm going to have a nap, alright?

I also stayed up really late last night, so I'm hella tired...

And so, we all relaxed a bit at that time.

But suddenly, "that" began.


Note: The sound played here is the generic Japanese school chime used in most schools: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiUGia74jZ0


Ah, Ah...! Mic test, mic test! This is a school broadcast, this is a school broadcast...!

Is this alright? Can everyone hear me? Uh, well then, well then...

It was out of place, this optimistic and bright voice...

Because of that... I held a strong sense of discomfort.

For example, it's like the sound of an echoing laughter at a scene of an accident, that makes you unintentionally want to raise an eyebrow, that sort of discomfort...


Uh, new students... for now, I think I'd like to start the school entrance ceremony...

So quickly gather in the school's gymnasium, please~

...and also, nice to meet you all!

Enoshima Junko:


What...? What was that, just now...?

Togami Byakuya:

I'm going...
Note: He ran away so quickly here that I wasn't fast enough to get his sprite before it faded away. I wasn't expecting him to do this so quickly. The other students do it as well after they talk right now, but they're a bit slower.

Enoshima Junko:

Hey.... Hey wait! Why are you going all of the sudden!?

Hagakure Yasuhiro:

The school entrance ceremony... I see, so it's that... This must be the first event in it.

Laugh! You should be laughing! In fact, you should be laughing for real!

Well, I'll be off too. I wonder what event they have planned for us next...

Kuwata Leon:

And I thought I was finally going to have a sleep... they seriously can't read the mood here.

Fujisaki Chihiro:

Ah, wait. Let's go together!


Well then, I'll also be going on ahead...

Fukawa Touko:

No one... cares but.. I'm also going... will be going...

As everyone turned to face the gym, they glanced at me, who wasn't moving.

The "strange premonition" that came to my mind, no matter what I did I couldn't get it out of my head.

However... that line of thought, I wasn't the only one with it...

Maizono Sayaka:

Is this... really alright...?

Enoshima Junko:

That school broadcast just now, it seemed oddly suspicious...

Kirigiri Kyouko:

But, even if we stay here, it isn't like we'll be able to run away...

Besides, aren't you guys curious? Right now, something is awakening in our lives...

Oogami Sakura:

To not go forward is to not understand anything... so, we can only go.

That's certainly... so...

I'm a little... no... I'm very anxious...

But I can only go.

Naegi Makoto:

The gymnasium...
The game will let us save here now (finally), so this is where we'll stop for today.
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How are you double posting was that like screwed over somehow
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Moderator privilege. (it's actually sort of hacky how I have to do it...)
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Oh that's actually pretty cool, didn't know you guys could do that.
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Time for some more Dangan Ronpa!

Chapter 0 Part 07:

Last time, we were told via a school broadcast that we were supposed to go to the gymnasium now for the school entrance ceremony. But most of the students are still here, so let’s talk to them a bit first before we go. They each have a line of dialogue or so.

Note that this isn’t a continuous conversation.

Enoshima Junko:

What was that, that school broadcast just now… no matter what you think, that isn’t what you’d call normal…

Oowada Mondo:

Shit…! What are they planning…!

Ishimaru Kiyotaka:

Wha, what in the world… is this someone’s prank…?

Maizono Sayaka:

Somehow… things have become strange, huh…?

Kirigiri Kyouko:

I understand your discomfort but… there’s no way we can’t go check it out, right?

Oogami Sakura:

To not go forward is to not understand anything… there’s no choice but to go.

Yamada Hifumi:

Is it alright…? It’s alright, right…?
And now we should make our way to the gymnasium.
As the map shows, it’s in the northeast, and we’re in the central south region of this floor. It’s not a very long walk.

Once we get to the gym, we don’t actually go into the gym yet, but rather the room right before the gym, the entry way (to the gym), where another scene starts.

Oowada Mondo:

At any rate… this Hope Peak Academy sure is a depressing place…

Speaking of which, it’s like the place I was in during protective custody. No, it might be worse than that…
Note: Specifically, it says he was in a “鑑別所”, a discrimination office, and I don’t really know what that is referring to. I read a page on it on a Japanese dictionary site, and this is what I came up with.

Maizono Sayaka:

Moreover… why is no one here? Even when I was walking in the school just now, I didn’t meet anyone…

Enoshima Junko:

Say… isn’t that really bad?

Ishimaru Kiyotaka:

That, that’s just to surprise us! Without a doubt, they’ll remove those iron plates afterwards…

Oogami Sakura:

In either case, there’s nothing to do but prepare ourselves for the worst. You can’t catch a tiger cub without going into the tiger’s den…
Note: This is a Japanese proverb. It’s meaning is sort of obvious, similar to “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Oowada Mondo:

It’s not like I’m scared… why don’t we just go…!

Yeah! Whoever called me out here, who the hell are you!! (he runs off)

Ishimaru Kiyotaka:

Hey, Oowada! No running in the school! (he also runs off)

Oogami Sakura:

Well then, I’ll also go… (she also goes)

Yamada Hifumi:

Ah, wait! Don’t leave me here alone!! (he leaves)

Alright, it’s time for a tutorial.

When you’re in a room, by pressing the triangle button, it is possible to survey your surroundings.

With the survey, you can easily discover investigatable objects. For telling you about this so late, we are sorry.
So the game explains a feature that you’re hopefully already familiar with at this point if you’ve played up to here. It’s a very useful feature, and I will be using it quite often.
I’ll show you what it looks like in use in this room. This is what the room looks like normally, but if we press the triangle button…
Now we can see all the objects and people we can interact with. First let’s look at the inanimate objects.

This academy sure has a lot of TVs…

Aren’t they for that weird school broadcast we saw earlier…?

There’s another security camera here… It feels like we’re being watched all the time so you can’t really relax…

Is this a trophy case? It’s adorned with trophies and shields.

The students that have gathered to this academy, they’re all Super High School Level students…

This here is just an example of that…
Now let’s see what those 3 girls have to say before we head into the gymnasium.

Kirigiri Kyouko:



This girl… She seems to be the only one who’s calm…

…or is it just my imagination?

Maizono Sayaka:

Where did all the other students go…? Why are we the only ones here…?

Enoshima Junko:

This is… a pretty awful atmosphere…
That’s all we can do in this room for now, so we’ll finally be heading into the gymnasium.

With feelings of anxiety and fear, I went into the gymnasium, as specified by the school broadcast.

And there, what awaited us was…

Naegi Makoto:

This seems… like a school entrance ceremony? No matter how you look at it…

Hagakure Yasuhiro:

See, it’s just as I said, yeah? It’s a “normal” place for a school entrance ceremony, right?

And, it was right after Hagakure said that.

That an “Abnormal” scene happened right in front of us…


Hey, is everyone gathered~!? Well then, let’s get started!!
A cutscene plays here, albeit a short one. You can watch it here, or you can just look at the screenshots below.


Fujisaki Chihiro:

Eh…? A stuffed animal…?


I’m not a stuffed animal!

Monobear: (previously ???)

I’m Monobear!

I’m your… this school’s… headmaster!

Up to here, this might be the first time in my life anything has stolen my eyes.

But, this thing…

That… nonsensical thing…!


Nice you meet you!!

That was that out of place cheerful voice… that out of place optimistic behaviour…

The discomfort I had felt, before I knew it, it was turning into a never ending fear.

Yamada Hifumi:

Ah… Ah-a-a-ah… The stuffed animal talked!!

Ishimaru Kiyotaka:

Calm down…! There’s probably just a speaker built into the stuffed animal…!


You see… I’m not a stuffed animal…

I’m Monobear! And also, your headmaster!

Yamada Hifumi:

Aaaaahhhh! It moved!!

Oowada Mondo:

We said calm down! It’s radio controlled or something like that…


Don’t confuse me with a radio controlled children’s toy. Deep, deep… that hurts me deeper than the Mariana trench…

As for me, I’m equipped with a remote control system that would even make NASA turn pale in shock…

…so, I bear the wish that you would not say things that would destroy my dreams!!

Note: He adds “bear” to the end of his sentence here, kind of like how a cat might end a sentence with a meow/nya. I translated it as a bear pun.


Bear the…? Isn’t that cliched?


Then, as we are pushing forward, we will quickly start!

Enoshima Junko:

Isn’t he breaking character…?


Quiet down, quiet down… uh, well then!

Oogami Sakura:

…he gave up.


Stand, bow! You guys, good morning!

Ishimaru Kiyotaka:

Good morning!!

Fukawa Touko:

You didn’t… actually have to say it…
We’ll end it here for today. Next time we’ll continue with the school entrance ceremony.
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The entrance ceremony continues…

Chapter 0 Part 08:


Well then, I think I would like to start this entrance ceremony that you should all remember.

First off, a few words about the campus life that you guys will be starting…

Uh, the students who, like you guys, are teeming with talent, they can be called nothing but the “World’s Hopes”.

And to care for this wonderful hope, you guys…

…will be given the privilege of living in cohabitation at “This academy only”!!

Everyone, please try to get along together and obey the order while you live here!


Uh, also… about the deadline of this cohabitation…

There is no deadline!!

That is to say, “You’ll be living here for the rest of your lives”! That is the campus life that has been imposed on you!

Fukawa Touko:

What… did you say? Here for the rest of our lives…?


Ah… you don’t have to worry. We have a large budget, so it shouldn’t be an inconvenience to you guys!

Maizono Sayaka:

That’s, that’s not what we’re worried about…

Enoshima Junko:

Well, what are you saying…? To live here our whole lives…

That’s a lie… right?


I do not lie! I have confidence in that!

Ah, while I’m at it I should say… you’ve all been completely shut out from the outside world!

Shut out…?

Naegi Makoto:

Then, those iron plates in the classrooms and hallways…!

They’re there to… lock us up…?



Therefore, no matter how much you shout or cry, help won’t come.

So with saying that… please live in this academy as long as you guys like!

Kuwata Leon:

Uhhm… what the… this…

Hope Peak Academy’s preparations, say what you like but this is taking the prank too far…

Oowada Mondo:

You, you asshole… don’t take it too far, you… anymore than this is no longer a joke…


A lie… a joke… you’re distrusting me…

But, there’s no helping that. If you don’t doubt your neighbor you won’t live through these times.

Well, you guys can confirm for yourselves later if what I’m saying is true.

If you do that, you’ll soon understand, that what I’m saying is 100% pure truth!


That… is troubling… living here forever at this academy…


Oh my… you guys sure are some strange people…

I mean, didn’t you guys come to this Hope Peak Academy of your own accord?

And despite that, in the middle of the entrance ceremony, you guys are saying you already want to go home…

Well, however…

To be frank, it’s not like you can’t. There is a way to get out from here…

Fukawa Touko:

R, really…?


I, as the headmaster, have created a “Special Rule” for those who want to leave this academy!

That rule is called “Graduation”!

Well then, let me explain this special rule.

You guys, in this school you have been obligated to live in cohabitation that obeys the “Order”…

If, in the case were someone to break that order… that person alone, would leave the school.

That is the “Graduation” rule!

Togami Byakuya:

This “breaking the order”… what do you mean by that?


Upupu… that is…
Note: Upupu - this is monobear’s trademark laugh, it seems. It’s pronounced “oo-poo-poo”, and is sort of creepy and cute.
Someone killing someone else…

K, killing…!?

Striking, stabbing, beating, beheading, burning, crushing, strangling, slaughtering, cursing… I don’t care how it’s done.

“Only the student who kills someone else will be able to leave from here…”, that alone is the simple rule.

By the worst means you can be lead to the best results, so please give it your all.

That gave me goosebumps…

“Only the student who kills someone else will be able to leave from here…”, right when I heard those words…

A violent chill climbed up my back, from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head.


Upupu… this excitement that gets the cerebrospinal fluid gushing, you can’t get it if you don’t do something like hunting down salmon or humans…

As I said before, you guys could be called the “World’s Hopes”, but…

If these “hopes” kill each other, it’s a “hopeless” situation…


I’m so excited~!

Kuwata Leon:

Wha, what are you saying!? Killing each other… what the…


Killing each other is killing each other. If you look in a dictionary…

Asahina Aoi:

We know what it means! We know that, but why must we kill each other!?

Yamada Hifumi:

Yeah, yeah! You keep saying nothing but screwy things! Take me back to my house now!!


…nothing but?

“Nothing but” you say, “nothing but”… you guys are saying nothing but “nothing but”!

You guys really have a terrible understanding of things.

What’s going to take you back home, I keep saying the same things over and over and over and over…

Listen, alright? From now on, this academy is your guys’ home and world!

Kill as much as you want, kill or be killed, so kill kill kill kill with reckless abandon!!

Hagakure Yasuhiro:

Hey, hey… this feels like it’s going to go on forever…



Hagakure Yasuhiro:

You’ve surprised us enough already, so it’s about time to expose the joke, yeah?


Expose the joke…?

Hagakure Yasuhiro:

No… because… we’ve been shocked? Really…

Oowada Mondo:

…that’s enough. You, move aside…

While pushing Hagakure out of the way, Oowada stood in the front row, and with an earth shaking voice, threatened Monobear.

Oowada Mondo:

Hey you, apologize now! Your joke has gone too far!!


Joke…? Wouldn’t that be your hair?

Oowada Mondo:


He gave a roar and a thud that echoed like something had exploded.

That noise was Oowada kicking up his feet.

His body shot forward like a bullet straight through the air.

He went in a straight line to his prey…

Looks like Oowada’s finally had it with Monobear’s speech. What will Monobear do to get out of this situation? We’ll find out next time.
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And now for the exciting conclusion to the entrance ceremony.

Chapter 0 Part 09:

Oowada Mondo:

I caught you, you asshole!! I don’t care if you’re radio controlled or a stuffed animal but…

I’m going to crush you like a twig!!


Aiee! Violence towards the headmaster is a violation of school regulations~!?

Oowada Mondo:

Shut up!! You’re going to let us out of here immediately! If you don’t, I’ll…


Note: Monobear starts making a beeping noise here.

Oowada Mondo:

Hey… you’re ignoring me now…!?



Oowada Mondo:

Stop making that weird machine noise, and say something!!

Kirigiri Kyouko:

It’s dangerous, throw it…!

Oowada Mondo:


Kirigiri Kyouko:


Overpowered by her words, Oowada did as he was told…

He tossed Monobear.

And, in the next instant…


Oowada Mondo:


That, that wasn’t a joke… that was… an explosion…

With a painful ringing in my ears, I coughed on the smell of gunpowder…

Things like explosions, they’re common in movies and television. But, to see the real thing…

Of course, this was the first time I saw one.

Fujisaki Chihiro:

But, the explosion… that stuffed animal… should also have broken…


I’m not a stuffed animal, I’m Monobear!

Kuwata Leon:

Woah! Another one came out…

Oowada Mondo:

You, you asshole…! Earlier… you were really trying to kill me…


But of course. I was really trying to kill you. We can’t have people violating the school rules, right?

This time, it was just a special warning so I’ll forgive you, but next time you better be careful.

Bad children who violate the school rules, we can’t just let them off with a spanking on the bum!

Enoshima Junko:

H, hey… by any chance, are there more things like you around…?


Monobear is deployed everywhere throughout the school.

Furthermore, surveillance cameras have also been set up throughout the school.

And, in the case that someone is discovered to be breaking the school regulations, a great punishment like the one we just saw will have to be invoked on the violating student.

Upupu… next time I won’t miss… so to make sure that doesn’t happen, be careful!

Asahina Aoi:

This, this is unreasonable…


Well… lastly, to celebrate this entrance ceremony, I’m going to give this to you guys.

This academy’s student id card. Isn’t it cool?

It’s an electronified student id card, so it’s name is also… like that!!

The “Electronic Student ID Card”!!

Naegi Makoto:



*cough*, pull yourselves together…

The Electronic Student ID Card is a necessity that is vital to campus life, so you had better not lose it!!

Also, when it first starts up your name will be displayed, so properly confirm that it is correct.

It also has uses other than being a simple ID card…

By the way, this Electronic Student ID Card is completely waterproof, so even if you submerge it in water this excellent item will not break!

Its durability is also exceptional, it can withstand 10 tons of weight and still be fine!

The “School Regulations” are also properly written on it, so you should carefully read them yourselves!

I’ve said it many times but… those who violate the school’s regulations will not be forgiven!

People are bound to the rules, but those rules protect them. Even in society, without rules you can’t establish peace, right?

This is the same! Therefore, it is necessary that violators of the rules are strictly punished!

Well then well then, the school entrance ceremony will end here!!

Please look forward to an abundantly sad campus life! With that, see ya~!

…and then, Monobear left. Leaving only us dumbfounded behind…

Ishimaru Kiyotaka:

You, you guys… what would you call what in the world just happened now?

Kuwata Leon:

How… what… I, I don’t get what just happened at all…

Fukawa Touko:

L, living here forever…? K, k, killing…?

Wha, what…? What what the what!?

Kirigiri Kyouko:

Everyone… Calm down…

For now, let’s go over what we just heard one more time.

According to that Monobear, we have been presented with “2 choices”.

The first, is for everyone to live in “cohabitation forever” within the school…

The other one is…


In order to get out of here alive, “Kill one of the others”… is what it was, right?

Fujisaki Chihiro:

K, killing… that’s…

Yamada Hifumi:

Suddenly kidnapping us… and locking us up in this school like place…

And then, being told to kill each other… this…

…this, what what is this!

Ishimaru Kiyotaka:

It’s a lie… this absurd story… isn’t it agreed upon that it’s a lie…!

Togami Byakuya:

Whether or not it’s a lie isn’t the problem. What’s become a problem is…

Among us, is there someone who believes that story…

Those words… they made everyone silent once again.

While we were silent… we looked around at each other’s faces.

From a gaze that was searching each other’s hearts, even if it was weak, I felt some hostility.


At this point, I understood the fearsomeness of the rule Monobear told us.

“Only the student who kills someone else will be able to leave from here…”

Those words, deep in my mind, they planted a “terrible thought”.

The suspicion of “Will someone turn on us?”…

With that, my new campus life began.

But, the academy I came to filled with joyful expectation…

It wasn’t an “Academy of Hope”.

This was…

The “Academy of Despair”.
Note: A video plays here now. It’s sort of like an opening to the game. I don’t have any screenshots of it, and what’s shown in the video isn’t necessary to the plot at the moment, but here’s a link to the video (not hosted on my YT account):





Members still alive: 15

And it looks like we finally finished the prologue. The screen showing how many students are still alive shows up at the end of every chapter I think. Presumably, that number will go down. But we’re not done yet.

You acquired the “School Badge” present.
And now we’re done. I’m not sure what this school badge does, or what it even is, but the game will let me save now.

Next time we’ll be starting chapter 1, in which there will be more game play I believe. I’m looking forward to it.
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And now we can begin chapter 1! This is where the story will start to get interesting…

Chapter 1 Part 01:

“Only the student who kills someone else will be able to leave from here…”

My body and thoughts… they were completely taken and entangled by those words.

Fear and anxiety slowly began to permeate throughout me… and control my entire body.

This heavy atmosphere that was floating in the air, without mercy, weighed on my head and shoulders.

Just bearing this weight… was all I could do.

Chapter 1

Surviving to the End

(Ab)Normal Days Section
Note: This chapter’s title gave me some trouble. The word itself is “生切”, which although it’s kanji means “life cut”, when you look up the word, the word itself actually means living to the end of your natural life span/dying a natural death. The above title is the best wording I could think of for that. But given the kanji of the word, it also might be somewhat of a play on words here.

This leaden atmosphere…

What broke this atmosphere was… that girl’s blunt words.

Kirigiri Kyouko:

So, what do we do from here?

At this rate… it feels like we’ll just be staring at each other forever, right?

Her words had some bite to them, and made everyone here turn to face her…

But, that bite… it brought us back to reality.

Ishimaru Kiyotaka:

Right… that’s certainly right…

There are still times where you must move forward with your fear and anxiety!

To forget something as simple as that… it’s pathetic… unforgivable…

Won’t someone hit me! What I’ve done is unforgivable! I beg of you so somebody please hit me!

Oowada Mondo:

If you have the time to be making all that racket, you should get moving now…

Yamada Hifumi:

But, with what objective in mind…?

Kuwata Leon:

Idiot! To find a way out of here of course!

Enoshima Junko:

While we’re at it, we should find whoever’s controlling that screwy stuffed bear, and beat him up.

Fujisaki Chihiro:

…but you know, we should look at that Electronic Student ID Card we got before…

Before we move around, I think it would be best if we confirmed what the “School Regulations” that Monobear was talking about are…


If we move around without even knowing the rules, we might end up with a “bang” like before, which would be troubling.

Oowada Mondo:


Enoshima Junko:

Then, let’s quickly check out those school regulations…

Upon starting up the Electronic Student ID Card, first, my name pops up.

Just as Monobear said, right here, the card owner’s name is displayed.

After that, from the displayed menu that’s shown, if you select the “school regulations” icon…

A list of articles pop up the screen… so these are the “School Regulations”…

In other words, the rules imposed upon us…
A new screen pops up for every rule, but they basically all look the same, with only the number and the sentence itself changing, so you only get to see the above.
1: The students will live in cohabitation together in this school only. This cohabitation does not have an end date.

2: From 10pm to 7am is “Night time”. During night time there are areas that are off limits so be aware of that.

3: You may go to sleep in the private room made for you in the school dormitory. If you intentionally sleep in another room you will be punished.

4: You are free to investigate Hope Peak Academy as much as you like. There are no particular restrictions on where you may go.

5: Violence towards the headmaster Monobear is prohibited. Destroying the security cameras is prohibited.

6: The culprit who kills someone among you will “graduate”, but if you’re the culprit, you must not let any of the other students know!

7: Furthermore, the number of rules may increase.

As I felt a light sense of dizziness, I lifted my head from the screen.

When I looked, everyone else had a similar bitter facial expression on their face.

Oowada Mondo:

Fuck, what’s with these rules! Like hell I’ll let them control me with these!


Then, how about you move around without minding the school regulations?

As for me, even I’m curious about what might happen if you break the rules…

Yamada Hifumi:

But… if he does that, Oowada’s remaining lives will drop down to 0…

Oowada Mondo:


I, uh… when I was a kid, my older brother taught me this when I was growing up.

A “Man’s Promise” must be kept, even if you die…

Enoshima Junko:


Oowada Mondo:

I still have a promise I need to make good on…

So, there’s no way I’m dying here!!


I don’t really understand, but for now, following the school regulations would be best, right?

Oowada Mondo:

…hm? Ah… I guess…

Maizono Sayaka:

Uh… if I could ask something…

About the 6th rule in the school regulations… what exactly do you think it means?

6: The culprit who kills someone among you will “graduate”, but if you’re the culprit, you must not let any of the other students know!

Togami Byakuya:

…if you want to graduate, you have to kill in a way such that nobody else knows.

Fukawa Touko:

Wh, what… why?

Togami Byakuya:

…that, you don’t need to worry about.

Obeying the rules given to us, for you guys, just remembering that should be good enough…

You guys can’t do anything unless it’s been decided by someone else, so don’t arrogantly ask questions.

Fukawa Touko:

…how moving.

Kuwata Leon:

Don’t you mean “how retarded”?

Asahina Aoi:

…for now, leaving behind this stupid talk about murder…

With this, we already know the school regulations, so we should try searching the school now!

Ishimaru Kiyotaka:

Where is this? Is there an exit? Are there food and living necessities?

The things we need to know are piling up!

Kuwata Leon:

Alright! Let’s all go search this place together!

Togami Byakuya:

…I’ll be going by myself.

Enoshima Junko:

Whaat!? Why! Isn’t that suspicious, given the current situation?
Note: What Enoshima actually says here is “Isn’t that suspicious in regards to the flow?”, or something like that. This makes a lot more sense in japanese. The above is the best english equivalent I could think of.

Togami Byakuya:

Within this group, there might already be someone planning to kill someone else…

Are you saying I should go along with that person?

Maizono Sayaka:

P, please wait. You can’t just…

Togami Byakuya:

…say that I’m not right, can you.

That’s why, when you heard about the graduation rule you all were afraid.

…am I wrong?

Maizono Sayaka:

Th, that’s…


Togami Byakuya:

…let me do as I please.

Oowada Mondo:

Wait, you ass… I won’t forgive that selfishness…

Togami Byakuya:

…move aside, plankton.

Oowada Mondo:

Huh!? What’s that supposed to mean!?

Togami Byakuya:

A single plankton floating in the ocean…

No matter what you do, it has no effect on the wide ocean, your tiny existence…

Oowada Mondo:

…let’s see you try to take me on!

Naegi Makoto:

W, wait! We shouldn’t fight!

Oowada Mondo:

Huh? What are you… are you trying to sweet talk us?

Is this guy a preacher? Are you going to explain to me your teachings?

Naegi Makoto:

N, no, I wasn’t trying to…

Oowada Mondo:

Shut up!!


I was hit…

...and I was sent flying.

Just like in a manga, I was cleanly sent flying.

Without any sort of warning or foreshadowing, I was abruptly and suddenly…

Punched and sent flying.

Speaking of that… there might have been something that I had forgotten…

In the first place, these people I was dealing with…

The common sense I had up to now couldn’t understand them… these “Super High School Level” students, this nonsensical bunch…

So naturally, this nonsensical development could also happen.

That… I might have… forgotten that…

My consciousness… it felt peaceful and distant…

And there it cut out.

And then, the next time I opened my eyes, I was…

Looks like Naegi has yet again found himself in another unfamiliar place after losing conciousness. But where is he now? We’ll find out next time.
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So shortly into chapter 1, the game gives you access to your menu (your student ID card). One of the things you can view in the student ID card is a list of “Report Cards” for the other students, which are basically just little profiles about them. Not too much is written in these report cards, but it’s still somewhat interesting.

Since this is just an info dump I think it makes sense for this to be its own post.

Name: Naegi Makoto
Height: 160cm
Weight: 52kg
Bust: 75cm
Special Mention: Super High School Level Good Luck (Bad Luck?)

Name: Ishimaru Kiyotaka
Height: 176cm
Weight: 66kg
Bust: 79cm
Special Mention: Super High School Level Morals Committee Member

Name: Togami Byakuya
Height: 185cm
Weight: 68kg
Bust: 81cm
Special Mention: Super High School Level Heir

Name: Oowada Mondo
Height: 187cm
Weight: 76kg
Bust: 86cm
Special Mention: Super High School Level Biker Gang Leader

Name: Kuwata Leon
Height: 175cm
Weight: 67kg
Bust: 80cm
Special Mention: Super High School Level Baseball Player

Name: Yamada Hifumi
Height: 170cm
Weight: 155kg
Bust: 150cm
Special Mention: Super High School Level Doujin Author

Name: Hagakure Yasuhiro
Height: 180cm
Weight: 71kg
Bust: 82cm
Special Mention: Super High School Level Fortune Teller

Name: Maizono Sayaka
Height: 165cm
Weight: 49kg
Bust: 83cm
Special Mention: Super High School Level Idol

Name: Kirigiri Kyouko
Height: 167cm
Weight: 48kg
Bust: 82cm
Special Mention: Super High School Level ???

Name: Asahina Aoi
Height: 160cm
Weight: 50kg
Bust: 88cm
Special Mention: Super High School Level Swimmer

Name: Fukawa Touko
Height: 164cm
Weight: 47kg
Bust: 79cm
Special Mention: Super High School Level Literature Girl

Name: Oogami Sakura
Height: 192cm
Weight: 99kg
Bust: 130cm
Special Mention: Super High School Level Martial Artist

Name: Celestia Ludenberg
Height: 164cm
Weight: 46kg
Bust: 80cm
Special Mention: Super High School Level Gambler

Name: Enoshima Junko
Height: 169cm
Weight: 44kg
Bust: 80cm
Special Mention: Super High School Level Gal

Name: Fujisaki Chihiro
Height: 148cm
Weight: 41kg
Bust: 70cm
Special Mention: Super High School Level Programmer
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Nice job on the LP so far! Looks like this game has an interesting story...I wonder if they'll ever port this game to the US? It's doubtful, but...
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Nice job on the LP so far! Looks like this game has an interesting story...I wonder if they'll ever port this game to the US? It's doubtful, but...
Thanks! And Spike (the company that made this game) have been asked that question a few times before and I think every time their answer was "no". But if it gets popular enough it COULD happen (there's going to be an anime based on the game airing this summer).

Next part will be posted later today.
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Where will Naegi find himself this time?

Chapter 1 Part 02:

Naegi Makoto:



Wh… where am…?

Naturally, it’s a room I don’t recognize…

Naegi Makoto:

For the time being…

…where am I?

You can now use the “ID Card menu”. With it, you can confirm various in-game information.

With the “Square Button”, it is possible to open the “ID Card menu”.

In the ID Card menu you can check the school regulations and the report cards, in which are recorded the profiles of everyone.

The “Map”, “Dispute Bullets” and other specific items will not be usable in certain situations.

Note: “Dispute Bullet” here was originally 言弾, which means “Spoken bullet”. The name was modified to reflect the item’s use though, which we’ll see later on.
Saving and loading the game can be done through the ID Card menu. Please select the “System” option in the ID Card menu to do so.

Also, with the “SELECT button”, you can look at the “Backlog”.

What everyone has said will be recorded here, so if you want to read it again, please use this.

So now we finally get access to our in-game menu, which means we can save the game at will. It also has a number of other useful features, so let’s take a quick look at it.

The 6 options listed are Map, Dispute Bullets, Presents, Report Cards, School Regulations, and System.

The first two, Map and Dispute Bullets, are greyed out for now. We can only use the map in the school’s hallways, and the Dispute Bullets will become useful later when we actually get some.

The Presents tab is also uninteresting since we don’t actually have any presents yet, but we will be able to get some later (and find out what they do).

We’ve already seen the School Regulations once, so no need to look at those again.

The System menu just let’s us change options like volume levels and let’s us save our game.

So the only interesting thing to look at is the Report Cards. They’re just an information dump, so I put them in their own post here.

Since we’re in this room, we should take a look around at all the objects in here. Even if we didn’t want to, the game won’t let us leave until we do.

There’s a note attached to the wall. What’s written on it is…

This is a notice from Headmaster Monobear.

The locks to your rooms have been manufactured so that they are lock-picking proof.

In order to make duplication of your room’s key difficult, please do not lose it.

In your room, the washrooms were made perfectly, but “During Night Time water will not come out of the taps”, so please be aware of that.

Also, in the girl’s rooms only, you can lock the bathroom doors.

Lastly, a meager present has been prepared for you.

For the girls, a girly “Sewing set”, and…

For the boys, a manly “Tool set” has been prepared.

With the sewing set, a map of the human body’s vitals is attached. So, for the girls, one thrust of the needle can be effective.

As for where you might use the boy’s tool set, I feel that breaking the rooms is a valid use for them.

Don’t think! Feel!! Let’s enjoy this!!

Naegi Makoto:


I balled up the note, and tossed it into the trashcan.

Since we’re here we might as well as look at that too.

There are any tricks here in particular… it looks like a normal trash can…

In the trashcan, all that’s been thrown away is the note I balled up earlier.

Monobear Medal Get!

These are “Monobear Medals”, and you seem to get them when you investigate random things. I won’t be putting screenshots everytime I get them, but I will record when I do.

There’s a note book.

I wonder if it comes with this room?

This is… an adhesive tape cleaner. Is this saying we’re free to clean the place up…

A bed… it looks like there’s nothing unusual about it…

There’s something like an iron plate bolted on here. It’s there to lock us up?

There’s a TV monitor…

Naegi Makoto:


Naegi Makoto:

This looks like… the washroom.


Naegi Makoto:

Huh? It won’t open…

It looks like… it needs a key…

A surveillance camera…

When I think about how I’m being watched, I feel uneasy…

But according to the school regulations, breaking the surveillance cameras is unwise… although it disgusts me, I can only leave it as it is…

This is, this room’s key…?

On the key holder, my name is written, but…

If my name is on it, that means it’s mine… right?

For the time being, I’ll take it…

This looks like the door to get out of this room, but…

It looks like this door requires a key…

Naegi Makoto:

A room with a key… huh…

Something’s been put inside the drawer…

This is… a tool set.

It’s been wrapped in vinyl packaging. And, it looks like it’s a brand new item that’s never been opened before…

It’s not much but, for now I won’t use it, so I’ll put it back…

Naegi Makoto:

Somehow… I think I know. Surely, this place is…

3: You may go to sleep in the private room made for you in the school dormitory. If you intentionally sleep in another room you will be punished.

This place is… the private room in that school dormitory…

…probably, when I went unconscious, someone carried me here.

My first problem is now cleared. Well then, the next problem is…

Naegi Makoto:

What happened to… everyone else?

To find that out, there was only 1 thing to do…

I would have to leave this room.

So after investigating every single thing in this room, Naegi is allowed to leave. I got stuck here for a little while actually, since the emulator had a bug that wouldn’t let me investigate the tool set in the dresser (adjusting the video settings fixed the issue however). Let’s get out of here.

In order to meet up with everyone else again, I rushed out of my room.

But, outside, what awaited me was…

A situation much like from an old manga.




Naegi Makoto:

Ah… Maizono!?

S, sorry… are you alright?

Maizono Sayaka:

N, no… it was my fault…


With an embarrassed smile, she slowly lifted herself up.

Naegi Makoto:

Maizono… are you really alright? You’re not hurt?

Maizono Sayaka:

Ehehe, you’re exaggerating. If it’s me, I’m fine.

Even though I look like this, I have muscle in my own way. Because on stage I have to jump up and down a lot!

Naegi Makoto:

Well, that’s good…

Maizono Sayaka:

But, are you alright Naegi? Those… injuries you received from Oowada…

Right, in front of everyone, I lost consciousness…

Somehow…it seems I’ve suddenly shown an uncool side of myself…

Maizono Sayaka:


Naegi Makoto:

Ah, I’m fine! As for me, it’s nothing!

Maizono Sayaka:

…that’s good. I was worried.

Naegi Makoto:

Y, yeah…

By the way, Maizono, what were you doing here?

Maizono Sayaka:

I came here to call you.

Naegi Makoto:

To… call me…?

Maizono Sayaka:

Well, you see… if you were feeling well, I wanted you to come to the cafeteria too…

Naegi Makoto:

The cafeteria…?

Maizono Sayaka:

After you collapsed, we all ended up going our separate ways.

Splitting up and investigating this place would be efficient, would it not?

After that, everyone promised to meet up again and talk about the results of their investigation…

Naegi Makoto:

And that meeting time… is soon?

If that’s the case, of course I’ll go!

Maizono Sayaka:

Great. Well, I’ll be going off ahead then.

And then we’re left to our own devices once more. There’s not much to do now except go to the cafeteria, since if we try to go anywhere else Naegi reminds us that that’s where we need to go. But we’re not in the part of the school that we were in before, now we’re in the dormitory area.

From the map we can see that everyone has their own rooms. There’s also a few other rooms that will be of interest later on, but Naegi refuses to go in them right now. As you might have noticed, Maizono’s room is right beside ours, so let’s take a look at that quickly.

Something like a nameplate has been attached… everyone’s doors are pretty much the same…

And that’s all he’ll do if we try to go into any of the private rooms right now. So next time we’ll be following Maizono into the cafeteria.
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Let's go into the cafeteria!

Chapter 1 Part 03:

This is... the dormitory's cafeteria...

Maizono Sayaka:

It's good that we seem to have a clean cafeteria, right?

...but, this isn't the time to be happy about that. Since we're locked up in here.

Naegi Makoto:

That's certainly... true...

...as far as I can see, it looks like the others haven't come yet.

There's no helping it... we'll have to wait here for a little bit...

Maizono Sayaka:

...it seems that way. Let's wait here a bit.

Naegi Makoto:

Huh!? You heard my thoughts!?

Maizono Sayaka:

Because I'm an Esper.

...just kidding. It's just my intuition.

Is it really... just her intuition?

This is sudden but, it's time for a tutorial.

This time we will be explaining "Reaction Talk".

From here you were planning on talking to Maizono Sayaka, right...?

When you talk to her, "Words in Bold" will appear. It will be this kind of impression.
Note: The game actually says "Purple Words", but since I won't be using color to highlight the choices in the LP, I changed it to "Words in Bold", to reflect how it will appear in the LP.
When "Words in Bold" are displayed, if you press the "Triangle Button", you will enter Reaction Mode.

With the "Directional keys", you can pick a word, and then press the "Circle Button"...

By responding to that word, it will be possible to inquire further into the subject.

To inquire in response to the other party's words... this is "Reaction Talk".

Well then, please enjoy your significant "Campus Life"!
The most obvious thing to do at the moment is to talk to Maizono again, but first we might as well as take a look around the room. If we check the security camera we get a generic description similar to the one we got in our room, but we get a Monobear Medal for investigating it. The other objects have new descriptions though.

The monitor that broadcasts Monobear... right now all that's displayed is the school badge though...

But, when I think about when Monobear will appear there again...

Naegi Makoto:


Let's see, the time right now is...

Naegi Makoto:

Huh!? 7 o'clock....!? Is it after dusk?!

Maizono Sayaka:

Naegi... you were unconscious for a very long time...

...I guess I was.

Thanks to the lack of windows you can't really get a sense of time here.

If you were to live in this environment forever... you might go mad.
There's also a door in the back of this room, but trying to go see what lies beyond it leads to this:

Without wandering around, I should wait here, like an adult...

So we really have no choice but to talk to Maizono once again.

Maizono Sayaka:

By the way, Naegi...

Naegi Makoto:

Huh, what...?

Maizono Sayaka:

Well, you see...

This is sort of Continuing from when we were doing self introductions but, there's something I want to confirm with you.

...something she wants to confirm?

What's that? I should try asking her about it.

So this is the "Reaction Talk" the game was explaining to us earlier. We pick one of the 2 bolded sets of words to ask about, and it continues the conversation. If you don't pick anything right here, the conversation just repeats when you talk to Maizono again. Let's pick the first one.
>Continuing from when we were doing self introductions

Naegi Makoto:

Continuing from when we were doing self introductions...?

Maizono Sayaka:

Earlier, we were cut off in the middle of our conversation, but I had something I wanted to ask you, Naegi.

Maizono has something that she wants to ask me...

...what could it be? I'm curious.

So that didn't really get us anywhere. Let's pick the more obvious choice this time.
>something I want to confirm

Naegi Makoto:

That something you wanted to confirm with me... what was it?

Maizono Sayaka:

Naegi, by chance didn't you go to Sixth middle school?

You were in Sixth Blackroot middle school's... class number 2...
Note: The school's name they're referring to is "根黒六", which the kanji literally mean "root black 6". I'm really not sure how to translate this, but I don't think it will be too important.
Naegi Makoto:

Y, yeah... that's right...

Maizono Sayaka:

...I knew it!

I also went to the same Sixth Blackroot middle school. I was in class number 4, did you know who I was?

Naegi Makoto:

Even if I knew it doesn't really...

Even in middle school, she was a celebrity with lots of "supers" attached to her name.

It's not like I wouldn't have known about her...

But more than that, what surprised me was...

That she remembered me!

We weren't even in the same class, and she never directly talked to me...

Maizono Sayaka:

Is something... the matter...?

Naegi Makoto:

...no, I'm just a bit surprised. Maizono, I didn't think you'd remember me...

Maizono Sayaka:

Of course I'd remember you! After all, we were in the same school?

Naegi Makoto:

In the same school... but, you had a lot of classmates...

Besides, I'm not really the kind of guy that stands out...

No matter what it is I'm average and my preferences are just what's at ranking #1 in the popularity charts, so even if you'd say I'm taking the easy road, I'm the normal of the normal.

Maizono Sayaka:

Jeez, what are you saying?

You're peculiar, Naegi.

Naegi Makoto:

P, peculiar, that's...!

Maizono Sayaka:


She laughed and smiled.

It was a mysterious kind of smile that calmed my heart when I looked at it.

Maizono Sayaka:

...but, it's really great! That someone I know is here...

Besides, when I talk to you, somehow it raises my spirits I think!

Naegi, you're wonderful!

Naegi Makoto:

No... I'm...

If you compare me to all the other "Super High School Level" students, I'm not a significant person at all...

Maizono Sayaka:

But, the only one who cheered me up was you, Naegi. Those other "Super High School Level" students weren't able to do that.

Naegi Makoto:

Th, thanks... for saying it like that...

Maizono Sayaka:

Alright, as thanks for cheering me up, I'll become a "Super High School Level Assistant"!

Naegi Makoto:

Huh? An assistant?

Maizono Sayaka:

Your assistant!

With all my might, I'll help you out so, let's get out of here together!

Being told that... by Maizono... somehow...

It suddenly sparked motivation in me.

Maizono Sayaka:

At any rate, everyone sure is late. I think it would be good if they came soon...

It was just when she said that. With perfect timing, the cafeteria's doors were flung open...

Ishimaru Kiyotaka:

Naegi and Maizono! You guys got here first!

That's too bad... I thought I was going to be first...

Still... fighting spirit isn't enough...!

But I won't give up. Next time I'll definitely win and show you!! Justice will definitely win!!

Maizono Sayaka:

Jeez, you're so over the top!

Soon after that...

Following after Ishimaru, everyone else gathered in the cafeteria, one by one...

And, after a few minutes...

Everybody had finally gathered.

Looks like we'll be having another meeting with all the students. We'll see what happens there next time.