Kingdom of Loot

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May 15, 2016 at 4:26 AM
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Love RPGs?
Love the gameplay and art style of Square Enix's cult classic, Secret of Mana and wish you could play it online with friends?

Then, Kingdom of Loot is the game for you!

Currently in Alpha, the game is very enjoyable, in which you can choose from 5 classes (Knight, Gladiator, Archer, Fire Mage, and Rogue), fight monsters, join player parties or go solo, and many other options (Sooo many options... build ship, get digging skill and lvl it up, etc).

For an Alpha, this game is clearly very enjoyable. The gameplay is awesome. The locations are beautiful and the music is catchy. However, there are a few things missing that I can't wait for the developer to implement, like: treasure chests, guilds, bosses, quest, and more locations (I know 100% certain the guild option and quests will be eventually be implemented, as they are present, though empty, in the current alpha) Also, the LVL cap is set to 30 in the alpha.

Also, Square Enix recognized this game and accepted it into its own Collective, so that's something.

The Site:

To Play:
1. Create an account on the site and create a new player.
2.Either download the client for Windows, or run the game with Java.
3.Have fun! (The controls are listed if you press 'H' in the game)

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