How to change the Version popup text

Discussion in 'Modding Discussion' started by Leo40Story, Jan 9, 2017.

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    I'm pretty sure no one wanted this, but screw it, I'm making it.
    It's actually pretty simple to change this.
    1. Open up your favorite hex editor.
    2. Open up your CS mod executable.
    3. Go to address 8C2BC.
    4. If you haven't modified it already, you should see this string:
      2004/12/20 - %04d/%02d/%02d
      Studio Pixel
      Those %d's and %04d's are formatting codes. The %d's are replaced with the version number, and the %04d's are replaced with a Japanese-formatted (duh) date.
    5. To modify the date, go to address 8C420. The date format is:
      dd MMM yyyy
      dd - Day in 2 digits (single digit days get a 0 stuck on the end)
      MMM - First 3 letters of month name (i.e. Jan, Feb, etc.)
      yyyy - Year in 4 digits
    That's it! It's that easy.

    EDIT (20/1/17): Clarified date format.
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    I’ll take it! I’ve actually wondered how to change these for some time now. Admittedly I haven’t looked very hard for the answer, but this should prove handy.