Disturbing Theory: Kazuma Rescued Momorin

Discussion in 'Cave Story Discussion' started by P-Tux7, Jun 4, 2018.

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  1. Jun 4, 2018
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    You know how there is the fake ending where you can abandon the island with Kazuma on the last Sky Dragon?

    Well, if you don't choose that ending, Momorin mentions when you meet with her to build the rocket that the Doctor threw her off the island when he felt that he didn't have any remaining use for her. Since the flying motorbike is "not looking so hot" even if Booster doesn't keel over, and Kazuma has the only flying Sky Dragon (unless you count the Sisters), it seems as though in the good/best endings Kazuma rescued her. Not to mention that Kazuma disappears right after you start helping Momorin (or was it when you met Itoh?), and he's capable of catching Sue unharmed (in the dragon's mouth, no less!)

    The thing that made me make the thread though is that I realized if you @!#?@! off with Kazuma, and she gets hurled off the island...
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    Interesting, but I think it's a little far fetched. I think they would've mentioned it if they did get caught.

    It's a little confusing what you're trying to articulate here, too. Besides, well...the title.
  3. Jun 4, 2018
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    The main deal is that it seems like Kazuma, due to his absence between you rejecting his offer and Momorin telling you about how she got thrown off of the island, and him being the only person capable of rescuing her (since Balrog and Misery literally couldn't do it, the motorbike is broken, and he is in possession of the only other controllable source of flight that's better than a Booster) rescued Momorin from when the Doctor threw her off the island. It got really creepy since I realized that this theory added more bad news to the bad ending.
  4. Jun 4, 2018
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    The event of the Doctor throwing Momorin happens between his takeover and when Quote wakes up. As when Kazuma and Sue talk to each other before you return from the Egg Corridor, Sue mentions that their mom is fine, implying she must've winded up at the Plantation during the events. If Quote escaped with Kazuma, Momorin would still be in her secret hideout, worried sick about her daughter and that robot she's been entrusted to.
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    Alot of characters seem to survive the Worst and Normal endings, It'd be safe to assume that Momorin Remains in hiding 'till the island falls, where let's say she manages an escape from the ruins, if say, she doesn't get crushed in the plantation's rubble.
  6. Jun 4, 2018
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    And for gosh sake watch your language!
  7. Jun 10, 2018
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    I'm pretty sure Momorin has been there a while. She's probably established her secret base and been undermining the doctor right under his nose during the entirety of the game, and a little before that. Working theory on pre game events. Doctor gets the demon crown. Doctor turns on the others. Several researchers and crewmen who came with them are killed. Momorin feigns loyalty to protect her family. Sue and Itoh get turned into mimiga for the evulz. Momorin is thrown off the island when the doctor has no further use for her. She catches herself, and tries to climb back up. Meanwhile the others were working on an escape plan and researched the flying dragons that could carry them to safety. When things go hard south with Momorin being disposed of, the others know they can't be far behind.

    Itoh hides himself in the outer wall and avoids detection. Momorin creates her secret base in the plantation, but knows the others aren't safe anymore and they need to get out. Sue escapes through the waterway beneath the plantation, swims through the pipe and washes up in Mimiga village where Toroko befriends her, and she stays there for a few days. Kazuma finds a teleporter and ends up in the shelter where he finds a computer and starts communicating with Sue. Booster is probably the last to escape finding the same teleporter that Kazuma did.

    The Doctor is now angry that his prisoners have escaped and know about his plans. He assumes Momorin is dead, but the others are somewhere. For whatever reason he thinks Sue is central to it all (maybe she was the most defiant to begin with), and starts taking Mimiga one by one from the village believing Sue is there. Arthur is killed trying to stop him. One of Kazuma's transmissions gets picked up by a deactivated robot in a cave, which causes him to reactivate and go looking for this "Sue," he keeps hearing about.