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Daitai Monogatari (PUBLIC DEMO OUT NOW!)

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Aug 7, 2019 at 7:37 AM
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( working title; Japanese for "Alternate Story" )
This is a mod I've been working on for the past few months and I'm proud to unveil a short demo.

Save.PNG Cave3.PNG

What is present in this demo:
- 7 new rooms
- 1 mini-boss
- 1 new mechanic
- 1 new music track

Things are subject to change and expand, this project is still early in development and I feel as if, at the mod's current state, the first set of rooms go by way too fast. Feedback is always appreciated!

Special thanks to:
BLink (for developing the BUY/SELL mod, and for the extensive guide on creating custom NPCS)
Clownacy (for developing the mod loader that enables widescreen, controller support, title background, and .ogg/xm music tracks)
Daisuke Amaya (for developing Cave Story)
The Cave Story Modding Community Discord server (for providing support, ideas, and feedback)
Toby Fox (for composing "Vs. Lancer" from Deltarune)
And you, for reading this thread!

Download here!!


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Aug 7, 2019 at 9:56 PM
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It's refreshing too see a cave story mod that's actually about cave story.
I think this mod is really good so far.
And also, I had a concept for a mod that's very similar this.
I'd love to see more of this mod!
EDIT: I made a let's play of this
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Aug 8, 2019 at 12:57 PM
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A new Cave Story mod? With a trailer? And it looks good?
Hollld up.

This is going to be especially disorganised, just uhh... y'know, ignore that.

-K you forgot to delete window.rect so the window was un-de-what-ever-centered.

-M'kay couple of things in this firrst room. The shine animation on the floppy disk stands out a bit less than the spinning animation, so it's kind of a regression in terms of design. The same could be said about the palette-swap of the player character.

-Sweet, my first wea--oh it's a key. What if I didn't pick this up? Would I just have to backtrack? (me from the future: yes but not very far)

-I don't mind a <WAI after a comma, it feels kind-of natural. But a <WAI after a <NOD is really annoying. Also signs don't usually read themselves out letter-by-letter, that's usually reserved for speech.

-Ooo. Enemy-avoiding, that's usually pretty fu--ck me I fell into the deathtrap.

-Safe hotel? OK there's a bunch of exclamation marks here that light up as I jump past these grey boxes, but all of the doors are sealed? What's the point of the red one? Why would they light up when I jump onto them rather than just past them. As an aesthetic it's interesting, but I think it could use an H/V trigger to cause them to show up when the player steps below/above them, too.

-Well I died to the same deathtrap again. I was trying to figure out what to do after discovering the snack blocks blocking the way down.

-Ohh. I saved BEFORE getting the key.

-OK the red door opens. So those are important - in that case, I definitely recommend working out a way to trigger them based on horizontal proximity alone.

-I like the laser animation timed with the player turning around. Very nice.

-Double-dot in Puu Black(?)'s dialogue?

-"trap" - the kind of trap where you arm me with a weapon? You sick fucker!

-Okay it is Puu Black after all.

-*sees door's eye open* Oh fuck I can't stooo-- *dies* FUUUU

-Coin-get sound plays when you restart?

-I didn't capture it very well, but Puu Black can land INTO the stairs. This was after they just started to go up: . I could see if there's a way to fix that...


-Wait, killing the door reveals ... another door? WITCHCRAFFFTT!!

-A minor error, but: usually people use 3 dots (also known as an ellipsis) instead of 2.

-You made the NULL NPC that leads to the start room invincible and solid? I can shoot it and it'll absorb my bullet.

-*falls in spikes again* good thing I saveddd.

-The weapon HUD being in another location is another design anomaly. Usually you put all the items of the HUD in one place so that the player can assess their condition with one glance away from the action.

-Am I just a retard, or are these insta-kill spikes a bit excessive?

-I fell down a hole. I think I missed something though...

-Let's see what I was missing out on... a Life Capsule! Oh! Okay, I thought that since there were 3 snack blocks that it was more important than that.

-I'm assuming they're placeholders, but the gun's bullet sprites are a bit weird.

-This save room is pretty cool. Oh I fell in the water... uhh, you forgot to use the water slope tiles - these are just regular slope tiles.


-That's all? Pretty cool so far. Hope there are a lot of weapons to make up for the lack of multiple weapon-levels. Is there going to be a story, or just gameplay? Shame the money has no use yet.

So far this mod is actually good. Despite some of the confusing design decisions it flows quite nicely and never really dragged (I mean it is on the short side though), even when I repeatedly died in the same area. > .>
Aug 11, 2019 at 10:15 AM
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Well, it's so far a very promising MOD and clearly you know what you're doing, I'd love to see more with the implementation of a gold system and the new weapon is interesting.
Keep up the good work!