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    Cave Story - Redesign is, as the name implies, a complete redesign of virtually the entire game. The project was started in early January, 2011 and is aimed at incorporating a wide variety of gameplay mechanics not before seen in the [vanilla] version. Exploration plays a key part in progressing through the game, and mechanics are similar in fashion to those seen in franchises such as Metroid, or Castlevania.

    Download Cave Story - Redesign v0.50.6

    Current Version Information
    April 17th, 2012 - v0.50.6 release.
    - Fixed issue where entering and then leaving the Labyrinth did not return the Map Tool to a usable-state.
    - Added Wall2 (Eastcliff)
    - Added some grappling hook blocks to the Egg Corridors.
    - Converted Eastcliff Ravine to a night-time tileset.
    - Added preliminary Booster v0.8 upgrade to Wall1.
    - - - - *(Will be getting recoded in a later patch!)
    - Fixed serious issue where the Default Rockets fired by the Missile Launcher had too small of an explosion radius to hit quest trigger blocks in the Egg Observation Room, and The Weed (door to the shelter).

    Version History
    April 11th, 2012 - v0.50.0 release.
    - Fixed bucket sprite in Yamashita Farm.
    - Fixed missing speed booster blocks in Catacombs.
    - Increased automatic firing speed of Autogun.
    *(Note that it can still be fired faster by simply rapidly tapping shoot, this is intentional.)
    - Reduced speed of Autogun's ammo regeneration.
    - Fixed rendering issue with starblock tiles, where a sprite in a different file was being rendered instead of the star tile in the actual map tileset.
    - Altered how most custom blocks operate, in that ones which are hidden can be revealed by simply shooting them with any weapon capable of breaking star blocks.
    *(There will still be many in pre-labyrinth areas that do not follow this rule, they will be fixed when I get to them. Sorry.)
    - Adjusted Fire Whirr's stats some.
    - Fixed wrong image being displayed when getting a super missile expansion.
    - Added Maze4 (Labyrinth), Maze5 (Labyrinth), and Maze6 (Labyrinth) maps.
    - Added Crystal Ball mechanism.
    *(They are intended for usage with the Blade, but can be damaged by any weapon.)
    *(Hitting it will usually require guiding the Blade [thrown] manually, such as around a corner, via holding the [Map] key.)
    *(Once hit, whatever mechanism it is connected to will be activated. There are several in the Labyrinth.)
    *(Unlike the Shootable Button npc [see below], Crystal Balls can be linked together and activating one may deactivate or reactivate another, elsewhere.)
    - Added weapon, bullet, and chain sprites for the Grappling Hook.
    - Wrote engine code for the Grappling Hook. Includes one new projectile: Anchor, and a new player sprite: Chain Rings
    *(Press and Hold [Shoot] to fire the Grappling Hook's anchor. If [Shoot] is released, the anchor will return to the Grappling Hook so long as the Grappling Hook is the current weapon.)
    <<<<[Note that the Anchor return mechanism is a little glitched, and is currently disabled. So releasing [Shoot] will simply make the anchor disappear.]>>>>
    *(The anchor will attach itself to Grapple Blocks, which have a large black '+' sign on them.)
    *(While hanging, the length of the chain can be changed by selecting the Grappling Hook as your weapon, and then holding [Up] or [Down].)
    *(While hanging, Quote's momentum can be increased by swinging left and right with the swinging motion. Pressing [Jump] near the end of a swing will give a burst of momentum.)
    *(While hanging and when the Grappling Hook is NOT the current weapon, pressing [Jump] will release the anchor.)
    *(The anchor can be shot diagonally, horizontally, and vertically.)
    *(The Grappling Hook's range increases slightly with each weapon level.)
    *(The Grappling Hook's damage increases only at level 3.)
    - Increased damage of blade slashes [melee only].
    - Added Chaba's Store, and Chaba.
    *(Stuff can be purchased from Chaba with Pink Pearls. They drop from big Fuzz Cores.)
    - Wrote in Pink Pearl NPC.
    - Added sprites for Pink Pearl [npc] and Pink Pearl [item].
    - Reduced damage of Blaze Blaster explosion slightly.
    - Consolidated Ammo Refill & Heart Refill into multipurpose 'Refill Pod'.
    - Significantly compressed engine code for refill pods and save points.
    *(Save points no longer require any flags or eventnum specifications when placed on map, they establish their purpose automatically when their AI initializes.)
    - Added sprites for a Shield Refill and a Weapon Exp Refill.
    - Optimized 0x4196F0 (Add Exp to Weapon) to handle negative numbers (removing exp from a weapon).
    - Modified engine code for Sparkler, added 'Star Shower' mode. While functional, it is currently disabled - the upgrade item will be added in another patch.
    *(Holding [Map] will cause sparkles to fly out very fast, each one pushing Quote a tiny bit.)
    *(While in 'Star shower' mode, the weapon's XP will be drained.)
    *('Star Shower' mode stops when [Map] is released, or the weapon has no XP left.)
    - Increased maximum power boot jump height slightly.
    - Slightly increased the upwards, vertical momentum gained from regular sparkler shots fired downwards.
    - Reduced total count of sparkles fired per regular shot by 1, but increased the minimum sparkles fired so the weapon can do more damage than previously possible at lower levels.
    - Complete re-engingeering of Shutter npc, it is far more flexible now and handles its own behavior automatically by checking the delta of the flag it's given.
    - Added a shootable button npc. Has several colors. Blue can be switched by any weapon, Red is limited to missiles, Green is limited to super missiles. Supports other colors, but those currently have no connected weapon or bullet type.
    - Significant change to the collision engine, allowing npcs capable of movement to now collide with certain other npcs as though they were solid tiles.
    *(NPCs are divided into two sub-categories, Actors and Objects.)
    *(Actors will collide with Objects, and Objects can collide with other Objects.)
    *(An Object's movement cannot be affected by an Actor, however.)
    *(Only NPCs capable of movement are valid Actors.)
    *(List of Object NPCs: #25 Lift Platform, #149 Moving Block (horiz), #157 Moving Block (vert), #185 Shutter (trigger), #186 Lift Block, #303 Crumble Block)
    *(More will be added as more interactable elements of the game are coded [platforms, bridges, etc.])
    - Coded a proper crumble block. It is able to disguise itself as any map tile, however shooting the tile will reveal it as a crumble block. It has an option for reforming after a delay, and can crumble slowly or very quickly.
    - Increased ammo per missile upgrade to 3, and ammo per super missile upgrade to 10.
    - Reduced the total health of Balrog's third phase (last phase in grasstown power room fight).
    - The Sparkler now starts with 4 ammo. Sparkler upgrades no longer provide additional max ammo, instead each upgrade increases the total projectiles per shot by +1, up to a maximum of +8.
    - Reduced the time interval for Sparkler ammo regeneration when facing down, makes horizontal "air-hopping" considerably easier. Vertical "air-hopping" is still difficult, though.
    - Fixed bug where Quote could be pushed through walls with the grappling hook trying to over-extend.
    - Adjusted swing controls for grappling hook to be smoother.
    - Added new projectile graphic for fireball; used when the blaze blaster is obtained.
    - Fireballs fizzle in water now.
    - Doubled EXP from the npc #308 Stumpy, and reduced its health by 5.
    - Added Mini-copter enemy to Maze spriteset.

    February 8th, 2012 - v0.42.0 release.
    - Added Toroko fight (basically the same as the original, it will be rewritten and/or improved upon when more of the Labyrinth has been completed.)
    - Rewrote engine code for the Blade. Includes two new projectiles: Blade [thrown], and Blade [slash]
    *(The blade's stats are not exactly viewable in CE, so here they are:
    [slash Lv.1] 12 dmg per slice, 1 slice per 15 frames [thrown Lv.1] 2 dmg per frame, 100 range
    [slash Lv.2] 14 dmg per slice, 1 slice per 10 frames [thrown Lv.2] 2 dmg per frame, 150 range
    [slash Lv.3] 12 dmg per slice, 1 slice per 5~ frames [thrown Lv.3] 3 dmg per frame, 200 range
    *(The blade can only be used if Quote actually has it, ie: if the blade [thrown] is out, it cannot be used to slash with.)
    *(Holding or pressing [Shoot] will swing the blade.)
    *(Pressing [Map] will throw the blade. While [Map] is held down, the direction the blade travels can be manipulated with the directional pad or arrow keys.)
    *(When the blade [thrown] reaches its maximum distance traveled or hits a solid tile, it will return to Quote.)
    *(The blade [thrown] is currently the only weapon that can be fired in eight directions, rather than 4.)
    - Fixed tiny error with sparkler code that caused projectiles to think quote was standing on a solid tile if you bumped your head against a ceiling while in the air.
    - Added Maze1 (Labyrinth), Maze2 (Labyrinth), Maze3 (Labyrinth, and MazeC (Labyrinth: Clinic) maps.
    - Rewrote Life Capsule entity into a generic Item Capsule entity; note that it calls its frames from ArmsImage.pbm, and the opening animations are not yet functional.
    - Added animation frames for sparkler capsules, super missile capsules, fireball fuel capsules, and reserve tanks.
    - Sparkler Expansions have two effects now. Some of them will increase the maximum Sparkler ammo by 1, others will increase the number of bullets fired with each shot by 2.
    - Increased damage of flamelets, increased the time interval between flamelets (they drop less often now).
    - Added several Fireball Fuel upgrades to various locations.
    - Added in-game item for Blaze Blaster and included it in the Labyrinth.
    - Increased Blaze Blaster damage, recoded parts of it so the damage and special effects scale with the weapon level.
    - Modified how the Fuzzcore enemy behaves:
    *(The mini-fuzzies that orbit the fuzzcore now have two states. The first state they are orbiting the fuzzcore. While orbiting, they are harmless to Quote, invincible, and will stop bullets. Once the fuzzcore dies, they become vulnerable and dangerous to Quote.)
    - Tweaked various weapon exp values.
    - Modified engine code for Gaudi Egg so that if killed when flag x100 is set on the npc, a gaudi will pop out of the egg and die (The defeated gaudi is worth more exp than the egg is).
    - Rewrote engine code for bullet collisions vs. destructable tiles to allow more efficient and flexible handling of tile types.
    *(Flamelets can now ignite fire blocks.)
    *(Super Missiles will completely break and pierce regular missile blocks, regardless of how many [normal] missiles the block takes to break.)
    - Added helper function to the engine for dealing with bullets when they strike invincible NPCs.
    *(The bullets will treat the NPC as though it is a solid tile, however there are a few quirks with this regarding the Fireball. It will be fixed in the future.)
    - Fixed the issue where the Fireball's Explosion would not trigger when the Fireball hit multiple enemies in the same frame.
    - Made new item artwork for Reserve Tanks. Now they visually represent how much is left in the tank.
    - Rescripted how the Reserve Tank is used in the menu, it's much simpler now.
    - Sand Zone: Rocky Cave has been renamed Droll Cave and now has monsters.
    - Rewrote engine code for Moving Blocks (horizontal and vertical) so they now accomidate two additional behaviors:
    *(Flag x100: The block will spawn asleep, and will not move until it is woken up by quote touching it.)
    *(Flag x400: The block moves exceptionally fast.)
    - Increased the explosive radius and power of Normal Missiles and Long Missiles.
    - Increased the starting ammo for the Autogun to 50.
    - Increased the ammo capacity bonus from Autogun Expansions to 20.
    - Increased the jump height of Darklings (does not affect colons).
    - Slightly increased the vertical height gained by shooting the sparkler straight down in midair.

    January 28th, 2012 - v0.39.7 release.
    - Added the missing puppy. (Sorry, my bad)
    - Moved sparkler chest so it's no longer possible to 'accidently not find it before completing jenka's puppy quest'.
    - Fixed the break away bricks in [sand2] that looked like skulls during the cutscene.
    - Fixed minor cutscene bug with Jenka if the player activated the first puppy before talking to her while carrying the second puppy.
    - Fixed being able to bring puppy back to mimiga village.
    January 27th, 2012 - v0.39.5 release.
    - Added puppies.
    - Rewrote engine code for Missile Launcher; twice as efficient as before, and now supports super missiles being fired via the map-key. (Map tool only works from inventory now)
    *(Super Missiles are the only explosive that does NOT deal damage with the missile projectile!)
    *(A single super missile can deal up to 100 total damage, spread out to any number of targets in range.)
    *(Super missiles [and missiles in general] still need work, as their damage is unaffected by weapon level.)
    - Added Super Missile Block.
    - Made missile ammo a little more likely to drop.
    - Fixed some impact problems with the bullet tile collision:
    *(Fireballs bounce off of non-ignitable fire blocks and other blocks it cant break, such as the missile block.)
    *(Fire blocks adjacent to other non-ignitable fire blocks or solid blocks are easier to set off now too.)
    *(Rockets/etc. will explode when they hit a star block, instead of just vanish.)
    - Reduced Autogun damage to 4 -> 5 -> 6
    - Added in-game item for Doubleshot upgrade.
    - Gave the Fireball explosion [req. blaze blaster upgrade] a new sound effect.
    - Upped the Fireball explosion damage.
    - Slightly increased the Fireball explosion radius.
    - Fireballs no longer pierce star blocks, but can still break them.
    - Reduced the lifespan of the Fireball flamelets.
    - Slightly Reduced range of sparkler projectiles.
    - Rewrote engine code for Sparkler; more efficient now, supports a new type of upgrade item that increases the projectiles per shot, and ammo regeneration rate and fire rate now improves slightly for every maximum ammo the weapon has. ie: sparkler with 3/3 will recover ammo and shoot faster than a sparkler with 1/1.
    - Revised the bullet AI code for the sparkler bullet; now takes into account whether or not quote is standing or walking on a solid surface. this way, the projectiles' spread no longer slams half of the output into the ground when fired while not in the air.
    - Added Outerwall [wall1] area, and connected it to Sand Zone: Low Barrens [sand1].
    January 24th, 2012 - v0.38.6 release.
    - Rewrote engine code for Autogun; supports following:
    *(Turbocharge upgrade - increases ammo recovery rate & firing rate.)
    *(Doubleshot upgrade - fires two projectiles at a time, evenly spread apart.)
    *(Tripleshot upgrade [replaces doubleshot] - fires three projectiles at a time, evenly spread apart.)
    *(In addition, the degree of bullet spread decreases with each upgrade.)
    - These upgrades do not have item support yet, however I have made them accessable via defeating the "Widowmaker's Lair". You will need the power boots, sparkler, and both sparkler upgrades to get inside the room.
    - Made Catacomb Darklings a little bit brighter.
    - Removed the odd flower-cub from Old Village. Woops.
    January 22nd, 2012 - v0.38.0 release.
    - Added Curly encounter to Sand Zone.
    - Split Sand Zone into two respective regions: Western Sands & Low Barrens.
    - Added two additional Sand Zone areas.
    - Fixed bug in Grasstown Teleporter room /w Kazuma.
    - Slight change to The Weed map, makes getting to the shelter easier.
    - Locked Eastcliff Ravine entrance with fire blocks, so it is now impossible to enter the Sand Zone without the Fireball.
    *(It is however still possible to enter without the Autohacker. Doing so is highly unadvised, however I have placed an alternative exit in Curly's house if you lack the Autohacker.)
    - Added furnishings to King's House, and a wall-mounting for his sword.
    - Added skipflags to several Tut-cat scenes.
    - Added skipflags to the series of cutscenes after saving Kazuma.
    - Added 'Darkling' mob to Old Village & Catacombs.
    - Various tweaks to some of the Catacombs & Sand Zone mobs.
    *(Rocky Cave is still mob-less, though.)
    - The catacombs [tomb1] has been given a facelift.
    - Added 'Widowmaker' mob to Catacombs.
    *(Most do not appear until after the Sand Zone Teleporter is fixed.)
    - Reduced number of sparkles fired by Sparkler.
    - Reduced total damage of Fireball by 1 per weapon level. (ie: 3 -> 6 -> 9 now)
    January 18th, 2012 - v0.36.1 release.
    - Fixed nasty error in agility code that broke <HMC and <SMC
    - Fireball projectiles won't go through ceilings now.
    - Blaze Blaster is fixed/working, even though the pickup text says otherwise.
    January 18th, 2012 - v0.36.0 release.
    - Added Power Boots.
    - Added Omega Boss fight.
    - Improvements to numerous sand zone areas.
    - Added water to the wurm battle.
    - Made Autogun projectiles smaller.
    - Rebalanced damage output of Sparkler.
    - Changed how Sparkler propels the player around, it is primarily an airbrake now.
    - Fixed broken missile upgrade in Egg Corridor.
    - Fixed event bug in Mimiga Village /w King's house.
    - Teleporters now autosave when used (save is before transit).
    - Fixed another issue with Grasstown Teleporter.
    - Changed some of the items' descriptions.
    - Projectiles now treat NoPC blocks as solid.
    June 16th, 2011 - v0.30.2 release.
    - Fixed issue in Teleporter Room script (again).
    June 15th, 2011 - v0.30.1 release.
    - Fixed issue in Teleporter Room script.
    - Fixed broken entrance to the weed map.
    - Several other minor fixes.
    May 21st, 2011 - v0.30.0 release.
    - Added two new weapons: Autogun, & Sparkler.
    - All special tiles are now powered by ASM rather than TSC.
    - Added Sand Zone.
    - Added Catacombs.
    - Added first area of the Waterway.
    - Added more upgrades.
    - Added bullet ammo powerups for the Autogun; dropped like missiles from monsters.
    - Reprorgrammed the monster drop system so only powerups that are needed are dropped. (ie: If Quote has full missile launcher ammo, then missiles won't drop)
    - Added Reserve Tank item; mechanics are not perfect yet and it's powered by mostly TSC, but it works.
    - Minor adjustments to several of the first caves.
    - Made Tutorial 1 (debug cat) in Upper Antron more straight-forward.
    - Moved Tutorial 2 (debug cat) from Cthulu's Abode to the Egg Observation Room.
    - Flame blocks have been recolored.
    - The Fireball weapon has been reprogrammed, and now features two additional upgrades.
    - Fixed several minor dialogue glitches
    - Numerous other small changes to various maps.
    February 26th, 2011 - v0.10.4 release.
    - Fixed major bug that prevented the player from seeing toroko and king argue when entering mimiga village for the first time.
    - Fixed issue where player could leave Egg Hatching room after defeating igor, and come back and be unable to talk to sue.
    February 25th, 2011 - v0.10.3 release.
    - Fixed Toroko not running away sometimes in the pool.
    - Fixed another incorrect <MYB in King's introduction dialogue.
    - Fixed death music not stopping if player dies in the start room.
    - Fixed player being able to check Kanpachi's pot before being told to check the other pots (again).
    - Added some jumps to Toroko's dialogue (before the first balrog encounter)
    - Fixed Kazuma not leaving shelter when he looked like he did.
    - Fixed some clipping issues with the grassy sloped rails in the mimiga village, where the player would pop through them and go upwards
    - Fixed background not displaying properly in 'Egg Corridor: Breach' (going down there is still mostly suicide though)
    - Minor remodeling done to 'Cthulu's Abode'
    - Moved the barrier terminal in 'Egg Corridor: Masser', it's hidden now but it should be very very easy to find
    - Fixed flying weapon exp spot in 'Egg Corridor: Stratus'
    - Fixed minor sequence break in 'Egg Corridor: Masser' where a missile expansion could be obtained early.
    - Made getting across the deathtraps & crumble blocks at the end of 'Egg Corridor: Masser' easier - you should now be able to just walk across.
    - Added some camera controls for navigating 'Egg Corridor: Stratus' - Camera should move faster when you're riding horned beetles.
    - Modified the Missile Launcher as follows:
    1) Missile Launcher when first obtained, starts with 10 missile capacity.
    2) Missiles fired are all identical (there is no damage difference per missile with lv 1 versus lv 2 or lv 3)
    3) Weapon level restricts how many missiles can be flying at the same time. Lv 1 = 2 missiles, Lv 2 = 4 missiles, Lv 3 = 8 missiles
    4) Missiles do 10 damage to the target they strike, and an additional 10 damage in an explosion to everything else.
    5) Missiles are somewhat inaccurate at this time. Upgrades will change that when they're added.
    - Fixed a bug with the chest that contained the map tool where it wouldn't animate properly
    - Polished the "sue caged/discover tunnel road" dialogue tree. Everyone should have at least one thing to say during each step of the tree.
    - Various H/V triggers will no longer screw with qoute's invulnerability if he'd just been hit.
    - A few skipflags have been incorporated into the first several cutscenes & introductions.
    - Batswarm miniboss has been modified somewhat again to (hopefully) increase the challenge. Still a relatively easy boss.
    - You no longer have your polar star & fireball reset to level 1 when freeing kazuma from the shelter.
    - Changed Polar Star's lv2 shot to only hit once for 3 damage, preventing the shot from penetrating smaller enemies moving quickly.
    February 22nd, 2011 - v0.10.2 release.
    -Fixed several bugs with Santa that screwed up progression in Grasstown
    -Fixed tiny render bug on the lift in Grasstown
    -Redid Bat Swarm miniboss, now functions properly
    -Fixed several minor bugs (typos, incorrect coordinates, etc.)
    February 22nd, 2011 - v0.10.1 release.
    -Fixed several bugs.
    -Fixed major bug that prevented player from obtaining the map tool.
    -Merged Egg Interior maps into a single map, creating room for more maps later.
    -Completed dialogue tree for each character during the "Sue trapped in cage, lets get to grasstown" phase.
    February 21st, 2011 - v0.10 release.
    -Complete up to conclusion of Grasstown.
    -Few minor known issues, much work to be done still.

    If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or complaints, please post them here and I will get back to your inquiry asap.
    If you're interested in using any graphics from the mod, please ask before doing so.

    Known Issues
    - Sometimes, certain enemies slain by a super missile do not drop loot.
    - Currently, the Ignore Solid flag on Bullets is broken. This only affects the Blade [thrown] when it is returning to Quote, however.
    - Shooting the Autogun while having less ammo than a shot physically fires will still fire the shot, rather than click with an 'Empty!' fx.
    - Weapon entries in the item menu spill slightly off screen once you obtain the Grappling Hook. This will be fixed later as it's not exactly game breaking.
    - Fireballs do not bounce off of the top of crumble blocks.
    - Crumble blocks wiggle slightly when shot.
    - Sometimes, a bullet or missile may pass through a block when it should of hit it.
    - Currently Chaba only sells the Grappling Hook, his inventory will expand in later patches & as the player progresses through the game.
    - When two Horiz(or Vert) Blocks collide, one block may immediately reverse direction and become unresponsive until Quote touches it. While this does not actually cause any complications for progressing through the game, it is an unintended side effect that may or may not be resolved.

    - The Grappling Hook can be fired straight down while standing if overlooking a ledge or standing on tiles that can be shot through.
    - The Fireball currently has a little trouble triggering some ignitable blocks, depending on the blocks surrounding it.
    - When swinging from a grapple block while the Grappling Hook is NOT the current weapon, taking damage causes the chain to blink with Quote.

    Special thanks to Noxid & Lace for helping to make this mod possible, and of course, thanks to you guys for helping me by finding bugs!

    [attachment=165:gameplay008.jpg] [attachment=166:gameplay009.jpg] [attachment=167:gameplay012.jpg] [attachment=168:gameplay018.jpg]
    [attachment=169:gameplay019.jpg] [attachment=170:gameplay017.jpg] [attachment=171:gameplay021.jpg]

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    Re: Cave Story - Redesign

    Will give a proper post later, but for now, changing the Polar Star to what appears to be a 1x2 hit weapon has really screwed with the enemy hitboxes for some reason. Shots that should normally be hitting Critters fly straight past them, and direct hits often only do 1 damage.
  3. Feb 22, 2011
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    Re: Cave Story - Redesign

    this mod looks great.
    are you going to change only the maps or also mod weapons / timing etc?
  4. Feb 22, 2011
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    Re: Cave Story - Redesign

    The projectile's damage hitbox is 3x3 [lv 1], 3x3 [lv 2], 5x5 [lv 3]. The wall collision size is 2x1 [lv1], 2x2 [lv2], 2x3 [lv3]. Damage is more variadic, Lv1 doing 1-2 damage, Lv2 doing 1-3 damage, and lv3 doing 2-4 damage. There is a slight issue where Lv2 may completely pierce an enemy unintentionally.

    I'll see about tinkering with the polar star some more.

    The missile launcher will be changed extensively, and the super missile launcher likely removed entirely in order to make room for more missile projectiles. The weapon will have several significant upgrades that will change the projectile(s) it fires. Ranging from projectile speed, explosive power, cluster missiles etc. There will be a 'super' missile upgrade, but I would prefer to have a secondary fire button for something like that.
  5. Feb 22, 2011
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    Re: Cave Story - Redesign

    omfghoihoa holy fucking shit looks so awesome must download now

    EDIT: i came. didn't make it far in the Lower Atron, but i ran out of time to keep going for now i have to go to school, will keep playing later but this is awesome
  6. Feb 22, 2011
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    Re: Cave Story - Redesign

    This mod is slimmmp.
  7. Feb 24, 2011
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    Re: Cave Story - Redesign

    good lord the motherfucking critters *shudder*
    nitpick: going from Mimiga Village to Yamashita Farm changes the background color, which screws with the illusion of simply walking in, which is one of the coolest things i've seen in this mod, how multiple maps are used to explore one large area
  8. Feb 24, 2011
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    Re: Cave Story - Redesign

    Haha! Actually I'm working on fleshing out the critter variety more, and trying to get mini-critters going. Already have a jumbo critter that doesn't fly (but still have the flying one). These staple enemies are re-usable later, because of a hack that modifies an npc flag so if set, the npc has increased health, damage, and exp.

    Ah, I'd forgotten about that.
  9. Feb 24, 2011
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    Re: Cave Story - Redesign

    myeh I'm stuck at the fly part of egg corridor. (dunt feel like just jumping in front of missile place and continuing)

    a few suggestions:
    firstly, add skipflags to the cutscenes, especially the one with pachi, where I was too lazy to save after. if you talk to jack twice before toroko is kidnapped, he gets stuck in a loop. if you go far enough to the top of cthuluhuhuhu's place, you can see the background. Toroko never mentions the doctor killing her brother, yet dead he is. and there's prolly others, but I don't remember off the top of my head.

    oh yeah: why can you break breakable platforms from beneath/sideways? and shoot them to death?
  10. Feb 24, 2011
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    Re: Cave Story - Redesign

    i did some gameplay and recorded it. its on
    look on recordings for cave story redesign.
    anyway.. theres are more bugs. nothing damages you in the graveyard.
    unless you touch the rmushrooms after you just shot them.

    when you come out with the pendant toroko doesnt approach to you until only your ahead of her... so you need to get her closer to the door.

    and also when you find the strange meat its name on the screen is like @#^%R6346345tfsTG#$W%A.. just when you find it tho.
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    Re: Cave Story - Redesign

    Yes, bugs.
    Toroko dissaparates before running offscreen, and you can get into the passage next to the instadeath spikes, and the sue and igor thing looks absurd because you can see them standing there, and you know toroko can run faster than you, so it's weird that she and king waited for you to begin fighting. you might need to rearrange things to make it all look a bit shinier.
  12. Feb 24, 2011
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    Re: Cave Story - Redesign

    I might go in to detail later but all everyone needs to know right now is that this is the best thing ever
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    Re: Cave Story - Redesign

    Mmm yes, bugs. I know~ I've been busy today fixing most of the minor bugs yall have already posted, as well as working on the ASM for the missile launcher. (Weapon exp level will double the number of missiles you can have "active" [think onscreen, or flying already]. 2:4:8. Lv 3 does not shoot 3 missiles at once either, well as soon as I find the address that's doing that. The missiles also wobble. There will be upgrades for the missile launcher that will change the projectile (improving it), etc.) Now, uh... to be a bit more specific in replying.......

    Would you please take a screenshot of where exactly it is you're stuck?

    That's being done for 0.10.3, which I'm working on right now.

    This should be fixed in 0.10.2, I'll double check anyways to make sure, though.

    That was intentional, but it's been taken out in 0.10.3, as I swapped the Egg Corridor: Breach mapfile with the Cthulu map file, meaning breach now has a working background.

    Actually she -does-. She has three separate responses depending on what you did in the reservoir. Two of the outcomes ultimately have bad results for Toroko, and one has a slightly less bad result. If you did the correct thing, she'll talk about her brother (and different music will play until balrog crashes the party).

    They're an NPC, placed on tile 64. Monsters treat it as solid, and you of course walk on the npcs. I tried many times to get a solid block with an npc inside it poking out the top, but the best I could do was get a block that would crumble only if you *LANDED* on it (ie: jumped, then landed ON the block). Actually walking on them would not make them crumble. I dont have any other work around atm.

    Actually that's because mushrooms will not damage you from behind or ontop. You can ride them (albiet a bouncy ride). They'll come into play as an exploration tactic in the ruins underneath the village (that area is not complete yet).

    This is fixed in 0.10.3, which I'm still working on.

    That's an easter egg. :) It's the glitched super meat boy from... super meat boy. If you count the digits in the 'name', it should fit "GLITCHED MEATBOY". Perhaps I might change it later. It does nothing, though.
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    Re: Cave Story - Redesign

    I came

    okay going into why this is great:
    the new machine switches and such are pretty awesome, and very unique. they add a lot to the game.

    all the new graphics you made (the bridges, extra dirt/ tile graphics, the missile expansion, etc) look fucking amazing, just like the original art style.

    This whole branching possibility thing with cutscenes is just plain awesome

    also you are a brilliant master of map design (I loved egg corridor holy shit) and item placement. I like how you move from maps now too, but try to have one direction movement with the black stuff for each. like black > background the background > black if that makes sense.

    the new bosses you added were really cool. I especially liked balrog because the original fight was not a challenge at all. continuing on the challenge, it's at the perfect level.

    expanded areas and new stuff going on in the plot it's all great

    in short this is just awesome thank you thank you thank you
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    I'm talking to kazuma and he's not even there. His bike is outside though. (I haven't made it across the weed to the shelter yet)

    Also I recommend using the "special solid" flag instead of the "solid" flag for the block npcs, since the collisions from the sides with "solid" npcs are kind of bouncy.

    And all the H/V triggers are somewhat annoying in the grasstown area, and especially during the fight against balrog there, since script events take away your invulnerability. Maybe you should talk to lace, since I remember he made a hack that would make it so that TSC events would not take away your invulnerability.

    [EDIT]: Oh hey look I found kazuma:

    [EDIT2]: Oh yeah I almost forgot, at some points the camera felt a little bit slower than it should have been. You were using the standard <FOM0016, right?
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    Yeah, I found that bug too. It's been fixed for the next version already.

    Actually no. Most maps use 32, as it provides smoother movement. There are a few places where 64 might of gotten stuck, but they've all been fixed (that I've found) to 32. There are a few 'faster' areas, where the rate is changed to 16 while the player is moving more quickly in that area. That sort of thing is in 0.10.3 though.
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    Re: Cave Story - Redesign

    oh hey uh so I was wondering what the three different outcomes you can get are.
    I know you can go and talk to her without the pendant, and with it, but what is the last one?
  18. Feb 26, 2011
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    Re: Cave Story - Redesign

    • Talk to her with the pendant, and she'll thank you and take it. (very bad ending)
    • Talk to her without the pendant, without having searched for it (talk to kanpachi only once). (bad ending)
    • Talk to her without the pendant, but spend some time searching for it anyways. (not so-bad ending)

    The next part is getting the pendant after sue is caged in town, then giving it to sue before you leave for grasstown. (Note that this part hasn't actually been added yet.)

    Also, updated for v0.10.3 release. Lotta bug fixes and stuff.
  19. Feb 26, 2011
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    Re: Cave Story - Redesign

    just found an issue where if you leave after defeating igor, the missile and health refill, as well as the save will appear in the room upon re-entry. Of course, this overlaps with sue's event, making so you can't progress.

    If I find any more bugs I'll just update this post.
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    I could'a sworn I'd fixed that, cause I found that issue too. Hrm. Thanks for letting me know.

    Edit: Shit found another serious bug. Will be uploading 0.10.4 sometime very soon in order to fix these two issues. >_<