Cave Story Multi-Challenge Mod

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May 12, 2020 at 7:47 AM
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Here we go, its been a while since the games actual anniversary, so, my apologies, I shouldn't have said I would do something I knew was impossible from the start, so, again, sorry.
With that out of the way the updates are pretty cool, I took plenty of time to get everything done, a few minor problems are present, but I'm sure its fine.
The updates are as follows:
-All Challenges are in one folder that expands into 4 folders
-Updated some maps, since they kinda looked odd before, or just lazy, things have been added for sure
-Secret challenges are able to be found via tiny hints given from NPC's, to get more hints you have to find a secret in the Bubbler Challenge.
-Speedruns are now a thing, the time should start as soon as you enter the door if there isn't a counter already built into the challenge.
-Boss Rush, oooooh boy, listen, ok, no I did not steal it from any other mod or CS+, I finished most of it by the time I knew about those. With that out of the way, this boss rush is a constant wave of boss battles, with a checkpoint at the middle, with a few challenges:
-Half Health
-No Life Pot
-No Boosters
Half Health and Booster are 100% accurate, no life pot however does have 1 flaw in its title, you still get a life pot after entering Misery's fight regardless if you enabled that challenge or not.
The times for the awards on Boss Rush are at
- 10 Minutes
- 8 Minutes
- 7 Minutes
- 6 Minutes and 30 Seconds
Wind Fortress however
-7 Minutes and 30 Seconds
-6 Minutes
-5 Minutes
-3 Minutes 30 Seconds
That's all, complain about bugs and stuff if there is any, and thank you for reading
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