1. Drifting Through Summer

    Drifting Through Summer

    A chance to slow down and live carefree is a blessing that can't be dismissed or forgotten. Why am I here, what will I do, how will I do it? What's important to me? ...is that seaweed or pond scum? Oh my gosh, that's a hermit crab! There's a frog!! And this is a very relaxing picture to have...
  2. Waiting on the Waters

    Waiting on the Waters

    Psychic powers: the reason to all of your physical impossibilities! Many scenes depict Gardevoir under the moon, but none have had any water-walking yet. :o
  3. Lotus Festival

    Lotus Festival

    The colors in this scene are so beautiful. I don't really know what's happening besides ~dancing~ but it's definitely a sight :3