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  1. TUgly


    so... quote is a woman?? (I see this because quote's hair is too long on cs+ if you see an black image you se he (or her) long hair) now dont say me WAW TUlgy NEVER PELEAD CUV stURI GHE NEVA SEE QUOTA IA FREWAR ND PLUZ HE SEE VIDROS oN YOUTOBO anD NOVOR PLAIAD KURO BLOSToR TIS GaY SUCS lol...
  2. GunbladeMaster34

    "Mimiga Island" is Based off of [insert floating island name here]

    Ok, I might sound like I'm on drugs when I'm typing this but hear me out: One day, I was watching a walkthrough of Chrono Trigger by VerticalSandwich on YouTube (plugplugplugplugplug), and when he got to the Kingdom of Zeal, I noticed that it looked like the Island from Cave Story! Absolutely...
  3. IdioticBaka1824

    The Deal With Saving Booster?

    So, this probably came across as weird to everyone, how Professor Booster dies if you meet him, but he lives on fine if you ignore him. I was thinking about this, and may have come up with a vaguely plausible theory? When you meet Booster and he gives you the booster, he basically understands...