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  1. X-Calibar


    CrossCode - http://www.cross-code.com After finishing CrossCode, I have to say, this has been a great year for indie games. Iconoclasts, Wandersong, and now CrossCode. It was a huge single-player, 80 hour game avoiding the pitfalls of generic mapping or quests. And despite being 1.0, there...
  2. Nelostic

    My and Your ideas for Nicalis

    My Ideas 1 Cave story online coop 1-4 player(original story) 2 Cave story online coop 1-8 player( level select) (Who is faster?) "SpeedRun" (Level1 level2 level3 level4 level5 ...and so on) 3 Level Editor (for swich/pc) mariomaker style (Level1 level2 level3 level4 level5 ...and so on) (you...
  3. Random-storykeeper

    Bomb Chicken - a Nitrome game for Steam and Nintendo Switch

    sQtRP2VIcF0 Nitrome is back with another object-creating bird game, this time about a chicken making bombs to solve puzzles and get around places. The bombs allow you to reach higher places, take out enemies and just let everything satisfyingly explode. Apparently this one's a lot further...
  4. G

    Steam Link issues

    Hi, I've added this game to Steam via the "add non-steam game". I was hoping to be able to play this gem on the couch, but the steam link will not recognize the controller inputs, and the icon at the game displays a keyboard. On the desktop I have full controller support but on the Steam Link...