1. GreenDJ

    I made a cave story album called Cave Story Reimagined

    Hello. A while back I started this project and after a lot of setbacks I finally finished it! It's a music project based on remixing or rearranging using imitations of the ORG SoundFont, drum samples, and anything else I felt added to the song. The songs all have their original names unless they...
  2. TheVoiceInsideYourHead

    Cave Story + Samples/MIDI "Soundfonts"?

    So, I recently got into the Cave Story music area, and I realized something I'm not sure people are doing yet. Or I'm just retarded. So, what I need to know is how one either converts .Org into an MP3 or Ogg file in Cave Story + soundfont, as opposed to the regular Cave story sounds. I'm...